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  Pioneer CMX-3000  Optimum Performing Twin CD Deck

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 14-04-2003 18:38
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Pioneer DJ - Player Rackmount Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CMX-3000

Following hot on the heels of the launch of the revolutionary CDJ-1000 Pioneer has drawn on their vast knowledge of the CD market to produce the next generation twin CD player, the CMX-3000 - pure Pioneer pedigree focused squarely at the DJ. Stylishly designed - with rubberized buttons and a black carbon finish - the CMX-3000 boasts an unbelievable feature set.

The Wave Display, patented to Pioneer, is a visual mapping of the landscape of each track. This is graphically represented in the display panel, showing the peaks and lows in the WAVE, and thereby guaranteeing accurate cueing on CD.

A further creative highlight of the CMX-3000 is the Hot Cue/ Loop function, which memorizes up to either three cue or loop points per CD. These can be recalled by hitting any of the three buttons, great for remixing or over dubbing. All Cue and Loops can be BPM synced. Before you can actually use the Hot-cue's you have to 'arm' them, this only takes a second and then the fun begins.

Additionally, a rescue button is at hand, with the world's first Emergency Loop feature which sets a four-beat seamless loop - an indispensable feature if a track is about to end and the DJ has failed to cue up the next track. This is quit useful when the track lasts a little shorten than you think.This feature sometimes miscalculate 1 or 2 frames but the Loop-Out adjust you can make it perfect.

The presence of Pitch Bend and rubberized buttons, in particular, are a direct response to consumer feedback, and show the degree to which Pioneer has been prepared to listen, and respond to, the marketplace. This is just a small thing to show that Pioneer is really listening to the DJ's.

With their new CMX template Pioneer has also re-iterated industry issues of durability head on. Pioneer has broken free from the limitations of CD tray transports and purposely utilizes a slot-loading design which not only makes changing CD's quicker and easier, but also more importantly, is less susceptible to damage and the transfer of dirt and dust onto the laser reader.

Pioneer CMX-3000 Product Image
Product Type
Twin CD Player for DJs
Frequency Response
4 ~ 20.000 Hz
Signal to Noise ratio
115 dB or more (EIAJ)
Total harmonic distortion
0.006% (EIAJ)
Audio output: Analogue
2 channels (A/B)
Audio output: Digital
2 channels (A/B)
Power consumption
Dimensions Controller
482 x 132 x 82 mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions Drive
482 x 90 x 252 mm (WxHxD)
Weight Controller
2,0 kg
Weight Drive
5,6 kg


The new jog dial measures 11cm and is now a two-piece design to allow greater visibility of the display. Ergonomically friendly, rubber buttons have been used, with the important buttons well lit for ease of use.

Slot Loading

Designed principally for ease of CD changing, it will also reduce the risk of accidental damage and introduction of dirt to the player.

High Visibility

A new dot matrix display delivers clearer and brighter status information. Much larger than other players on the market.

Pioneer CMX-3000 Jog Display

Wave Display

The CMX-3000 reads the track volume level and reproduces the data as a Wave display, which is patented to Pioneer. A visual mapping of the landscape of each track is represented in the display panel, denoting the peaks and lows, and allowing the DJ to quickly find breaks in the tracks to guarantee accurate cueing.

CD Text

CD track title information can be read on the display.

BPM Display

The CMX-3000 also displays current track BPM.

Master Tempo

Pioneer's legendary Master Tempo feature has often been copied but never bettered, offering ? 6%, 10%, 16% and a new Wide range.

Tempo Sliders

The CMX-3000 also features new improved 60mm Master Tempo sliders, with a high specification and better quality (adjustment in ? 6% is now 0.05%).

Pitch Bend

Responding to DJ feedback, pitch bending is now achievable by using the Pitch Bend buttons or the Jog Dial.

Data Memory

Like the CDJ-1000 there is a 1000-CD internal memory, and the DJ can store three cue and loop points per CD as well as Wave data for up to 20 tracks per CD. The stored data can also be copied to other CMX-3000's. When the 1000 capacity is reached the CMX deletes the CD information based on amount of usage - e.g. if a CD has not been played in the CMX for some time this will be deleted rather than more frequently played CD's.

Cue & Loops

Now even Cue/ Loops can be saved to any of the three banks available for each CD. These can be recalled instantly at the touch of a button.

BPM Sync

Hitting this button synchronizes the BPM between CD 1 and CD 2, making beat matching easy and ideal for overdubbing vocals on a track.

Emergency Loop

This is a world first, with a new patent - an innovative feature that sets a four-beat seamless loop at the touch of a button. This feature is indispensable if a track is about to end and the DJ has failed to cue up the next track.

Seamless Loop

No Pioneer CD player would be complete without a Seamless Loop, which offers the same adjustment as the legendary CDJ-500S.

Scratch Mode

A real bonus for the DJ, the CMX-3000 has been fitted with a high-quality Scratch Mode, which allows scratching, scratch cue and backspin.


The CMX-3000 has also taken another key feature from the trailblazing CDJ-1000. Via Autocue the sound level can be changed to suit the style of music.

Shock Proof

The CMX-3000 has 15 seconds of shockproof memory and also the shockproof suspension for the laser assembly's to ensure skip-free playing in all conditions.


The CMX-3000 will play CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats.

Legato Link

The trademark for high quality sound, only Pioneer has Legato Link technology. The CMX-3000 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback.

Other Features

Bullet Arrow Quick Start (less than 0.01 sec)
Bullet Arrow Track Search/Super Fast Track Search
Bullet Arrow Auto BPM Counter/Tap BPM Counter
Bullet Arrow Time Mode (Remain/Elapse)
Bullet Arrow Manual Cue/Auto Cue/Real-time Cue/Back Cue/Cue Point Sampler
Bullet Arrow Fader Start/Back Cue
Bullet Arrow Relay Play
Bullet Arrow Digital Outputs

What do you think about Pioneer CMX-3000 ??

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There are 7 Comments

  Flag djmaarten wrote on 13-01-2007 @ 18:37
deze heb ik

  Flag DJMixing wrote on 29-01-2007 @ 23:00
Ik heb hier een keer mee gedraaid en ik moet zeggen dat ik helemaal weg ben van deze cdspeler. Het heeft eigenlijk alles wat ik zoek in een cdspeler.
  Flag ArCee wrote on 06-02-2007 @ 16:29
Vind het een prachtige set en Pioneer is gewoon goed. toch zou ik liever 2 table tops hebben aangezien je die het meeste zult vinden in clubs etc. Mocht je daar dan mee geconfronteerd worden heb je misschien een aanpassings probleem? Daarom vervang ik mijn twin cd speler ook voor losse eerdaags....of neem ze erbij zodat ik er 4 heb.
  Flag djsummerlove wrote on 14-09-2007 @ 21:54
IK heb 2 van deze apparaten staan klasse apparaten 19 inch makkelijk mee te nemen niks mis mee
  Flag Dirkvh wrote on 21-01-2008 @ 20:15
Sinds gisteren ook eigenaar van deze speler, heerlijk ding.
  Flag W_H wrote on 29-01-2009 @ 16:49
vorig jaar 1 keer mee gedraaid erg lekker ding al zeg ik het zelf.
  Flag Dolivieira wrote on 25-03-2009 @ 23:32
Het zijn gewoon 2 compacte CDJ1000s  Ik heb hem naast mijn twee cdj1000mk3 staan.
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