Pioneer DJM-600  4 Channel Mixer with Effects/Sampler

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 22-04-2003 @ 12:27
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Pioneer's all new DJ mixer, Supreme durability and sound quality,BPM Sampler, Auto Beat Effects, 3 Cross Fader Curves, Headphone Splits - between assigned channels, Kill Function, Auto BPM Counter and many many more features... The DJM-600, has all the excellence of the DJM=500, plus many innovative DJ friendly features setting the new standard in clubland.

The Pioneer DJM-600(S) is for artists, it's for those serious about music, for those serious about their mixes! Complete with an impressive arsenal of powerful effects, sampling functions, automatic beat synchronization, a choice of cross fader curve patterns and superb sound quality the DJM-600S is set to create the ultimate high!

This model is available in Black (DJM-600) and Silver (DJM-600S).


Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.02 %
Signal to Noise Ratio line
87 dB
>70 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
34 W
320 x 372 x 107 ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
6.6 kg

Input Specs & Terminals
2 x (RCA)
3 x (RCA)
3 x (RCA)
Mic / Sub Mic
1 x(Combi Phone/XLR)
1 x(Phone Jack 6.3)
2 x (mono mini JACK)
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)

Output Specs & Terminals
Master Out 1
1 x (XLR) +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
1 x (RCA) +2 dBu / 10k
1 x (RCA) 0dBv / 600 Ohm
1 x (RCA) -8dBu / 10k
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)
Headphone Monitor Out
1 x (Jack 6.3mm)

Channel Equalizers


Low Frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 100Hz
Mid frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 1kHz
high Frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 10kHz

Microphone Equalizers


Low Frequency
-12 ~ +6 dB @ 100Hz
high Frequency
-12 ~ +6 dB @ 10kHz



Sampling Rate
44.1 kHz
16 bits stereo
A/D Converter
20 bit

Beat Sampler
This is a new DJ function that allows you to sample your favorite sources and play them back easily at the touch of a button. The BPM is measured digitally and recorded automatically exclusively for designated beats ( 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 ) beats.
If set to the Stand-By mode when no sound is present, the function automatically starts and stops recording in response to the presence and absence of the input signal and achieves the correct sampling with perfect timing. What's more, the user can edit the end position, making possible a wide diversity of playback effects by making use of three playback mode options and the cross fader start.
    Enables you to record up to 8 seconds of sound for sampling.
    From any given CUE point you can start a recording, when there's no sound on the selected input the sampler keeps STANDBY.
    Plays back the recorded sound once only when the button is being pressed. The samples automaticly stops with playing when the button is released.
    Sample can be seamlessly and continually looped with this feature, the loop starts afer you pressed the button.
    Extends or shortens the recorded sound in accordance with the current track's BPM and plays back the sound repeatedly. This will give you a very accurate and in-phase running loop. When it seems to go off-beat : slow down the current track (on the CD-player or your turntable). Sometimes the BPM's are not interpetrated right, just a prove that the DJ cannot be replaced.
Automatic Beat Effector
Easy to use, DJ friendly sound effects. Effects dial allows complete control over the intensity of the effect. Enables sound effects on 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1, 8/1 beats with the ease of just pressing a button. Linked to BPM, the DJM-600 can add effects to each CHANNEL, MIC and MASTER independently.

You can produce music that makes full use of high-level DJ techniques by performing quick setting with the Beat Unit Switch button, adjusting the precise time parameters, or controlling the balance between the effect sounds and the original sounds by varying the mix ratio. Moreover, even when using the fader, it is possible to leave just the effect sounds without linking to BPM.
    Repeats a sound once with a reduced volume. You can set the delay to the desired tempo by pressing the small buttons below the parameter display.
  • ECHO
    Repeats a sound several times, but with a reduced volume. You can set the echo sound to their desired tempo.
    Automatically shifts the sound to the right and left. Also capable of short auto pan sequences that would be impossible via manual operation.
    Periodically cuts the sound.
    Periodically varies the sound color.
    Periodically reproduces a sound effect resembling a jet airplane ascending and descending.
    Reproduces a reverberating sound effect.
    Allows the interval to be freely varied throughout a range of +/-1 octave. With this, the user can compensate for interval changes when using analog turntables or for tempo changes when different makers' CD players are used. Additionally, choruses can be made by employing mix ratios.
    Allows the user to connect the mixer to an external effector or sampler, etc.

Headphone Monitor Split
When the Headphone Output switch is set to MONO SPLIT, the right channel becomes the master and the left channel becomes the CH sound. Choosing Plural with the headphone cue, the user can also hear mixed sound. Moreover, this function can perform right and left level adjustment, thereby making monitoring easier.

Headphone Mix Level Monitor
Assign any channel you want to monitor it on the your Headphone. You can also assign inputs to either side of phone for monitoring and cueing. Vary the level of mix transition between assigned channels. You can split the Headphone output or listen to a stereo signal. The volume is controlled by a seperate knob.

Auto BPM
The internal BPM counter can measurement from 70 to 180 BPM fast and accurate. When the beat is not a consistant 4-measures beat, it might take a little longer for the DJM to get the right value. The effects can be synced with the tempo of the music that you're playing. A beat indicator informs you when the required beat is linked to the Auto BPM.

Connected to the CDJ Series, the DJM-600 can begin playback of a track using the sliding cross fader or the channel fader. It can mix tracks without creating spaces by setting the stand-by track's cue point and performing a single-action cut-in. Since it returns to the cue point via the back fader alone, sampler-style playback is also possible. Start/back play of sources recorded using the built-in sampler is also possible using the cross fader.

Channel Faders
Easily replaceable Channelfaders (4 channel + 1 Master) with Sensitive Touch Faders. These fader might look a little fragile, but they are extremely durable and reliable. Channel 1 and Channel 2 have Fader Start Play (in conjunction with Pioneer's CDJ series).

Cross Fader
Three different Cross Fader Curve patterns can be selected. Fader Start Play with cross fader or channel fader (in conjunction with Pioneer's CDJ series). Fader Back Cue Play (in conjunction with Pioneer's CDJ series).

3-band Equalizer
3-band independent EQ for each Channel with a vast EQ range from 26dB (nearly kill function) to +12dB.

VU Bar per Input
Peak Level Meter For Each Channel, Source input levels are given instantly for each channel.

Other Features
feature Independent Monitor Selection Switch
feature Monitor any channel input or effect independently or simultaneously
feature Booth Monitor Level
feature Adjusts the volume for a separate DJ booth monitoring system
feature Balanced Output: Direct connection to amplifier
feature Top panel phones output
feature Trim
feature Separate controls for each channel
feature Also available in black (US : Black only!)

What do you think about Pioneer DJM-600 ??

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This content is © 2003-2020 The DJResource...

There are 12 Comments

  Flag Nvie wrote on 25-03-2005 @ 13:53
wat is de geluidskwaliteit van deze mixer nou? sommigen zeggen in een woord ruk en anderen vinden het weer geweldig?
  Flag Lead wrote on 25-03-2005 @ 19:13
Zolang je hem niet door het rood heen jaagt (zoals het zou moeten) is er niets aan de hand. Dit is een discussie meestal gebaseerd op een persoonlijke mening en erg afhankelijk van de rest van het systeem. Als je JB Systems luidsprekers hebt zul je niet kunnen horen. Als je bijvoorbeeld Function One hebt kun je veel meer details en diepte in het geluid onderscheiden waardoor je op meer dingen kunt letten...

Ik heb er zelf nog nooit last van gehad, maar dan blijf ik met mijn VU meter altijd uit het rood. Ik ga voor ik moet draaien naar de zaal technicus toe en probeer te regelen dattie me max vermogen geeft... en daar neem ik dan maar genoeg mee...

Uiteindelijk bepaald hij hoe hard het gaat (de zaal techneut) een DJ kan alleen maar bepalen wat voor kwaliteit je uitstuurd.
  Flag DaRoyal wrote on 26-05-2005 @ 12:05
De faders van de 'gewone' (retail) versie van de DJM-600 schijnen nogal regelmatig vervangen te moeten worden hè? En klopt het dat op de grote feesten zoals Dance Valley, Mysteryland, enz. gemodificeerde DJM-600's staan, met betere faders?
  Flag DaRoyal wrote on 28-05-2005 @ 09:41
Ik dacht dat ergens gelezen te hebben, maar dat is dus een broodje aap verhaal denk ik. Happy, laughing

Kan overigens dat topic niet meer in.
  Flag Lead wrote on 28-05-2005 @ 11:15
Nope, niet waar.

Er is een bedrijf in de UK die de DJM-600's ombouwd, zie dit topic. Maar dit is niet iets wat gebruikelijk wordt gedaan. Alle mixers die je op de grote festivals en evenementen ziet zijn ongemodificeerde toestellen, zo uit de doos de flightcase in.
  Flag vennix wrote on 08-01-2006 @ 00:42
mensen al die zever van slechte geluidskwalitiet is zever in pakjes geloof me m'n broer heeft hem al gehad  en ik heb er zelfs ook al mee gedraaid en ik heb er niks op aan te merken het is een perfecte mixer op elk oppervlakte  als je het mij moest vragen  alleen 1 nadeel ik vind dat de  high , mid en bass knoppen veel te dik zijn je hebt er nie zoveel gevoel op  ieder zijn mening natuurlijk he maar nu weet je de mijne Thumbs Up  grz vennix

  Flag kavafis wrote on 09-02-2007 @ 21:16

personally i like it more than the 800....
  Flag Foxxer wrote on 10-11-2007 @ 12:19
kavafisFlagwrote on 09-02-2007 21:16:08


personally i like it more than the 800....

no i like the 800 more because the sound that's comes out of it is better!

  Flag BenQ wrote on 07-05-2009 @ 17:48
Should i buy this one or the DJM-400 if they cost the same?? I´m using it (so far) only in my bedroom. Please help!
  Flag Pronoia wrote on 14-07-2009 @ 14:05
Ik heb al jarenlang een Dateq XTC in huis en heb sinds kort een DJM- 600 (2e hands) gekocht omdat ik dat mengpaneel zelf eens wilde testen.?De DJM- 600 heb ik een paar keer op feesten mee gedraaid en dat was verder allemaal prima. Ik moet zeggen dat het geluid een stuk?minder goed?klinkt als bij de Dateq XTC.?De knoppen voelen ook veel 'goedkoper' aan. Net speelgoed.?Ik vind dat bij de Dateq XTC de bass, mid en hoog beter 'afgesteld' zijn. ??

Een maatje heeft de DJM- 800 staan en daar heb ik dan ook al eens mee gedraaid. Dat mengpaneel is qua geluid en knoppen veel beter als de DJM- 600. Heerlijk gewoon! Maar kiezen tussen de XTC en DJM- 600 kan ik nog steeds niet. De effecten zijn natuurlijk leuk maar ik heb ook een Kaos Pad van Korg wat overigens een erg leuk apparaat is!
  Flag djspob wrote on 07-09-2010 @ 22:44
old is gold Cool
the 500 & 600 are the best
  Flag Gilles123 wrote on 03-10-2011 @ 17:45
Denk eraan om misschien een 2eh hands djm 6000 te kopen wat denken jullie daarvan doen of verder sparen voor bv djm 700?
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