The DJResource product demonstrations where one of the earliest DJ product demonstration videos out there, started as early as 2006.

Lead shares his knowledge about Rekordbox, Pioneer DJs music management software. Some of these video's answers recent questions

Music videos and other things that might not fit in one of the other categories or share knowledge via another way

DJResource Productions

The oldest videos are shot with one or 2 cameras in or around Lead's booth, you can easily recognize it by the gray pattern that became the general backdrop for them. In the time there where not much of these kind of videos around and I annoyed myself if a video had crap sound so we wanted to do better.

The later Rekordbox related videos are done with animation software. Some of them explain part of Leads teachings in regards to Rekordbox, others answer to problems that occure a lot and helps Lead to bring over an answer more clearly. Also Lead found the courage to use the mic as he voice-overed most newer videos.

Due to copyright issues with the older videos we now use a specially composed track by Clive King, he also does the mastering for the final finishing touch.

Ideas, Camera, Editing and Animations by Lead.

Random Video

Format Devices FAT32 on Windows 10

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