Pioneer DJM-5000  Installation/zone mixer with Mic Filters

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 10-08-2009 @ 09:01
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With their DJM-5000, Pioneer has raised the standard for 19 inch rackmount mixers. The Pioneer DJM-5000 brings some nice new tricks to the (mobile) DJ. It does NOT contain any beat effects like you're used to have on the previous DJM-series mixers (DJM-600, DJM-700, DJM-800). It does features multi zone output, some great mic effects and a totally new Talk Over functionality.

DJM-5000 Product Angle View

The DJM-5000 offers great sound quality as it has the same basic circuitry as the DJM-1000. The analogue signal from the media player is digitized at 96kHz/24-bit, so it reaches the digital mixing stage in the best possible state. Mixing is then carried out by 32-bit digital signal processing with minimal deterioration of sound quality.


Sampling Rate
96 kHz
A/D, D/A Converters
24 bits
Internal Processing
32 bits
19 dB
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.005 %
Signal to Noise Ratio line
102 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
33 W
482 (19'') x 225 x 108 (5HE) (WxDxH)
Net Weight
6.9 kg

Input Specs & Terminals
2 x (RCA) / Coaxial
6 x (RCA)
Mic / Sub Mic
1 x(Combi Phone/XLR)
1 x(XLR)
1 x(JACK 6.5mm)
Fader start
2 x (mono mini JACK)
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)

Output Specs & Terminals
1 x (RCA) Coaxial @ 48kHz or 96 kHz
Master Out
1 x (XLR) +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
Zone Out
1 x (XLR) +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
1 x (Phone Jack TSR Balanced)
1 x (RCA) -8dBu / 10k
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)
1 x (USB)
Headphone Monitor Out
1 x (Jack 6.3mm) +8.5 dBu / 32 Ohm

Channel Equalizers


Low Frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 70Hz
Mid frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 1kHz
high Frequency
-26 ~ +6 dB @ 13kHz

Microphone Equalizers


Low Frequency
-12 ~ +12 dB @ 100Hz
Mid frequency
-12 ~ +12 dB @ 1kHz
high Frequency
-12 ~ +12 dB @ 10kHz

Click to ENLARGE ! Pioneer DJM5000 Backside

USB Audio InterfacePioneer DJM-5000 Talkover Section

You can hook up you computer (Mac & Windows) to the DJM5000, when you use Windows with the Asio driver, it can output 3 different audio signals directly to the mixer. There is no need for an audio card or to make lots of connections as everything is transported via USB. Make sure to select the proper audio output in your mixing software.

USB MIDI Controls

There are 61 different MIDI channels that can be controlled by various knobs, buttons and faders. The MIDI signal is transported to your computer via the USB connection.

By making the proper mappings to your software and selecting the right audio outputs you only need your laptop (without sound card) and the DJM-5000 to perform.

Pioneer DJM-5000 Talkover SectionZone Output

The Pioneer DJM5000 has lots of outputs: Master Output, Booth Output, Record Output and a Zone Output. The first three of these outputs need no explanations but the Zone Output is new for Pioneer.

With the Zone Output you can use the DJM to control the audio in 2 room independently from each other. You can set the Zone Output to Master to have the same sound on the Master and the Zone output. If you select any of the channel (1-4) you can send that channel to Room 2 to have some background music. In the main room you can use the Master output and the other channel to do your mixing.

Sound Maximizer

When used on some locations the sound might need some optimizing, this is what you can do with the Sound Maximizer. Mostly the Clarity and Dynamics controls will be near the Minimal position, only turn it on when needed to avoid distortions when playing at max levels!


This is one of the features that is included in all Pioneer DJ mixers and can be used to connect and external Effector like the EFX-500 or EFX-1000. This unleashes lots and lots of possibilities. Read the EFX-topics for more.

Pioneer DJM-5000 Microphone SectionMicrophone Section

The third microphone input can be found on Channel 1 so when used you have the full 3-band Equalizers to adjust the vocals. You cannot use the Microphone Effects on Mic 3 though. For ease of reading the following is for Mic 1 and Mic 2:

Output Routing

You can route each microphone to either the Master Output, the Zone Output or both. You can also assign both mic's to different outputs so 2 people can actually say something in different areas with one mixer.

3-band Equalizers

Each of the microphones has a 3 band Equalizer for maximum control of the sound. Each band has a range of +/- 12dB.

Advanced Talk over

The on/off lever for the Talk over has changed to an illuminated push button. In NORMAL mode the Talk over reacts as you would suspect, it lowers the overall volume of the audio over the complete frequency range. This is shown is the diagram.

In advanced mode only the frequencies around the human voice (mid-range) are lowered while the low and high frequencies remain at their level. This way you loose less 'drive' at the dance floor.

Pioneer DJM-5000 Talkover Curve

Mic Effects

The Effect knob on the Microphone Channels control the amount of effect that is added. With the blue buttons you can select the type of effect that you want to add. You can only activate 1 effect at a time so the effect is used for both mic channels.

feature Reverb : Give a sound more 'room'
feature Echo+Verb : Combination of Echo and Reverb to widen the sound
feature Octaver : Match vocals with current key
feature Pitch : Controls the pitch of the sound

Other Features

Offcourse all the standard features of a Pioneer DJM-series mixer are included aswell.

feature 3 Band EQ and Trim per channel
feature 10 LED VU meter next to each channel, Master and Zone
feature Microphone clip indicator LED
feature Cue (PFL) listening on each channel, Master and Zone
feature Cross Fader
feature Cross Fader Curve control (3 steps)
feature All channels assignable to each side of the Cross Fader
feature Mono/Stereo Switch
feature MIDI on/off switch
feature Zone and both Microphone channels can be turned off (muted)
feature Level Att. on backside for Master and Zone

What do you think about Pioneer DJM-5000 ??

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There are 8 Comments

  Flag Mixt-Ape wrote on 10-08-2009 @ 13:23
Looking nice! Let's just hope the sound suality is OK...
  Flag Bart_ wrote on 10-08-2009 @ 13:28
*heeft spijt dat hij een week geleden zijn Ecler MAC40V heeft gekocht*
  Flag Dolivieira wrote on 10-08-2009 @ 16:49
Maak je niet druk Bart die Ecler is ook vet.
  Flag Bart_ wrote on 10-08-2009 @ 20:49
weet ik wel hoor dolivieira, maar die DJM5000 ziet er ook wel zeer gelikt uit, nietwaar? Winking my eye
  Flag Glenn_ wrote on 10-08-2009 @ 22:54
Vind de vormgeving van deze pioneer eigenlijk een beetje vreemd...
Om eerlijk te zijn best lelijk als je kijkt naar bijvoorbeeld de evo serie van Ecler

Vind de extra MIC inputs erg handig voor drive ins, mis alleen wel de effecten voor de kanalen Unhappy

iemand nog een groter plaatje van bovenaf?
  Flag Tekhead wrote on 20-08-2009 @ 23:32
Zou me verwonderen dat dit een suc6 mixer word. De prijs is veel te hoog nl. 879,00 euro, en geen Phono aansluiting.
@bart, hoeft geen spijt te hebben maar tevreden te zijn.
  Flag Woudtje wrote on 23-08-2009 @ 10:49
'Pioneer has raised the standard for 19 inch rackmount mixers' Beetje zielige tekst h?. Vind deze mixer het nou net NIET hebben. En te duur!

Voor dat geld kan je in Duitsland een Xone S2 krijgen, veeeeeeeeel mooiere mixer.
  Flag djmarcelm wrote on 18-06-2010 @ 23:25
ik werk met deze tafel en kan niet anders dan vol lof zijn!

echt alles wat je wenst voor een mobiele dj setup zit hierin
de effecten die mis ik niet omdat ik anders wel voor een djm800 gegaan was puur het feit dat er een extra zone opzit en de extra mic's
maken deze tafel voor mij DE tafel voor mijn klussen

ik krijg alleen het afspelen via usb niet kraakvrij

wat ik ook speel met de asio instellingen erg vaag
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