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R-Linked  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceR-Linked, born in The Hague as Steven Gietelink, is an emerging Dutch DJ who can turn his hand to everything. His artist name, R-Linked, came up during a creative  session about how he could connect people over the world with his music, his personal BOOST of mind. During a night out the crowd going wild is one of his biggest drives to play his music. Starting at the age of 16, just when boys are still boys, he saw the up and going of clubs and festivals and soon started to pursue his dream of playing on stage himself and becoming a great DJ. Inspired by DJs such as DJ Patrick he continued playing music at several venues. At a DJ School he got to know all about the concept of music, mixing techniques and entertaining the audience. R-Linked gained more experience as a DJ and got his first break in Club Hollywood Music Hall located in Rotterdam where DJ Patrick was the leading DJ. At age 22 R-Linked became eager to leave his mark on Holland, advertising himself as a brand, setting up a website and letting his fans follow his gigs. Inspired as ever to bring his music to larger crowds he made his first mixtape, affirming his friends of his talent. He is aware that the road ahead of him is long but this only made him put more energy and vibes in his work as a DJ. R-Linked is a great guy, a daydreamer, dreaming of performing all over the world. 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for him, so stay in touch and visit one of his venues to dance till you drop. And oh yeah, to all of you out there, don’t be afraid to pursue your own dreams, no matter what… Ciao…  

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Lennert  Flag Belgium
DJ's FaceSome people are talented, others are gifted… Born in 1996, Lennert is probably the youngest most extremely talented Belgian dj ever!   Ever since he learned to walk, music has always been the centre of his entire universe. He spinned his first records by the age of 10, driving his family completely crazy by practising every single day until all the windows popped out!   At the age of 15, Lennert felt he was ready to show off his dj talent to a much bigger audience and he couldn’t have been more right! He was then the youngest dj ever to win several prominent Belgian dj contests and that’s how his career was launched!   His style is a mixture of all round music brought on such a highly technical quick-mixing level, that even experienced dj’s can’t compete with!   He represents our new upcoming dj talents to the FULLEST!   Once you’ll hear him, you’ll understand his motto: FORGET EVERYTHING DANCE

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StainS  Flag Netherlands
DJ's Facemijn naam is martin en ik draai / produceer onder de naam StainS draaien doe ik al een tijdje(vanaf mijn 14de) eerst met vinyl toen cd's en ook digitaal ik draai allround maar hardstyle(core) en house muziek toch het liefst ik heb al aardig wat feesten gedraait zoals bruiloften,verjaardagen maar ook op in den haag bekende (hardcore)feesten en zelf ook feesten georganiseerd met produceren ben ik pas begonnen alvast bedankt

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AttilaPro  Flag Sweden
DJ's FaceWorking as a dj for 28 years now, have over 25000 cd & dvd vinyl records. I have worked at the most clubs in Malmö Sweden like Club Etage, Club Prive ec, 5 days in a week as most.

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Sebastian Moreno  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceSebastian Moreno begon op zijn 15e in de clubs, hij was resedent dj in de club Alcazar in het hart van puttershoek. Nadat hij bij Alcazar ermee stopte ging hij resedent in de nr. 1 Discotheek van NL draaien (Hollywood Music hall). Veel boekingen volgde en zijn weekeindes zaten helemaal vol. Hij heeft zijn eigen style qua muziek en maakt alleen wat hij zelf goed en mooi vind, Maar hij past zich tijdens het draaien aan, aan het publiek dat er op dat moment staat. Kwaliteit staat centraal bij deze jonge dj, en daardoor onderscheid hij zich van vele andere djs. Zijn passie voor muziek is met de paplepel ingegoten naast draaien drumt hij ook op het hoogste niveau. Hij heeft ook echt de passie voor de muziek en is geen dj omdat hij dit op een dag besloot te worden nee, hij is dj omdat hij op jonge leeftijd werd ontdekt door grote club bazen en hij is nu onderweg om een grote naam te worden!

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RYO SHINX  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceIt was November 9th, 1994 when young Dutchman RYO SHINX saw his first light of day. Born and raised in a small city called Veldhoven, RYO developed an interest for music at a very young age. At the age of 9 he hit his first snare of a guitar. He collected the full ‘Hitzone’ collection and still does. After saving up for a little while, RYO obtained a passion for Electronic music and producing. Being bored of the guitar, made way for a brand new set of CD players. Studying and practising his mixing skills were mainly what RYO’s life consisted of at the time. When RYO finished school, the path was clear and the objective was set, producing music became not only a career, but a way of life!

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Rorex  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceAl vanaf dat hij 10 jaar oud is, is Robert Baelde veel bezig met elektronische muziek. Toen hij voor het eerst een dj in actie zag wist hij dat hij later ook dj wou worden. Niet veel later besloot hij spullen aan te schaffen die nodig waren om zijn favoriete tracks aan elkaar te mixen, wat later zou uitgroeien tot een groot succes. Na wat gedraaid te hebben in cafes en bij kleine schoolfeesten kwamen de eerste grote boekingen binnen. Door middel van zijn residentie bij de schoolfeesten van het Elzendaalcollege in Boxmeer (ongeveer 800 bezoekers) en optredens bij onder meer sQuatterz, Dirthquake en NYE Boxmeer (1000 bezoekers) is Rorex een veel belovend talent in de dance scene. Zijn sets staan bekend om zijn energie, de interactie met het publiek en snel mixwerk. Voor bookingen of vragen kunt u bellen naará0621676357.

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Yorick  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceDj Yorick was one of the resident deejays of the 'jumping place to be' The-Site in Belgium. Thousands of party people came to this club to enjoy the new sound (at the time): jump. Yorick also producing and releasing music (different styles). Yorick also perform as Dj Funkyz. This is his house/club/disco alter ego.

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xzilver  Flag Netherlands
DJ's FaceMy name is  Xzilver, the name is born from when i whas a young. the other kids called me zilver. so i tought lets put on X for and ready. I play for 4 years now and i'm still learning and playing a lot of different styles.  My favourite music style is house mixed with hip hop tunes, and latin beats. I love the summer and the beach party's. In the summer I play in several beach party's in the area of noord holland. My drive is to learn from every party where is have to play. Every party i try to play better.  I hope in the future to do more in music industrie.  for so far this is it,

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The Hitzmaker  Flag Poland
DJ's FaceIn translatic from Polish to English

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