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Pioneer DVJ-1000Pioneer DVJ-1000
The latest of Pioneers Player family: a versatile DVD player for DJ use. The last model in this series Pioneer made, discontinued due to lack of interrest in the market and lack of music industry in creating content for use on DVD.
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Pioneer DVJ-X1Pioneer DVJ-X1
Groundbreaking technological stuff, this is a DVD player that has the possibility to Scratch, Pitch, Reverse instantly without any interference in the video output. For the DJ there is a seperate monitor preview output.
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Pioneer DVJ-X1 SneakpreviewPioneer DVJ-X1 Sneakpreview
December 2003, this is the very first glimp of the DVJ-X1 in Holland. Weeks before it arrived in the shops. Also check the evolvement of the Slot In.
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Pioneer SVM-1000Pioneer SVM-1000
The SVM is a piece of equipment for the professional DJ and VJ to combine both disciplines to 1 art. Never was there a video mixer offering the feature set of the SVM, nor will there ever be.
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Pioneer VSW-1Pioneer VSW-1
The first Video Switcher ever that follows the controls of the Fader Start supplied by any DJM mixer. Also manual control is possible offcourse.
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