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On this page you will find all of Pioneer ProDJ products that they have ever released. This information is gathered by me (Lead) directly from Pioneer so it's as accurate as their computer system. This topic willl be maintained as soon as new products are added or older products ae discontinued and taken out of production.

Pioneer has quit some history with their DJ products. In the following overview you'll see the time-table in which new Pioneer Pro-DJ products are released. At this moment (accept for the CDJ-500) all products are still available in stores. Many of the features that Pioneer included in their DJ-products are copied by or imitated by other brands. In many of these features Pioneer was the first to set the industry standards (marked Mark).


Here is a short list (2009)with links to the right position on the timetable below. From the timetable you can click on 'Read More' to go to the site topic of that certain product.

2018 Edit : This information was updated until 2009, then the work was continued and expanded here : Pioneer DJ in the Gearbase.



DARK links are discontinued products, RED links are current models.

Some Pioneer ProDJ facts

  • First real DJ Product : CDJ-500 (1994)
  • Longest CDJ available : CDJ-500s (7 years, 3 months)
    CDJ-100s is still available, but will exceed this.
  • Longest DJM available : DJM-600 (10 years, 8 months), DJM-500 (10 years), DJM-300 (7 years, 7 months)
  • Shortest available : DJM-707 (1 year, 4 months), DMP-555 (1 year, 8 months)


Pioneer MA-62 Mixer (Februari 1974, discontinued probably 1982)
I went into the archives and found out that this is probably the very first Pioneer ProDJ product ever. When introducted the ProDJ name for this business was still not invented.

6 Channel portable audio mixer with brand new features for those days like Pan-pot's, mute switch and more.

[About Pioneer MA-62]


Pioneer SE-450 Headphones (1993, discontinued 2000)
Read more about this product...
This model was not originally designed to be used by DJ's and was only sold through the Consumer Electronic channel.

The SE-450 became acceptionally famous because during a number of years it was the only choice for a DJ, ANY DJ.

[About Pioneer SE-450]


Pioneer CDJ-500 CD-Player (October 1994, discontinued 1996

The first DJ product from Pioneer.
This was the world first DJ CD Player with Master Temp and a Jog Dial to control the pitch bend. Master Tempo is a feature that never left the range of Pioneer CDJ and CMX CD players. And with most new players comes a next generation because quality is never good enough.

The jogdial is the Pioneer Concept of the best possible control over your player. That lots of other manufacturers copied Pioneer's design is a prove to me of the originality of the design.

The basic concept was build around a DJ's point of view so Easy Operation, Quick Response from all features and Flat Level Control (no menu's or double/triple functions for buttons)

Master Tempo is a digital correction that holds the key of the music to the key that is was originally meant (at 0% pitch). This means that you can use the tempo (pitch) control without you hearing that the key of the music changes qualitative to the pitch correction you make. Also when you use the Pitch Bend function you'll hear no noticeable change in the music accept the change of speed (not the change of the music).

The Loop Function was limited to a few minutes, but never before DJ's could use an Seamless Loop with so much ease. The CUE also sets the Loop In point, with a separate button the Loop Out point could be set.


Pioneer CDJ-500II CD-Player (April 1996, discontinued 2003)
Read more about this product...
After feedback from the market the CDJ-500 was adjusted to some small point : Longer Loop, better Master Tempo are the mean features that we're improved.

From a distance you can notice the difference in layout because the CDJ-500II has a second light colored button near the center of the top face of the player.

The CDJ500II LTD's only additional feature to the regular CDJ-500II is that the Loop Out position can be set to infinit length.

[About Pioneer CDJ-500-2 ]


Pioneer DJM-500 Mixer (April 1996, discontinued April 2006)
Read more about this product...
The first mixer that is still being sold to this day (early 2004). Unique for this time because this 4 channel mixer brought the DJ a new instrument to use during his performances : EFFECTS that are linked to the BPM of the track that he is playing at that moment.

Effect Section of the DJM-500 is linked to the BPM and includes 7 effects: Auto BPM counter, Delay, Echo, Reverb, Pitch Shifter, flanger and Send/Return (This enables the use of your own effect-toy-box.)

[About Pioneer DJM-500]


Pioneer SE-DJ5000 Headphones (July 1997)
Read more about this product...
This was the very first Headphones that Pioneer has designed for DJ-purposes. Although the SE-450 had became a standard in the industry that solid model was not designed for it.

The SE-DJ5000 features a removable shoulderpad, mono/stereo switch, curl cord with a length of 3 meters. And at the end of it is a dual-connector so this headphones can also be used on your personal audio (ie. walkman or I-pod).

[About Pioneer SE-DJ5000 ]


Pioneer CDJ-500s/CDJ-700 CD Player (December 1997, discontinued Februari 2005)
Read more about this product...
Oil-dampened floating suspension. These 'shock absorbers' became a standard for ALL future CD player that Pioneer introduces in the DJ business.

The CDJ-500s had a small Footprint for easy installation (width=1/2 19') . This hardware shock-resistors handle the heaviest shocks. The maximum Loop time is 10 minutes. With the brackets 2 CDJ-500s' can be fit on 1 stand with a small footprint to fit behind/under a turntable.

In Amerika the type is name : Pioneer CDJ-700, while in Europe it's called the CDJ-500s.

[About Pioneer CDJ-500s/700]


Pioneer DJM-300(s) Mixer (October 1998, discontinued April 2006)
Read more about this product...
Two channel basic dj mixer with replaceable crossfader. In Europe since introduction available in two colors : black and silver.

The US only have the black version.

[About Pioneer DJM-300 (s)]


Pioneer CDJ-100s CD Player (October 1998)
Read more about this product...
This player has become a legend: Reliable, Strong and Compact. Allthoug it was never designed for, lots of people used the CDJ-100s for drive-in and (semi) professional jobs. I was probablt the first real shock-proof CD player around.

Slot In Loading System

New Featuer3 build-in effects
: Jet, Zip and Wah.

[About Pioneer CDJ-100s]


Pioneer EFX-500 Effector (November 1998)
Read more about this product...
This was the first Digital Effect processor that was designed by and for DJ's. Featuring Midi sync possibility, a combination of effect from DJM-500/CDJ-100s with the highest possible user friendly interface. Now you can also use effects simultaneously.

After the introduction some DJ's embraced this products, others rejected it. I think it's DJ dependant if this is a product that you are willing to use. The ones that are using it don't want to perform without it, because you get so used to using the effects, that your set doesn't feel complete without it.

[About Pioneer EFX-500]


Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer (August 1998, discontinued April 2009)
Read more about this product...
This was the result of re-developing the DJM-500 and adding lots of features and effects. Using the effect section on the crossfader gives you real control over the situation.

Among the new features of the DJM-600 are : -26db EQ (almost kill), record outputs, crossfader curve adjustment, crossfader assign for each channel, Headphones Split and 8 seconds Sampler and 9 Effects (also linked to the BPM).

In USA the DJM-600 is introduced in silver and they have never had the possibility to order this model in black. In Europe first came the black version as DJM-600 and much later came the silver DJM-600-s.

[About Pioneer DJM-600]


Pioneer CMX-5000 Twin Cd Player (March 2000, discontinued Februari 2005)
Read more about this product...
The first twin CD player from Pioneer with lot's of features you're used to from previous products (Pitch Bend, Master Tempo, Loop, Jog Dial) and also the new Auto Beat Mix which gives you a system to play tracks from 2 different CD's in a programmable order with automated crossings between 2 tracks.

Endless Loop which virtually would mean a maximum length of 74:59 minutes

[About Pioneer CMX-5000]


Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Player (July 2001, discontinued july 2003)
Read more about this product...
This was definitely the breakthrough product for Pioneer Pro-DJ. Never before came the control of a CD player this close to the controls of the regular vinyl AND offers you so much extra's.

New FeatureVinyl Emulation
New FeatureWaveform Display (audio curves stored on MMC)
New FeatureHot-CUE's (stored on MMC)
New FeatureJog Display

And also Reverse Play, Slot-In Loading System (also reads CD-RW), Shock Resist Memory and Endless Loop. To be able to merge multiple MMC's a MMC reader and independent software (like THIS TOPIC) is needed.

[About Pioneer CDJ-1000]


Pioneer CMX-3000 Twin CD Player (September 2001)
Read more about this product...
After the CMX-5000 lots of feedback from the market was retrieved and in combination with new technology the CMX-3000 was born. The Jog Dial is 11cm in diameter with separate glass (non-rotating). Buttons are from rubber instead of the usual hard-surface that Pioneer is used to use.

New FeatureWaveform Display
New FeatureEmergency Loop
to press once to start a 4-beat loop
New FeatureData Memory
holds 20 CUE's/LOOPS per CD for 1000 CD's.
    Smart overwrites your least used CUE point

[About Pioneer CMX-3000]


Pioneer DJM-3000 19' Installation Mixer (November 2001)
Read more about this product...
The DJM-3000 is not so much of a brand new mixer, but more a re-designed DJM-600 with a few changes in design and features. This list will mention the differences with a DJM-600.

New FeatureOptional : Rotary Panel
New FeatureRhythmical Effect Mix
  • 19' width (48cm) to fit for rackmount
  • 4 Phono Inputs
  • 4 Fader Start connectors
  • NO Sampler !
[About Pioneer DJM-3000]


Pioneer DMP-555 MultiMedia Player (April 2002, discontinued december 2004)
Read more about this product...
Multi Media Player, the first Pioneer DJ-product that plays MP3 music and includes some neat features. Connect the DMP-555 to your computer and play music from your MP3 collection on your hard disk or copy this on the SD card.

Use the included software DJ-Booth software to control you DMP or manage your music files. You can also use the DJS software, release in 2005.

New FeatureSD card to store play MP3 music

[About Pioneer DMP-555]


Pioneer DJM-600-S Mixer (July 2002, european introduction, discontinued April 2009)
Read more about this product...
In the USA the silver model is the only one available. In Europe we had to do it with the black version only until now.

It's iIn a different shade of silver/titanium than the American one.

I ncludes all features of the DJM-600.

[About Pioneer DJM-600s]


Pioneer HDJ-1000 Headphones (September 2002)
Read more about this product...Trendy looking, great Sound and a loud volume are features that belong to this set of headphones. Mono/Stereo switch, 3 meters cord with curl (user replaceable for low cost)

Optional HDJ-egg to transport the headphones safely.

[About Pioneer HDJ-1000]


Pioneer CDJ-800 CD Player (November 2002, discontinued Februari 2006)
Read more about this product...
The follow-up player of the CDJ-1000, misses some of this top-models features, but includes some new features as well. Because of a lower price than the CDJ-1000(MK2) this is a player that is achievable to more people.

New FeatureQuick Return to use the jog as some sort of drum-pad
New FeatureAuto Loop Cutter for easy cut'n devide loops
New FeatureWide Pitch gives you 100% control
New FeatureDigital Out with all DJ functions

[About Pioneer CDJ-800)]


Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK2 CD Player (July 2003, discontinued Februari 2006)
Read more about this product...
After 2 year the CDJ-1000 is ready for it's successor. Small things are improved and some features from the CDJ-800 are mixed with the existing features of the CDJ-1000 and assembled together the CDJ-1000 MK2. It is basically the next step in development after the MK1.

Improvements in comparison to the CDJ-1000 are : 100% pitch, Digital Out with all DJ functions, Brighter illumination, More accurate pitch (16%), Faster reaction after track-search or CUE.

[About Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2]


Pioneer DJM-909 Battle Mixer (January 2004)
Read more about this product...
After a long period of time the DJM-909 is the first mixer of Pioneer's Next Generation Mixers. Improved quality and durability, neat design, effects ON/OFF switch, easy replaceable faders, rotateable transform switches.

New FeatureFoot Switch to set effect ON/OFF
New FeatureTouch Sensitive Screen to control Effects and Curves
New FeatureFader Curve Adjustments for channel faders AND crossfader
New FeatureCrossfader 'Feel' is adjustable
New FeatureOptical Crossfader so distortion is hardly possible
New FeatureSession IN/OUT to link multiple mixers in a battle setup

[About Pioneer DJM-909]


Pioneer DJM-707 Battle Mixer (February 2004, discontinued June 2005)
Read more about this product...
Has all the basic features of the DJM-909 WITHOUT the touch-screen effects section, but includes :

New FeatureFader Curve Adjustments for channel faders AND crossfader
New FeatureCrossfader 'Feel' is adjustable
New FeatureOptical Crossfader so distortion is hardly possible
New FeatureSession IN/OUT to link multiple mixers in a battle setup

[About Pioneer DJM-707]


Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Player (August 2004, discontinued March 2007)
Read more about this product...
Combine a DJ with the VJ and the result is the DVJ
The artist to perform with audio and video at the same time, and he needs a DVJ=X1. Imagine all the things that you can do on the CDJ-1000mk2... and that with a DVD. This might be the shortest description you'll ever

New FeatureCue, Scratch, Loop, Re-Loop, Hot Cue's, Pitch (-100% ~ +70%) and all with synced
New FeatureDVD Video Manipulation with the ease, speed and accuracy of CD.

Actually everything on this machine is a Industry First !

[About Pioneer DVJ-X1]


Pioneer VSW-1 Video Switcher (Februari 2005, discontinued Januari 2008)
Read more about this product...
A Video Switcher that changes output on your demand. With the 2 big metal buttons that are blue illuminated when the channel is active you can easily make your moves.

The real power comes in when the VSW is connected to any Pioneer DJM mixer via the Fader Start cable. The VSW-1 now follows the moves of the faders. Opening a fader directly switches the video output.

New FeatureFader Start Controlled video Switcher with Sync

[About Pioneer VSW-1 ]


Pioneer CDJ-200 MP3 CD Player (March 2005)
Read more about this product...
The CDJ-200 was introduced to replace the CDJ-500s models by supplying full MP3 Playback, a small footprint, high quality CD player with Beat Loop, Hot Loop and the improved effects from the CDJ-100s.

New FeatureFull MP3 playback (first time for Pioneer)

[About Pioneer CDJ-200]


Pioneer DJM-1000 Installation Mixer (April 2005)
Read more about this product...
Pioneers reply to the demand of Top Quality Audio mixers. Designed to bring the best possible audio quality into the club. Doing no consessions to any feature the leading Top DJs or Installation companies would want to have on this mixer.

New FeatureInternal processing 24-bit / 96 kHz
New Feature6 Digital Inputs
New FeatureDigital Output switchable 48kHz or 96 kHz.
New Feature105dB S/R on line input @ full scale
New FeatureMidi output on the Cross Fadder
New FeatureDigital Link
(Pioneer new connection standard)
New Feature2 EQ's on the Booth Monitor Output

[About Pioneer DJM-1000]


Pioneer EFX-1000 Pro-Effector (July 2005)
Read more about this product...
This is Pioneers answer to all the people that doubted if a EFX will ever be used in a studio, now the quality is here to prove this.

New Feature24 bit / 96 kHz D-A and A-D converters
New FeatureInternal processing 32-bit / 96 kHz
New Feature Send/Receive MIDI, BPM info
New Feature Possibility to controll effect parameters by Mixer
(if supplied with the right connections)

[About Pioneer EFX-1000]


Pioneer EFX-500-R (July 2005)
Read more about this product...
The EFX-500-r has the same technical specifications as the Rregular EFX-500-R and was brought to the market when the EFX-1000 was launched and is intented to put some extra attention to the EFX-500 when the EFX-1000 is introduced.

[About Pioneer EFX-500-R]


Pioneer DJM-800 (Februari 2006)
Read more about this product...
Excellent sound quality with the same digital technologies as the DJM-1000. Introducing Sound Color FX: 4 filters, assignable to each channel. Each Channel has it's own adjustable parameter that has 2 different function for each filter.

New Feature4 Digtal Inputs and a Digital Output
New Feature24 bit / 96 kHz D-A and A-D converters
New FeatureBright Dot-Matrix Display
New FeatureSound Colour FX
New Feature61 Midi Channels

New Feature13 Beat Synchronizable Effects
New FeatureFader Curve Adjust

[About Pioneer DJM-800]


Pioneer DJM-400 (April 2006)
Read more about this product...
A small mixer with good sound quality because it features the digital DNA of the DJM-1000 by using practicaly the same digital circuitry. Combining some familiar effects with some new ones and adding 5 In-Loop banks.

New Feature24 bit / 96 kHz D-A and A-D converters
New Feature5 Auto Beatloop Sample Banks
New Feature7 Beat Synchronizable Effects

[About Pioneer DJM-400]


Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 (March 2006)
Read more about this product...
Successor of the CDJ-800, meant to be the ultimate deck for the home and semi-pro DJ. Equipped with :
  • Full MP3 Compatible (CBR & VBR)
  • Larger and brighter displays
  • Same Jog feeling as CDJ-1000MK2
New FeatureAuto Short Beat
New FeatureQuick Return

[About Pioneer CDJ-800MK2]


Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 (March 2006)
Read more about this product...
Again the all famous CDJ-1000MK2 has been modernised with lots of features :
  • Full MP3 Compatible (CBR & VBR)
  • Larger and brighter displays
  • 100 dots Waveform (instead of 50 on MK2)
  • Jog feeling (resistance) adjustable
  • 3 Hot Loop / Hot Cues
  • Faster Response
[About Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3]


Pioneer DVJ-1000 (August 2006)
Read more about this product...
This is the next generation DVJ DVD player.

New FeatureFull MP3 Compatible (CBR & VBR), playable from DVD-RO
New FeatureMP3 navigator on preview screen
New FeatureBuild-in PAL/NTSC converter
  • Larger and brighter displays
  • 100 dots Waveform
  • Jog feeling (resistance) adjustable
  • 3 Hot Loop / Hot Cues
  • Faster Response
[About Pioneer DVJ-1000]


Pioneer DJM-700 (s) (November 2007)
Read more about this product...
The ultimate Home DJ mixer, lacks professional stuff but offers nearly the same sound quality as if you would connect a DJM-800 analogue

New FeatureManual Low Pass/High Pass Filter, assignable to each channel
New FeatureFrequency Filter work also WITH Beat Effects
New Feature13 BPM synced Beat Effects
New Feature49 MIDI channels
  • 4 Channel audio mixer
  • Dot Matrix Display
  • Assignable Crossfader
[About Pioneer DJM-700]


Pioneer CDJ-400 (December 2007)
Read more about this product...
Pioneer enters the Digital DJ Area with this deck that offers full USB playback possibilites.

New FeatureSmal Touch Sensitive Scratch Jog Wheel
New Feature3 Scratch Effects
New FeatureRhythmical Loop Devide
New FeatureMP3 navigator Dial
New FeatureFull MIDI Support
  • Larger and brighter displays
  • Full MP3 Compatible (CBR & VBR)
  • 3 Jog Effects
  • Hot Loop
[About Pioneer CDJ-400]


Pioneer SVM-1000 (Februari 2008)
Read more about this product...
Welcome to the Future, this is the worlds first 4 Channel Audio Video mixer.

New FeatureMixes Audio and Video at the same time, Stack max 4 Layers on top of each other
New FeatureTouch Screen Effect controll
New Feature12 BPM Synced Beat Effects (Audio & Video)
New Feature48 Touch Effects (12 Effects with 4 variations Audio & Video)
New Feature14 Video Inputs
New FeatureCrossfader also used as T-Bar video Fader with 5 effects
  • 10 Audio Inputs
[About Pioneer SVM-1000]

Pioneer MEP-7000 (July 2008)
Read more about this product...
Twin CD Deck with USB inputs and computer connectivity. Controller sold sperately as SEP-C1.

Full version of Pioneer DJS DJ mix software is included.

New Feature4.3 inch full colour LCD
New FeatureUSB MIDI / HID control
New FeatureSratch-friendly jog wheel
New FeatureAuto mix from playlists
New FeatureWorks as a software controller with DJS

  • CD (including CD-R / -RW)
  • Digital media playback via USB
  • MP3, AAC files on CD & DVD
  • 19-inch rack-mounted digital media player
[About Pioneer MEP-7000]


Pioneer HDJ-2000 (Januari 2009)
Read more about this product...
State of the Art headphones made from metal with high sound quality.

New FeatureLightweight magnesium design
New FeatureProtein leather surface earpads with memory foam padding
New FeatureRemovable Mini XLR connector
New Feature'i-hinge' design with 90° auto return

  • Fully enclosed dynamic headphones
[About Pioneer HDJ-2000]


And that's all DJ equipment ever released by Pioneer. If you might find a Pioneer product and you think it's missing here, please contact us. Originally posted 8 februari 2004.

What do you think about The Pioneer Pro-DJ History ??

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  Flag Whatcha wrote on 31-03-2005 @ 11:14
Hey Guys,

I just love this site. When I need some information and techniques or guide as well, this is the right place. Keep up the good work. I'm a novice DJ...DJ wanna be during my free time.


  Flag sebastiaan wrote on 12-06-2005 @ 20:23
hu de efx-1000 en efx-500-r zijn allang uit maar het is nog niet eens juli
  Flag Lead wrote on 13-06-2005 @ 00:53
That not correct, both the EFX-1000 and the red EFX-500R are still not available (it's now 13-6-05)
  Flag sebastiaan wrote on 26-06-2005 @ 20:01
ja dat seg iik ook
  Flag Lukaz wrote on 21-01-2006 @ 17:23
now you have to add the DJM800 and the DJM400 Winking my eye
  Flag Lead wrote on 21-01-2006 @ 21:55
I can't do everything at the same time Winking my eye

But I've added them today... Also reorganised the header, it became a long listing
  Flag NedelcuConstantin wrote on 08-03-2006 @ 01:04
guys,it seems to me you forgot the CDJ 300,and the CDJ 500ll ltd,with out adjust....
  Flag djtexx wrote on 20-04-2006 @ 19:33

I not found the device of MDJ.....

Pioneer MDJ-Confused
  Flag Lead wrote on 29-05-2006 @ 22:29
Wasn't that a Sony... allthough it looks like a CDJ Winking my eye
  Flag remixer wrote on 10-11-2006 @ 15:57
 it is a sony mds-dre1 md recorder (watch in my gallery) with the looks like a cdj
  Flag Twello wrote on 24-12-2006 @ 15:28
de dvj-1000 staat er nog niet bij
  Flag stevew wrote on 29-05-2007 @ 03:23
This is beautifull. The full dj-gear history of pioneer!!!
Great Job Resource and keep up the good work!!!
Boyd wrote on 29-09-2007 @ 17:43

lead, volgens mij moet de djm700 nog even toegevoegd worden?

keep going!

  Flag Bouncy wrote on 10-11-2007 @ 12:23
Bij de cd 500II
After feedback from the market the CDJ-500 was adjusted to some small point : Longer Loop, better Master Tempo are the mean features that we're improved.

Moet dat mean niet main zijn?
  Flag JSCoolen wrote on 14-11-2007 @ 01:50

Er mist nog 1 mixer

  Flag Lead wrote on 26-12-2007 @ 23:09
Updates are now being made. Probably online within an hour from now.
  Flag Flexii wrote on 23-01-2008 @ 19:08
jullie moeten die nieuwe MEP-7000 er nog bij zetten:P
  Flag mosthighsoundz wrote on 27-08-2008 @ 08:49
fantastic history there , I found myself wondering where I was in the world when they released some of the early stuff. The gear base on this site is a really profesional tool 
  Flag Ricardinho_Almeida wrote on 25-09-2008 @ 13:39
Esse é o melhor site para Djs que já vi até hoje!
  Flag W_H wrote on 29-01-2009 @ 17:26
Volgens mij mist de HDJ 2000 nogCool maar verder egt leuksmile
  Flag Basrose wrote on 25-03-2009 @ 17:30
Mooi overzicht!
  Flag JollyJunkie wrote on 03-08-2009 @ 11:39
De SEP-C1 mist
  Flag Estacy wrote on 31-12-2009 @ 14:02
wat moet ik hiervan denken: Pioneer DJM 700
'lacks professional stuff'?
zoals? goede faders? geluidskwaliteit? EQ's die niet kunnen killen??
  Flag Funkx wrote on 23-03-2010 @ 20:26
Wat is de tijd toch snel gegaan... niet alleen zijn de producten beter geworden (qua prestaties) ook nog design.

Ooo de Pioneer CDJ/DJM 2000 etc er bij.
  Flag maDJam wrote on 31-08-2010 @ 16:17
Excellent round up of all Pioneer gear!
  Flag dj-zero wrote on 20-01-2011 @ 15:19
deze kan wel eens geupdate worden:P
  Flag Lead wrote on 10-03-2011 @ 00:48
Update is in de maak, alleen het is nogal wat werk want het pakket breidt behoorlijk uit Winking my eye
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