Pioneer DJM-1000 Rotary Kit  DJM-1000 faders change to Rotaries

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 02-04-2005 @ 10:04
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Pioneer DJ Product
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By following the steps of this editorial you void your warranty. When your warranty is still valid this may only be done by an official Pioneer Service Center.

Check to get in contact with the Pioneer Head Office in your country. They can give you detailed information who to call.

One of the cool features of the DJM1000 is that you can easily change the standard Fader Panel by a Rotary Panel in a few minutes. If you are in just a little doubt you shouldn't perform this tweak : Leave it to the pro's instead.

The Rotary kit can be purchased at any official Pioneer dealer worldwide using the product type number : Pioneer DJC-1000RV. A Posidrive screwdriver and this Rotary Kit are the only things you need, no extra tools or materials are required. All electronical connections are done by connectors.

Pioneer DJM-1000 Rotary Panel in box


1. Unscrew the Fader Panel

The Faderpanel can be removed entirely in 1 piece. So there is no need to remove all the fader knobs, just unscrew the 4 screw that hold the panel on the mixer. You can find these 4 screw in the corners of the panel in which the faders are placed.

The screws at the ends of the fader only hold the fader on it's place and there is no need to loosen these.

Remove the DJM1000

2. Lift the Fader Panel

After unscrewing the 4 screws in the corners of the fader panel it lays loose on it's place. When you grab the 2 outer fader knobs and gently lift it, you can grab the fader panel and remove it.

Be careful : The panel is still connecter with the mixer by a couple of wires, so only tilt the panel instead that you lift it out of it's place and than follow the next step.

The connectors are grouped together, two at a time. So Channel 1 and 2 are next to eachother (on the left side, looked at the DJs position), the same goes for Channels 3 and 4, and the final set of connectors are channels 5 and 6. So each channel has it's own connector right below the fader, when viewed from the normal DJs position, from left to right is 1 to 6.

Flip open the panel, WATCH THE WIRES ! Inside view with all faders still connected.

3. Loosen the 6 connectors

The wire have a length of about 10 cm. Each fader has it's own connection to the mixer by a 4-pin mini connector. This is used for the VCA control and the fader start signal.

Remove all DJM-1000

4. Swap the panels and Reconnect

If you've loosened all 6 cables you can remove the fader panel and replace it with the rotary panel. You have to connect all cables of this panel with the terminals inside the mixer. Watch carefully that you connect the proper channel to the proper terminal inside the DJM1000.

Each of the 6 connectors have the terminal in the same direction, the connector only fits in one way so DO NOT FORCE IT, it should get connecter fairly easy.

After swapping the panel, reconnect each rotary to the proper channel

5. Mount the Rotary Panel

After all connections are made you can place the panel in it's final position and you can lock it to it's place by using the screw that held the regular fader panel to its's place.

Mount the Rotary Panel with the 4 screws in the outer corners.

Pioneer DJM-1000 final view with rotary Panel mounted

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There are 10 Comments

  Flag jordy wrote on 02-04-2005 @ 11:45
zijn wel mooie rotatary faders
  Flag Emaus wrote on 16-04-2005 @ 12:54
And look beautifully with these faders Happy, laughing
  Flag strezz wrote on 22-05-2005 @ 22:03
wie vindt dit fijn mixen? die rotary faders zijn mijn inziens ouderwets en beperkt in het gebruik. ziet er wel mooi uit
  Flag Uncle wrote on 02-08-2005 @ 09:24
Wil ik ook op mijn djm-500.... maar dat kan dan weer niet
  Flag Collin wrote on 19-01-2006 @ 21:54

Old Skool  very nice , buth it's a lot of money
  Flag Cyrille wrote on 02-03-2006 @ 23:00
oehh.. G.E.L.I.K.T. :D
  Flag ChiellianvanWhod wrote on 10-03-2006 @ 15:13
vind het ook niet egt geweldig met draaiknoppen.
doe mij maar fadersHappy, laughing
  Flag Tijnie wrote on 12-03-2008 @ 13:06
wat vind iedereen zo geweldig aan rotary faders?
  Flag jelle89 wrote on 25-08-2008 @ 09:25
bestaat zoiets ook voor de denon dnx-1500sConfused
  Flag StillWill wrote on 27-09-2018 @ 21:53

yo yo I am looking for the Djm 1000 rotory kit Doc 1000 Rc if any one out there has one hit me up

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