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Submitted by Lead  Flag on 22-10-2005 12:10
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Pioneer DJ - Software Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ DJS SVJ-DL01 DS01

Ever since the year 1994 Pioneer is leading the DJ Industry with their single CDJ players. Pioneer is creating new and state of the art DJ Equipment using the latest designs and cutting edge technology. This equipment features various world first functions which are respected by much professional DJ's, but the equipment also receives good comments from the amateur DJ.

From now on Pioneer has announced the release of DJS software that incorporates the features of the equipment with which Pioneer has achieved an Industry standard in the Disco's, Clubs and dance events with it's club CD players and mixers of the CDJ- and DJM-series.

It's now possible to emulate the possibilities of the CDJ and DJM-series products on a new digital way by using the DJS software package. DJS software will be available from late 2005 via all know channels.

The type number was SVJ-DL01 before version 1.6.000. From version 1.6 onwards the MEP-7000 and CDJ-400 are supported natively by the software and Pioneer decided to change the type numbers to reflect this major change.

Pioneer DJS Software Package
Product Type
Computer MP3 mix Software
Equipment Simulated
2x DJ MP3 player and 2 Channel Mixer
For OS
Windows XP/2000
Supported Formats
MP3 and WAV
Useable with USB Controller
System Requirements

  • Microsoft? Windows? XP Home Edition / Professional / Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Intel? Pentium? M 1.5GHz or faster (or a comparable processor at 1.7 GHz or faster)
  • 12 MB RAM or more
  • Screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels or better
  • Built-in or external audio output
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 250 MB or more of free hard disk space (for the program)
  • Enough free space for audio files

Pioneer DJS software LogoBasically DJS software combines all features that are praised from these Club products and bundles them into 1 software package. When you use DJS software you are using MP3 files which are retained from the HDD of your computer. So a single computer can be the basis of your digital mixing set, for optimal performance it's recommended that you use a second sound-card for monitoring and/or cue-ing of your tracks.

All basic control functions and features are also available by user-definable keyboard shortcuts. For the basic template there will be stickers included. There is also an automated mix function included. By just a simple press of the button there will follow an automatic fader/mix movement.

To create a good mix between 2 tracks some skills are involved. The aim of mixing is to get 2 tracks perfectly in sync with each other (speed/BPM), in order to do that you need to have these skills. But because not everybody has these skills from the beginning (at takes a lot of practice) there is an automated mode in DJS software which will beat-match the tracks for you.If desired, you can also make an automated mix at a key press, which gives you more time to entertain the audience. The auto BPM matching is done by simply pressing 1 button and the tempo of the track will be digitally matched with the already running track. There is also a Beat Step Measure indicator that indicates the first beat of the measure so you have an accurate way of viewing when to start the next track.


DJS software uses a playlist, this will make it possible to drop in any tune from the Library. The Library must be filled before use with the songs that you keep on your PC. You can import MP3 and WAV files and it's also possible to rip music directly from audio CD. Playlist's can be saved to the HDD so you can recall them easily the next time. Within a playlist it's possible to change the order and moment of the next mix as you will.

Points and Auto Mode

Besides the track order, there is also the possibility to remembers Start- and End-Point of a tracks. These point can be used by the automated system to know where to start/stop the current and the next track. So when DJS would be used as a non-stop auto music center it is able to play programmed mixes.
Pioneer DJS DJ Play Printscreen


DJS has a nice zoom function so it's possible to zoom into the waveform that is shown above each track that is put in one of the decks. This makes it possible to have accurate knowledge of the audio that is actually playing and you can see the breaks coming in advance.

Hot Cues

You can also assign 3 Hot Cues for use like on the CDJ-1000, CDJ-1000MK2 and CDJ-1000MK3 and also a loop is possible offcourse. By using the zoom function you can make your loop as precise as possible, and there is also some sort of quantifier function that will put the marker on-the-beat for you.

Build-In Effector

Just like the DJM-600/3000 the DJS software has a build in effect processor that has all 8 familiar effects: Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Auto Transform, Auto Filter, Reverb and Pitch shifter All effect can be perfectly synced to the audio track that is playing because the BPM is measured continuously during playback.

Create Loops instantly

You can use the Waveform also to set accurate Loop In and Loop Out Points which can be stored on your system. But there is also a possibility to create a Loop from an existing tracks and save it as a new audio file. These files could be loaded under the Hot Cue buttons to create your own remixes from several tracks in 1 mix.


Before an audio track can be used in DJS software, it has to be imported. You can import (add) files to your library from various formats like MP3 (CBR and VBR) and WAV. It is also possible to import (rip) audio tracks directly from an audio CD. There is even the option to record directly from your computer's Line Input.

Extra Key Features

Bullet Arrow Basic function and each operation that is necessary for DJ play, can be allocated to an optional key of the keyboard
Bullet Arrow Jukebox function via the Music Management
Bullet Arrow MP3 file output to SD Card via Transfer Menu
Bullet Arrow Easy mixer control of Faders and Cross Faders with optional Faderstart
Bullet Arrow 3 Band EQ from -26dB to +6db
Bullet Arrow Gain adjustable per channel

Download Free 15 Days Trial Version :

Download Pioneer SVJ-DL01 DJS Software 30 days Trial Version

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There are 10 Comments

  Flag Gery wrote on 14-12-2005 @ 21:50
no offence, but this looks a bit crappy if you compare with Traktor DJ studio 3...
  Flag dion wrote on 09-02-2006 @ 17:46
het is leuk maar kj vind het niet fijn met de computer
  Flag denon-dj-jimmy wrote on 17-01-2008 @ 16:32
gaat het samen werken met de nieuwe mep 7000 van pioneer?
  Flag Lead wrote on 17-01-2008 @ 20:44
yep, probleemloos... Wel na de volgende update (v1.6 april/mei2008), maar die is gratis als je DJS hebt gekocht.
  Flag olliebollie wrote on 14-06-2008 @ 17:15
Gaat het ook samen werken met 2x cdj 400 en djm 400?
  Flag djugur wrote on 02-07-2008 @ 11:59
yep, probleemloos... Wel na de volgende update (v1.6 april/mei2008), maar die is gratis als je DJS hebt gekocht
  Flag mosthighsoundz wrote on 24-08-2008 @ 14:03
Will this software ever be available for the mac?
  Flag Lead wrote on 24-08-2008 @ 14:27
I'm afraid that DJS will NOT be available for Max users...
  Flag shafiq wrote on 19-03-2009 @ 10:17
how can i registar my djs softwere
  Flag KingsProduct wrote on 30-07-2010 @ 15:43
woooooow coooool man
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