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tekno1    posted on 01-03-2005 06:08
Okay, so I finally gave in and replaced my stanton AL's with some nice Ortofon's (Ortofon Headshell included).  Now that I've RECALIBRATED THE ARMS on my Tech's, I still don't know what heigth to set the at... first time Ortofon owner.  Here are my setting's, 3.5 gram arm counter balance and 3.5 antiskate.  Currently I have the arm heigth set to 2 mm.  Does anyone disagree or have EXACT reccomendations for these?

What do you think about Ortofon Elektro ??

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Lead    posted on 01-03-2005 09:45

Your settings seems reasonable to me.

I have my arm on height 4,5 positioned, weight. I still use the Stanton AL500MKII (the old models... from way back in time ). I also have my counter-weight reversed so the scale on it faces to the backside of the Turntable.

My anti-skating doesn't have a constant value, while playing I sometimes need to adjust it becaue of the  record I'm playing, so I don't have an axact setting for this one.

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Rhino    posted on 01-03-2005 13:59

i have ortofons too.

Your calibration is almost right, exept that your hight kan lower to 0.0/0,5 depending on your slipmat!

make sure that the botom of your cardridge is straight horizontal to the surface of your record.So , no leaning backward nor hanging over.

That should be it!

tekno1    posted on 01-03-2005 19:16

Unfrotunately, I've learned the hard way... you get many years longer of life out of your vinyl if arm settings are proper (hint Lead)  :P So, Rhino...  I'm using NeoPrene SlipMats (super slick!) about half a centimeter thick... I've never had Concordes before and was trying to adjust arm height based on the Concorde Headshell specs.  But guess what?  Ortofon lists every stinking detail about their needles EXCEPT THE $%&*@  HEIGHT!!!  So, again the mats are about half a centimeter thick. Whatcha think?

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jordy    posted on 01-03-2005 19:20
half a centimeter thick??
thats a big slipmat?
tekno1    posted on 01-03-2005 19:35


Okay, to be more precise, the mats soft, padded, neoprene mats and are roughly 3mm thick... SO... what should I have the arm height set to?  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueler?



P.S.  I'm only kidding Jordy!  Winking my eye

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Rhino    posted on 02-03-2005 13:05

I supose youre hight should be 0,5 to 1,0

0,5 wil do the trick, i,m sure

I use normal mats(approx 1mm thick)

with these parameters my hight is 0,0 /weight 3 grams /antiskate 3

jordy    posted on 02-03-2005 14:33
whats the antiskate for anyway?
tekno1    posted on 02-03-2005 19:57
Poster: Rhino

I supose youre hight should be 0,5 to 1,0

0,5 wil do the trick, i,m sure

I use normal mats(approx 1mm thick)

with these parameters my hight is 0,0 /weight 3 grams /antiskate 3



Cool!  I'm not too far off then!  Right now I'm a 2mm Arm Height. I will lower it probably down to 1.  Do you think that just 3/3 is enough?  Do you ever scratch at all?  I'm not a huge scratch DJ, but it's fun and funky every once in a while.  According to Ortofon, they say 3-5 grams...  YIKES!  5 GRAMS?!  


Poster: jordy
whats the antiskate for anyway?


it's funny... but a LOT of people don't know what that is or does! 

To understand what anti-skate is, you must first understand that the sound that you hear is produced by the the LEFT and RIGHT side of the grooves - you see, the stylus does not "read" the grooves, it follows along traveling inside the "canyon" or "corridor" that the groove makes.   Centrifical force and the natural desire of the needle to ride one side of the corridor a bit more than the other side, can sometimes cause an imbalance between the left and right channels in addition to causing pre-mature wear on the vinyl.  So, to compensate, the antiskate allows for you to slightly adjust the arm to "lean" in a little more to the left or right.  Does that help?

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jordy    posted on 02-03-2005 20:10
 now i know what it can do... but how eaxactly would be perfect...
tekno1    posted on 02-03-2005 20:26

Well, the standard setting or as recommended, is to set it the same as the stylus pressure.  The lower the number, the more to the left the needle rides.  Conversely, the higher the number, the more to the right the needle will ride.  So, play with it a little, but start with the same setting as your arm weight.

Winking my eye

Rhino    posted on 03-03-2005 12:54

Yes i do scratch, 1 use M44-7,s for it(so i do change cartridges when mixing or when scratching)

it wasn,t completely clear to me that you were searching for the  scratch calibration.

When scratching antiskate should always be 0 to prevent recordwear

tekno1    posted on 03-03-2005 17:08

No problem... But I was just looking for Arm Height - Ortofon does not supply the height of thier cartridges...

Rhino    posted on 04-03-2005 09:08

Hmmmmm now it,s getting more difficult for because i dont scratch with ortofon.

I just use the pro s to beatmatch and mix my house records.(and then the parameters like above are the deal)

In your case (scratching) i should highten as low as possible before skipping over.

it all depends on your skills,....is it rough and nasty(in a positive way) you probably would raise it a little higher.

if your skills are oke but not very impressive yet, you can lower a lttle bit more .

When i used my stanton al,s for it i calibrated my arm by using nasty scratches(wild en uncontrolled).

I did rase the arm a little bit and then tried , if it skipped  i raised some more until the point it didn,t skip anymore.

With my m44-7 i normaly use a hight from 1,5 to 2 (i,m no q-bert Happy, laughing

this to give an indication

tekno1    posted on 04-03-2005 22:11

Scratching is not the high point of my gigs... although I'll do it from time to time.  I'm used to the standard AL's for all purpose use.  After a bit of experiment, the Ortofons work just fine while scratching, they just need a bit more headweight like 3.5 - 4 grams works nicely.  Very nice needles over all!

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