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CDJ/DVJ Firmware upgrade - How toCDJ/DVJ Firmware upgrade - How to
Firmware V2.20 has been released. Here is how to check if you need it... and how to install it if you do. This topic in general shows you how to update firmware in Pioneers earliest decks.
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MMC Merger v2.0 for CDJ-1000(MK2)MMC Merger v2.0 for CDJ-1000(MK2)
With this little tool you can SYNCHRONIZE the Cue Point on your MMC. The latest version (v2.0) syncs on Cue Point Level, stores the file as a backup on your PC, maximizes Waveform and...
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Pioneer DJS PC Mixingsoftware SVJ-DL01/DS01Pioneer DJS PC Mixingsoftware SVJ-DL01/DS01
When you don't have any hardware, this software package might be the thing to use when mixing with your PC. It's Pioneers first ever attempt in creating mix software. Only supported by MEP-7000 and SEP-C1 controller.
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Pioneer DVJ-X1 Firmware V3.0Pioneer DVJ-X1 Firmware V3.0
When you have a Firmware version lower than v3.00 read about this update! This is the latest version firmware available and it is highly recommended that you use it !
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Pioneer RekordboxPioneer Rekordbox
Rekordbox is Music Management Software, like iTunes, but then for DJs. There is a lot to tell about this software as its becomming the core of all Pioneer DJ products for in clubs.
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