Pioneer DJM-350  2 Channel DJ Mixer with Record and 4 Effects

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 21-03-2010 @ 20:03
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Pioneer DJ Product
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The Pioneer DJM-350 DJ Mixers has 2 channels and offers a lot of digital possibilities for the creative DJ. There are features on the compact DJM-350 mixer that can also be found on Pioneer Club Standard products like the 4 Effects, Looping and Rekordbox compatibility.

One of the new features of the DJM-350 is the option to record his live set on a USB device without the need of extra kit or cables. Plug in a USB memory device and start recording your performance in high quality uncompressed WAV audio.

The equalizers you have on each channel are identical to those of the DJM-400 offering you Isolator kills (infinite equalizers) for each frequency. All A/D and D/A conversions are done with the shortest circuitry possible maintaining the sound quality as much as possible. The DJM-350 has a high performance CPU that minimized the noise.

Pioneer DJM-350 Product Angle View


Sampling Rate
48 kHz
A/D, D/A Converters
24 bits
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.007 %
Signal to Noise Ratio line
97 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
18 W
218 x 301.1 x 106.6 ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
3.2 kg

Input Specs & Terminals
2 x (RCA)
3 x (RCA)
1 x(Phone Jack 6.3mm)
Fader start
2 x (mono mini JACK)

Output Specs & Terminals
Master Out
2 x (RCA) +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
Headphone Monitor Out
1 x (Jack 6.3mm) +8.5 dBu / 32 Ohm

Channel Equalizers


Low Frequency
infinite ~ +6 dB @ 70Hz
Mid frequency
infinite ~ +6 dB @ 1kHz
high Frequency
infinite ~ +6 dB @ 13kHz

Microphone Equalizers


Low Frequency
-12 ~ +6 dB @ 100Hz
high Frequency
-12 ~ +6 dB @ 10kHz

Click to ENLARGE ! Backside of Pioneer DJM350 DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-350 Channel Trim and EQ Section

Input Selector

Use this to change from CD input to Phone, when you use turntables.

Extra 3rd Aux Input

When you're in need of a simple 3rd channel there is the possibility to use the microphone control for an additional line. You cannot listen to the Aux and the Mic at the same time. The Mic/Aux can be switched off (muted) by pressing the button below the controls.

Gain Trim / Mic Level

The Level and Gain Trim rotary controls has a range from infinite (silent) to +9db. The most optimal setting of the Trim is around 12 O'clock (0dB).

Channel Equalizers

The EQ function of the DJM-400 gives you the power of the Isolator of the DJM-1000. The frequencies of the EQ are the same as that from it's big brothers, the DJM-1000 and the DJM-800.

Pioneer DJM-400 EQ Curve
In horizontal position to the left, the EQ is cut down to about -18dB.

When you rotate further down than horizontal to the left, the frequency of the EQ 'killed' to a level of -infinite dB. The last part is in a logarithmical scale so it cuts down rapidly.

Cross Fader Curve AdjustPioneer DJM-350 Cross Fader and Fader Start

Just above the Cross Fader is a switch to set the curve of the Cross Fader. When set at TRUE position the Cross Fader is bypassed and will not work. It is not possible to use the Aux input on the Cross Fader.

Fader Start

This will trigger an output pulse over the Fader Signal output terminal on the back of the mixer. When a connected to a CD player you can remotely start/Cue a CD player that supports this feature.

Pioneer DJM-350 Record and Effect SectionUSB for recording your Mix

When a USB storage media is connected the DJM-350 makes it possible to record your mix on any USB media. The recordings are made in 16-bit WAV format (uncompressed) so you can open these files on any computer platform and re-edit them as you like.

To start a recording (always using the Master as source) you only need to press the Record button and recording will start. To stop a recording just press the Play button.

When Record is pressed during a recording a track index will be added to your recording. When listening to your recordings you can skip to marked points, just like you skip to a next track.

Each track is recorded as a separate file on the USB device, track indexes are markers that are stored within the WAV file.

This is also usefull when you would want to digitize your vinyl collection, directly from vinyl to WAV without additional soft- or hardware.

You can listen to the recordings you've made with your headphones. It is not possible to get the sound on the Master as an extra input.

Master Level

Control the level of the Master Output

Effects on Master

There are 4 different Filter effects you can apply to the sound on the Master Output. You need to select one of the Effect Button to activate or deactivate an effect.

Bullet Arrow Gate, gated filter, frequency changeable
Bullet Arrow Jet, manual flanging effect
Bullet Arrow Crush, bitcrushing effect
Bullet Arrow Filter , Hi and Low Pass filter

Level / Depth

With the Level / Depth control you determine the mix of original sound and effect, this is also called in pro-audio themology a Dry/Wet control.

Kensington Lock

On the backside of this product there is a hole with the Kensington Logo next to it, this is used for anti-theft purposes.

What do you think about Pioneer DJM-350 ??

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There are 11 Comments

  Flag Woudtje wrote on 23-03-2010 @ 09:15
Looks Nice !!
-FLoriZ- wrote on 23-03-2010 @ 13:25
Ik vind m er wel nice uit zien.
  Flag T-to-the-J wrote on 23-03-2010 @ 15:18
ik zie het verschil met de djm-400 niet, of zijn dat alleen de effecten?
  Flag Funkx wrote on 23-03-2010 @ 20:18
Mooi ding, voor al de functie Rec your mix.
  Flag Dolivieira wrote on 26-03-2010 @ 17:11
Net zo als de DJM400 is deze te klein voor mij. Niet echt mijn ding.
1 member likes this  
  Flag Ilja wrote on 22-04-2010 @ 20:02
Effect kan nu alleen op de master en is niet meer op gewenste kanaal in te stellen, en dat zuigt toch wel,
  Flag MaikThoma wrote on 06-08-2010 @ 17:44
fader start werkt alleen voor cdj's?
  Flag Arii wrote on 20-08-2010 @ 11:26
Vind het alleen nog jammer dat net zoals bij mijn DJM400 geen XLR uitgangen zijn voor de master!
  Flag pieterb wrote on 25-08-2010 @ 15:46
de djm 400 blijft beter...
  Flag Vervaeren wrote on 13-04-2012 @ 21:25

ff ter info. de witte versie heeft in plaats van de gate effect heeft deze noise zoals op de DJM 800 en dat vind ik echt wel zalig...

  Flag jurgen_1994 wrote on 12-07-2012 @ 21:10
Het lijkt alsof de witte andere effecten heeft maar toch is dit niet waar het is alleen een andere naam want ik heb de Djm 350 zelf en in de doos zitten stickers die je over de knoppen heen kunt plakken. Dus het lijkt me niet dat het dan ook meteen veranderd door alleen een sticker en het zou ook raar zijn dat de zwarte mixer anders is als de witte.. Verder is het een leuke mixer om mee te beginnen lekker makkelijk te begrijpen en leuk voor het begin. Heb deze gekocht als eerste mixer ben er blij mee maar zou hem niet nog een keer kopen maar eerder een mixer met meer kanalen.
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