Allen&Heath XONE V6

Submitted by Laidback  Flag on 11-03-2008 @ 21:20
Last edited by Lead  Flag on 02-06-2018

Model : XONE V6

Brand : Allen&Heath
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Category : Mixer

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Allen&Heath XONE V6 Mixer

The Xone:V6 is an echo of the earliest days of pro audio, when idealistic individuals created outstanding products free from cost or time constraints. Such creations were never cheap. Nor did they sell in their thousands. But they did become landmark design classics.

Our mission for Xone:V6 was simply to build the highest quality club mixer ever. We painstakingly refined our signal paths to optimise audio transparency. Hundreds of the best quality components were evaluated and of these only the very finest were approved for the project. The result is a mixer that gives great recordings the space and freedom to express their full warmth and clarity.

This landmark classic has deservedly earned its reputation as the best DJ mixer in the world, bar none – with the purist sound quality and beautifully crafted construction

feature 6 dual stereo channels
feature Channels 5-6 valve preamp
feature High pass filter on each channel
feature Intelligent cue system
feature Insert points for EQ isolator and Cross fader options
feature Booth monitor and mic channel
feature All valve input option available
feature Separate auto sensing PSU


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There are 5 Comments
  Flag Triames wrote on 27-07-2008 @ 02:34
I don't understand this mixer, where the hell are the high-mid-low equalizers and faders?? I'm sure it's a dumb question, but I just don't get it.
  Flag JollyJunkie wrote on 29-07-2008 @ 11:37
It hasn't got a EQ, it hassn't got faders because it's a rotary mixer. The faders are rotary knobs, it also has a high pass filter. It's very exspencive (6000) but you can drop it thousend times of a building and it still works. Best quality and sound quality mixer on the world i think.
  Flag Lead wrote on 29-07-2008 @ 19:33
shure this is a rigide mixer but a drop of a building is somewhat to much, even for a V6.

The high price is due to the Valve amplifiers that are inside that deliver extraordinairy good sound.

This mixer is mostly used in trance-like music where no rapid fader movements are neccessary.
  Flag JollyJunkie wrote on 31-07-2008 @ 11:08
Lead it was more too explain that it's reallly good :P
  Flag Triames wrote on 31-07-2008 @ 23:50
Ok, thanks!
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