Numark CDX Wont Show Tracklistings
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Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 19:48
Hi guys, sorry first post, basically i recieved a pair of cdxs but one of the decks is refusing to show track names in the display window yet the other deck does. this same deck also when ejecting a cd, ejects it then immediately trys to suck in another cd, the reject it, then suck it in, as you see the pattern. Any help would be gratefully accepted. Joe

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Basrose    posted on 28-12-2005 19:51
you use legal cd's? be sure if you burn them yourself that u add the name's
robbert    posted on 28-12-2005 19:57
Go back to your dealer and ask them to fix the problem.
Maybe your cd-player need an update.
Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 20:07
i have tried with normal audio cd's and cd-rw's. the left deck will read the mp3s and show the file names the right deck wont even read the cd. the right deck is only reading standard audio cd's and even then it doesnt display any form of track name. im also still having a problem upon ejecting the cd, the right deck keeps trying to take another cd into it the rejecting it. the display flashes from CD-IN to CD-Out repeatedly.
Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 20:27
i only purchased the decks today off ebay too, so i have no dealer to currently go to, does anyone know what to do through numark or if normal highstreet dj shops would attempt to mend the problem ?
Jorrit    posted on 28-12-2005 21:47
What the problem could be is that u burned on a wrong program: when burning disc's with windows media player, there is no CD Text, Nero does this...
Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 21:51
ah okay that could help quite a bit thankyou, ill download Nero, it was through media player. I have contacted Numark too, they say that i can send it back to them, has anyone had any experiences of sending returned goods to them ? expensive postage? long time to get the good returned?

Even without Nero though the left deck reads the filenames which the right one doesn't it seems like a form of lazer trouble, hopefully i can sort it out. is it worth opening the case ?
Jorrit    posted on 28-12-2005 21:58
opening the case? What do you mean,actually opening the unit to look inside it?
If you aren't educated at these kind of electronics: NO, what you'll see there: a lot of green.... If nero doesn't solve it, it will probably be a software bug, wich u can't fix by reconnecting some wires Winking my eye

Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 22:12
yeah or a lazer error as numark seem to think. when asking for servicing they ask for the serial / date of purchase and place of purchase. do you think they actually check it up, im running very close to the end of the warranty. by the time they receive it i might be maybe 1 or 2 days out, but hopefully not. i heard the connectors on the cd drive could be loose which could be the problem.
Jorrit    posted on 28-12-2005 22:21
If u open the case there is no more warranty, I would call with numark for a solotion, don't ry to fix it yourself.
Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 22:30
okay sure, if its out of warranty would they still fix it? just for a price?
Nebula    posted on 28-12-2005 23:07
im now contemplating a cd problem. some cd's are working and some are not, its quite strange. Some mp3 cd's turn up with tags and some don't, also some dont play. does anyone know the best way to make an cd for the numark cdx's ? whether its with audio cd's or mp3 format. how to title them etc ? cheers Joe
djjw    posted on 29-12-2005 00:20
have you tried an original cd, in both cd players??
they have to act the sameway..

if they are out of warranty they will fix it,
but ofcourse you have to pay...

for burning cd's, i would use the audio format...
Nebula    posted on 29-12-2005 00:36
yeah through about 10hours of trial and error ive pretty much sussed its been a problem with the cd's. numark recommend 4x burn my cd's are between compatible between 8x-12x . im just still having a few troubles so im tweaking through nero to find every single method of burning i can, to find one with the most sucess.

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