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  Pioneer ProDJ Brackets  EFX-500, CDJ-800 and CDJ-1000(MK2)

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 13-11-2005 17:11
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Pioneer ProDJ Bracket all together

Mount your gear in the Air
The supports are both solid and durable, incorporating a weighted balanced design made out of 4mm steel with a powder coated finish. Product longevity and space within the DJ booth is maximised by the tailored fit each stand gives to it’s partnering product.

Well thought out specification includes anti-vibration pads, six fixing holes with supplied screws as well as height and plate angle adjustment.

Other design touches such as cable management through the stem of the bracket and space for heat dissipation prove Pioneer offer the best long-term solution for your Pioneer PRO-DJ products.

A complete bracket consists out of 2 separate available parts : the Bracket and a Plate (depends on the equipment you are using). The bracket itself is universal. Owners of the existing Pioneer base brackets for use with the CDJ-500-S will be pleased to know it is compatible with all the latest plates supporting the new models.

To ensure a solid way of mounting the brackets, the base plate of the bracket has 6 holes to use. Each is 9mm in diameter.

Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - footprint


On top of a Bracket you have to mount a plate that fits the equipment that you would like to mount on the Bracket. There are 3 different types available. Here are some images and dimensions :


Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - EFX500


Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - CDJ-800

PRODJ-Bracket + PRODJ-1000-PLATE

Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - CDJ-1000MK2


Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - EFX-1000


Pioneer ProDJ Bracket - DVJ-X1

What do you think about Pioneer ProDJ Brackets ??

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There are 14 Comments

  Flag Giona wrote on 21-10-2005 @ 08:37
Well, will you also please post the links of those smart self-made creations? Thanks a lot

None of the plates is able to suite 2 CDJ200 at the same time? If i remeber well 2 CDJ 200 are 440x280 mm and none of the plates above reach 440mm
  Flag Lead wrote on 18-11-2005 @ 10:22
For 2x CDJ-100s (about the same size as CDJ-200) I've seen some smart creations that people have made themselves. Besides the mentioned models above there is also a bracket for 2x CDJ-500s. The CDJ-500s are discontinued but there are still brackters available.

I'll update this topic this weekend so you can see a picture of it...
  Flag Collin wrote on 17-12-2005 @ 22:56
effe vraagje : zou er ook een Denon Dn-3000 of Dn-5000 op kunne
  Flag mrtnt wrote on 18-01-2006 @ 17:34
waar kun je deze kopen en voor hoeveeel?
heb de denon-dns3500 en ik meen dat deze er op passen
  Flag DJ-TQ wrote on 18-03-2006 @ 13:06
kan je er ook 2 cdj-100s op kwijt?
  Flag the-melody wrote on 25-03-2006 @ 19:12
waarom is die van de efx500 groter dan de cdj800?

  Flag nelly wrote on 11-09-2006 @ 16:13
does anyone know where in australia these brakets are available and how much they would cost for the CDJ1000mk3's
  Flag the-melody wrote on 29-10-2006 @ 07:38
well they are avaible at every officiel pioneer center. How much they will cost, i cannot say that beacause Australie is a different country then belgium and holland. For the cdj1000mk3's: you just have to take the '
PRODJ-Bracket + PRODJ-1000-PLATE' then it will work. Good luck!
  Flag Ren├ęKuppens wrote on 25-11-2006 @ 13:00
Kun je ze ook schuin tegne de muur hangen en Recht draaien ??
  Flag Twello wrote on 03-01-2007 @ 13:44
jammer dat ze zo gigantisch duur zijn
  Flag kavafis wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 05:17
waiting for the self made brackets link.. :D
  Flag the-melody wrote on 28-02-2007 @ 15:35
@rk ik denk het nietWinking my eye
  Flag Ilja wrote on 03-06-2009 @ 15:20
Die dingen zijn net zoals alle pioneer gear veels te duur. Sorry hoor maar 149 euro voor een stuk metaal vindt ik nergens op slaan.? Cool
  Flag netherblood wrote on 30-03-2010 @ 21:03
Ilja je hebt gelijk... ze zijn zelfs vaak nog duurder... voor 1000's kosten ze al snel 200 :O
Slaat echt nergens op!! Maak ze zelfHappy, laughing
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