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  Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED Modification  Different from others...

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 28-11-2005 02:11
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CDJ-1000MK2

Changing Play button LEDs

In this article I will be explaining how I changed the default green LEDs for the Play/Pause button by blue ones, like the Pioneer DVJ-X1 (and the later DVJ-1000).

This is not a step-by-step listing of every action I did, if you follow along you should be able to fill in the blanks. Some soldering and opening of players is involved so you will understand that by doing things like this you will void your right on warranty.

Where did the idea come from

This mod was suggested by Nightmoves in this Forum thread. 'Is it possible to change lights of the cdj 1000mk2's start/button to those of the dvj. Would be cool to change it, since I'm just a sucker for the dvj's blue lights.'

This was an interesting idea so I went on a search and discovered that the blue LEDs of the DVJ can be swapped. In an ideal world you should also adjust the load resistors, but I settled for slightly dimmer illuminations than changing SMD resistors.

Just for Fun

There is no real practical use or advantage to gain by doing this mod. The only thing it brings is a much nice illuminated ring around the Play/Pause button.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue Play LED


Opening the CDJ

Be careful when opening the CDJ-1000MK2, do not put the top directly on the table to avoid scratches and damage. Instead put it on a towel or any other soft surface, preferably you need some foam supports.

You will need a small Philips screwdriver to remove the 3 screws on the back and all the screws on the underside. Take care to sort the screws so you know where they belongs when you will be reassembling the player.

Part List

Part number : SLR-343BBT

Description : D4207 - Blue LED

Price (in 2005) : € 7,- / piece

4 of these are needed


Changing the LEDs

When you've unscrewed the bottom side of the CDJ1000MKII, you can open the backside like a book (when the slot-in is towards you). You will see in the control panel that holds the Play/Cue and search buttons in the bottom right corner. Look for the section that holds the Play Button LED's, like shown here.

In the red circle you see the section where the LED's are mounted. Their exact location is clearly printed beside the mounting points on the circuit board..

The parts to be replace in the CDJ are D1305 ~ D1308 (SLR-343EBT). First de-solder the LED's, than remove the circuit board and replace the LED's. Use the welding torch shortly (max 3 seconds per joint) so you don't overheat the LEDs or burn the circuit board!

CDJ-1000MK2 Circuit Board LED locations


Finished Result

It looks really good, especially in a darker environment. For such a relative easy job a very nice result.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue Play LED
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue Play LED and Jog Mod


Transparent LED's

Close up of an LED - Light Emitting DiodeHere is some more info about LEDs: LED is short for Light Emitting Diode.

A LED is a diode, an electronic component that only allows a current to flow in one direction. A LED consists of a piece of semi conducting material impregnated with impurities that create a structure called a p-n junction. While the current flows through the junction there is energy loss in the form of light.

The wavelength (so the color) of the light is determined by the type of p-n junction is used. The outer epoxy shell around the p-n junction can be fitted with a lens-like top that can bundle the light.

The color of the epoxy shape of the LED has only little influence to the color of the light which the LED emits. Nowadays most LED's are made of transparent epoxy so without powering them it's hard to tell the color

This type of component is used in lots of gear and equipment, it's the most affordable and reliable solutions to create light in the darkness. And besides this, the LED is also used this much because of it's efficiency.

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED Modification ??

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There are 16 Comments

  Flag _ruud_ wrote on 11-01-2006 @ 20:10
vet het tunen van een cd-player :D

1 member likes this  
  Flag DJ_SEVEN_7_ wrote on 23-01-2006 @ 19:45
Sweet man, i was thinking to do the same, but you got ahead of me
1 member likes this  
  Flag the-melody wrote on 19-02-2006 @ 10:02
met andere woorden eerst garantie laten verlopen en dan dit doen:p

1 member likes this  
  Flag Camino wrote on 24-02-2006 @ 09:15
  Flag DNR wrote on 27-06-2006 @ 09:25
ziet er wel vet uit
  Flag the-melody wrote on 14-07-2006 @ 13:19
@ruud: je had ook al de gsmWinking my eye
  Flag djchrisu wrote on 04-09-2006 @ 16:01
Nice Job! Never mind about the warranty you seldom have the chance to use it anyways
  Flag Collin wrote on 16-11-2006 @ 09:14
Kan dat ook bij de nieuwe CDJ-800MK2 ?

1 member likes this  
  Flag Jorrit wrote on 20-12-2006 @ 23:59
Ik vind dit er wel leuk uit zien ja :P
  Flag xandro wrote on 06-02-2007 @ 11:29
kewl, do you have the cd1000mk2 service manual in .pdf extension? he he he .. juz askin tho. if i want to do customising in my country can I change the LED with different colours with same spec as pio? thks
  Flag Gokay wrote on 12-03-2007 @ 15:24
tuned cdj 1000 so cool
  Flag stevew wrote on 14-06-2007 @ 15:44
  Flag jannickv wrote on 07-08-2007 @ 21:43
zeg lead kan je ook nog andere kleartjes krijgen?
  Flag DaRoyal wrote on 23-10-2007 @ 00:25
Looks great, will this also work for a CDJ-800 (mk2)? Or isn't it possible, because there isn't a led around the cue- and play-button? \

Saw the question was asked earlier, but no-one responded to it.
  Flag feestbeest wrote on 18-02-2009 @ 22:40

Moet je van kleur veranderende ledjes erin doen:D
Wel zonde van je cdspeler als het mis gaatsmile:P!

Kan je niet gewoon een hele nieuwe cue/play button van cdj 1000 kopen en die in een cdj800mk2 zetten lead>?
  Flag AndrewFuse wrote on 27-07-2010 @ 19:07
Great, i would like to do some mods like this on my CDJ-200 Happy, laughing
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