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  Pioneer DJM-600 Cross Fader Replacement  How to do this yourselves

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 02-05-2004 12:08
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Pioneer DJ - Mixer Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ DJM-600

Fader wear out

Faders are the most used component of a mixer and everything that is used enough will wear out.

After time you might need to replace the Crossfader of your mixer, this is about the same procedure for every brand of mixer, but here I'll show you how it's done for the Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer.

Crossfader Replacement

The Crossfader is available as spare part completely mounted on a PCB. This is an easy replace and can be done in minutes.

Alternatively you could also order the fader itself (Variable Resistor: DCV 1006), you save money on the component but need to do all the soldering. Most cost effective is to replace the fader including the PCB.

Part List

Part number : DWG 1519

Description : Cross Fader Assy


Remove Fader knob and unscrew the Crossfader panel

First remove the fader knob by pulling it straight of the DJM-600.

Then unscrew the 2 screws that are indicated by the red markers.

When you've removed the two screws you can remove the Front Panel of the Cross Fader by lifting it straight off.

Remove the Pioneer DJM-600 Crossfader panel


Unscrew the Crossfader

Now you can see the Chassis Panel to which the Fader is mounted by again 2 gold colored screws.

Unscrew them so the Cover Panel comes of and you get access to the connector that connects the cable from the mixer to the Cross Fader Assy.

Remove the Pioneer DJM-600 Crossfader panel cover


Remove Panel and Crossfader

When the Cover Panel is removed you'll find the Cross Fader Assy below it and it is easy to grab.

You can also do the next step first and later remove this panel, but as it needs to be remove anyway it is better done now.

Unscrew the Crossfader


Unplug the connector

When the fader is out of the mixer you will have access to the connector that feeds the signal from the Cross Fader to the main circuit board of the mixer. You can free the fader from the connector by pulling it straight out, follow the direction of the arrow.

Pull straight to prevent damage to the connector.

Now you have to replace the old fader with the new one. There is no locking system like on the Channel Faders so no preparations need to be done.

Unplug the connector on the Crossfader PCB


Put everything back together

Start by mounting back the Cover Panel with the 2 gold colored screws and work yourselves back to the top of this tutorial by making all actions in the reversed order.

Start by putting the panel cover back

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