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DJResource is a self coded platform with a lot of custom designed modules to fit the various content that is added over time.

  A Membership is required to add new content to the website, the forums or to give a comment nearly everywhere. It's free and only a few clicks away.

  Our Homepage shows you the most recent additions, also each section has a listing of the new content in it's main menu.

  The Search is your best friend when you are looking for something. If you can't find it you can ask it on our Forums.

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Lots of unique information

DJResource has grown over the years and our members have added lots of content. There are a lot of familiar places like the Forums, Gallery or News section. Just about everything has room for user comments and users are motivated to use this option to vent out their opinions. But there are also a lot of things unique for DJResource :

111 DJ Topics

Part of the DJ Topics is part of the earliest information published on DJResource (.org back in the days). Back in 2001 some of this content actually where the beginning of DJResource.

This is unique content for DJResource and is written by Lead who might have some insight information. The Equipment Topics are not review but statements, they are written without making a judgement or opinions, only stating facts.

25.801 Forum Topics

The Forums is the place to best interact with the community, there are different Forums for different subjects. These 25.801 topics have 455.152 replies... Join us and register today !

8.495 Gallery Images

The Gallery is one of the oldest sections of DJResource and it gives our members the possibility to store their images in a personal album. There are 6.322 comments given to these images.

3.132 DJ Booths

There once was a Forum topic of members showing off their booths, we programmed a whole section around this idea. It is meant to show your booth to the world and to learn what others do to improve your own booth. Later we also added the Gearbase so most Booths have the gear that is used linked. In total there are currently 55.824 comments in our database for these booths.

2.260 Gearbase items

This is an archive full of DJ Gear from the old days up to the most recent. The Gearbase and the DJ Booth are linked so if gear is used in one of them you can see that booth quickly.

615 Production

Some of our members also produce music and wanted to share their productions with others. To avoid using external file sharing services for this purpose we created a section to upload own productions (not remixes) so others can listen and comment them. These comments are stored in the Forum for ease of grouping this and bringing them to more users under attention.

3.911 Imagedump Images

As a service to our members that run out of space in their Gallery Album there is the Imagedump. It's a place to store imageg mainly for use on our forums, but they can be hotlinked to use anywhere on the web.


Biography of Jeroen 'Lead' Groenendijk
Story about W.i.M

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