New DJ gear from Numark at the Musikmesse (2/2)
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SonicWalker    posted on 31-03-2006 20:52
At the Musikmesse 2006 in Frankfurt/Germany, Numark has presented a hole range of interesting new devices for the digital DJ.
    DJ performance system with built-in hard driveHDMIX
    • User replaceable 80 GB HD
    • A three-channel professional mixer with EQ & Gain on each channel
    • CD drive for ripping and CD playback
    • One display area controls all of your music
    • Support for MP3, WMA, WAV formats
    • Large jog wheels for pitch and scratch control
    • Beatkeeper? technology with auto-synchronization of loops, effects, and MIDI devices
    • Track search by artist, album, song, genre, and BPM
    • Automatic track identification and naming through the onboard Gracenote ? Music Recognition Service
    • Record to hard drive while performing
    • Create custom playlists while performing
    • Mac/PC compatible (no special software required)
    • Large jog wheels for pitch and scratch control
    • Keyboard included for fast searching
    • XLR and analog RCA line outputs
  • iDJ2
    iPod mixing console with scratch and pitch controliDJ2
    • Integrated iPod slot with adjustable mount
    • Seamless looping
    • Pitch control
    • Large backlit display with revolutionary user interface
    • Ability to scratch music
    • Real-time visuals include Track Profiles and Waveforms
    • Record to an iPod or other connected USB media
    • Facilitates mixing with three or more USB Hard Drives or Apple iPod?s with USB hub
    • Many USB ports to plug in iPods, memory keys and hard drives
    • Play music off two iPods simultaneously, play two songs off same iPod
    • Formats supported: mp3, ogg vorbis, FLAC
    • Pitch control with multiple ranges up to +/- 100%
    • Beatkeeper? technology with TAP override function
    • Scratch and search ability via two large jog wheels
    • XML playlist support
    • USB Keyboard support
  • Virtual Vinyl
    DJ hardware and software package

    Virtual Vinyl is Numark?s premier DJ hardware and software solution that lets you scratch, mix and sample digital audio and video fi les using your computer and any analog turntable or CD player. Using a traditional turntable or CD player (sold separately) and included control vinyl or CDs to control digital media content, Virtual Vinyl provides in-depth features including; master tempo, seamless looping, instant pitch-matching, automatic beat-matching, BPM-aware effects, hot-cues, sampling, and more. The software includes two independent zero-latency virtual decks, seamlessly controlled by traditional 12? records that are familiar to DJs. Virtual Vinyl can play any digital audio file including; MP3, MP3Pro, WAV, AIFF, direct CD, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, MP4, iTunes (non-DRM), and more. Virtual Vinyl is compatible with music subscription services such as Yahoo! Music Unlimited, Virgin Music, Napster Music, and others.
  • iCDX
    CD, DVD, mp3 and iPod player/controlleriCDX
    • USB port for connecting mass storage class iPods, hard drives and memory sticks
    • USB port for interfacing with HID compatible software
    • Illuminated slot-load drive with support for CD/CD-RW/DATA DVD
    • Touch-sensitive scratch wheel
    • Large, backlit LCD display for system information including MP3 ID tag information
    • Integrated DSP effects include Phaser, Filter, Flanger, Echo and more
    • Key Lock (? 100%)
    • Large pitch slider for controlling music playback speed
    • Automatic BPM counter
    • Hot starts, seamless looping, scratching with sampling, Full support for MP3 playback
    • Digital outputs
Prices and availability are not known yet.
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What do you think about New DJ gear from Numark at the Musikmesse ??

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the-melody    posted on 02-04-2006 19:30
haha ik zag ook da ze de beat 4 van JB presies hebben samengevoegd met een dateq?? rare mensen dus:p. Skytec betekent weinig goeds denk ik.
DJ-Emotion    posted on 02-04-2006 19:41
Poster: djliberty
Mooie foto's:d Die limited edition is wel goed gelukt om die te veranderen. De nieuwe speeltjes van numark zien er in het echt toch wel beter uit dan op foto(niet meer vooroordelen dus) Maar US Blaster is dat een OEM merk, nog nooit van gehoord om eerlijk te zijn.

Klopt, en ze zijn Nederlands

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FrankyN    posted on 02-04-2006 19:44
Zo heb Rockid weer een paar nieuwe speeltjes haha
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Winston    posted on 03-04-2006 00:49
I really like the looks of the Numark iCDX. The first time for me that I really like the looks of a Numark cd player. I hope it won't be too expensive.

But I have a question. What does DATA DVD means. Does it mean you can't show video clips?

Tic Toc
Dj_Fantasy    posted on 03-04-2006 01:19
Poster: DeafDJ
ah ok... do these new numark toys only work with the new ipods, or are they also compatible with the older versions?

I guess it will be compatible with all iPods with a dock connector.

I don't Thinkso because the Ipod mini has a smaller dock then a normal Ipod and Ipod Nano or video,...  i thought :s
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teddyaakre    posted on 09-04-2006 19:38
Numark are really making an effort... Pairing up with apple! Smart...

teddyaakre    posted on 09-04-2006 19:38
Or at least making ipod compatible equiptment, just in case they are not paired up and that i am wrong

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