UDG Pioneer CDJ or DJM Bag  Easy and light weight transportation bag

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 12-11-2005 @ 02:11
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UDG CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag

UDG CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag packagingCDJ-1000(MK2) sized Bag
When you are using your Pioneer CDJ-1000(MK2)'s on the road you might want to protect the player during transportation. There are several options for you to chose from.

The best way to transport your gear is in a flightcase! You're first choice should actually always be solid cases as they will provide the most security and give maximum protection !

In some cases a flightcase can be a little overdone. For example when you only transport your gear yourself you know that you have to be careful with it. In such cases this type of bag might be just what you are looking for : The Ultimate DJ Gear CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag. (www.ultimate-dj-gear.com)

It provides a decent protection, light weight, easy to transport by hand or over your shoulder. It also has an extra compartment on the front, closed with a zipper, to hold your cables.

The bag is padded with 2 cm thick foam.

The CDJ Bag is delivered in a lightweight black sack. You probably never going to use it again but it's a nice little touch.

UDG CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag Shoulder BandEasy Transportation
You can either choose to carry the bag by hand with a tight grip, or use the shoulder band to keep your hands free. When not in use the shoulder band can easily be removed with 2 big locks.

During travel you can lock the zipper in a code protected lock. You can program your own 3-digits-code to the lock so only you can open it. The code is re-programable and you can change it as often as needed.

UDG CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag Closing principle

UDG CDJ-1000(MK2) Bag Feet on the bottomSolid for a tough Environment

At the underside are rubber pieces that give the bag, when closed and filled, a solid stand on the ground. These will also protect your bag (and so your CDJ) against moister and liquids that are spilled on the ground.

The material of the outside of the bag is Nylon. This is a strong, synthetic fiber that has a long lifetime. It has a shiny appearance, so wear and damages of your bag will not be directly noticed by others.

Perfect Fit
The Pioneer CDJ-1000 (CDJ-1000MK2 or CDJ-1000MK3) fits perfectly inside the bottom part. When inserting some of the included foam strips you can also fit it for the CDJ-800MK2. When all strips are removed it fits for CDJ-1000, but also for a DJM-800 (and a DJM-600). Offcourse a mixer is much heavier and you need to be more carefull with it, it does fit.

Remove all plugs during transport of the CDJ to prevent possible damage!

CLICK TO ENLARGE: UDG CDJ-200 Bag complete view
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UDG CDJ-200 Bag complete view
CDJ-200 Sized Bag
The CDJ-1000 bag has a little sister: the CDJ-100/200 Bag.

Specially designed to fit a Pioneer CDJ-100s or a Pioneer CDJ-200 CD player. It offers the same protection, grip, shoulder band and zipper-lock as the CDJ-1000bag.

Size and storage compartment on the front are different.

UDG CDJ-200 Bag opened with CDJ-200 insideUDG CDJ-200 Bag Front compartment

What do you think about UDG Pioneer CDJ or DJM Bag ??

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There are 6 Comments

  Flag RoyBeware wrote on 01-01-2006 @ 16:44
Grappige case :P maar weet niet of t lekker tilt zoon tas... En schommeld je CDJ niet te erg?
  Flag the-melody wrote on 14-03-2006 @ 20:23
zoon slotje voor zoon tas:d:d:d
  Flag Klonic wrote on 05-06-2006 @ 15:27
Doe mij maar gewoon me ProDJuser CDJ-12 flightcase, anders moet je moet 2 tassen en je mixer gaan slepen...
  Flag Lapa wrote on 04-09-2006 @ 23:54
doesnt that aplly too much pressure to the cdj pressure trigger ?

Happy, laughing

 keep the forum in universal language m8s WOW
  Flag kardon wrote on 24-05-2007 @ 00:25
heb er 2 besteld lijkt me echt handig lekker licht
  Flag MrSound wrote on 27-01-2012 @ 18:21
Erg handige en stevige tassen.
Gebruik ze nu al een paar jaar voor mijn cdj 800's en gues what...de cdj-850's passen er ook in.
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