Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog Modification  Just a little tweak for the looks

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 22-02-2005 @ 21:02
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Pioneer DJ Product
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You will definitely void all your warranties by opening the CDJ yourself !

Jog Wheel Plate exchange with the DVJ-X1/DVJ-1000's

This modification was done by me, Lead, as a reply to a question that was mentioned in the DJResource Forums by jordy in This Forum thread. Jordy raised the question if it was possible to replace the touch-plate of the CDJ-1000mk2 by that of the DVJ decks.

The reasons you could have for this might be that the standard looks of the CDJ is to regular for you. Or you might prefer the metalic finish of the DVJ platter more than the more vinyl-feel of the CDJ-1000's

How does the inside of a CDJ look like ?

This was also a question from the Forums that can be answered easily. When I needed to replace the Platter Plate I had to open the CDJ anyway. Although the bottom section (first image) didn't need to be opened for the modification.

Pioneer CDJ1000MKII belly view Pioneer CDJ1000MKII open view

3 Parts to Replace

The actual modification is the replacing of three parts of the Jog wheel Assembly. In the following table you can see their part numbers and the current pricing as a guideline. Any official Pioneer dealer should be able to order these parts for you. Please note that part numbers might change over time and might vary per country.

Part number Description Price excl. tax (BTW)
DAH 2182 Jog Panel (CDJ-1000MK2) 15 euro
DNK 4172 Jog A (CDJ-1000MK2) 30 euro
DNB 1126 Jog Plate (DVJ-X1) 40 euro
This list is complete and up-to-date for Benelux in April 2005.

CDJ-1000MK2 Jog Wheel replacement parts The Jog Wheel is one of the most complex parts of the CDJ and exist (roughly) out of 60 parts and 27 screws, not counting the unit that gives you the 'feel' and the display. You do not have to remove them all one by one for this mod though.

The three parts that need to be replaced are the Jog Plate (DNB1126) offcourse, this is the plate you touch when using the Jog Dial.

It is stuck with glue on a black base panel (Jog A DNK4172) and removing it is very difficult, I just replace it and the center panel by new ones.

In the center of the Jog is the transparent plate behind which the Jog Display sits. I do not recommend to try to re-use this as it would ruin the looks.

Pioneer CDJ-1000/DVJ Jog Wheel partsDisassembling the Jog Wheel
To get access to the Touch Sensitive section most of the Jog Wheel had to be removed and disassembled. This is a very precise job and shouldn't be done in a rush.

Open up the back cover by turning the CDJ upside down and opening it up like in the picture above, it folds open like a book when you have the slot-in towards you. Be careful not to damage the display, use supports and NOT lay the CDJ on the Jog Wheel while working on it !

Remove the necessary circuit boards and flat cable until you can unscrew all the screws of the Jog Wheel assembly.

Unscrew the guides that hold the Jog Wheel on it's place. You should now be able to remove the Jog Plate. Look at the difference between the original Jog Plate (bottom right) and the new one (top left). The jog looks simple this way, but it's a surprisingly clever principle...

DVJ-X1 Jog Plate mounted on the Jog A Panel with the Display glass in the centerAssembling the Jog Plate
Take the Jog A panel and the Jog Plate. Remove the protective layer on the bottom side of the Jog Plate, this reveals a sticky layer.

Stick the Jog Plate centered on the Jog A panel.

On the inside you need to stick the Jog Panel, use special care with this one, one out of center you cannot correct anymore.

The Result

After an endless session of unscrewing all parts, the Jog Wheel could be replaced. And all screws and parts can be assembled again. The final result is very cool, I love the metal feel of the DVJ's Jog wheel.

CDJ-1000MK2 modded version with DVJ-X1 JogPlate mounted

Just to compare, this is a picture of an original Pioneer CDJ1000.
It's positioned right beside the modified one to make sure both players are illuminated by the same lights.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 in dimmed light

Both pictures above are taken with artificial light, for a fair comparison here are some pictures taken with some daylight 

CDJ-1000MK2 modded version with DVJ-X1 JogPlate mounted in daylight CDJ-1000MK2 modded version with DVJ-X1 JogPlate mounted in daylight 2

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog Modification ??

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There are 9 Comments

  Flag jordy wrote on 08-03-2005 @ 20:38
 heb zin in de herfst  rond die tijd heb ik het geld er wel voor bij elkaar gevonden
  Flag W.i.M wrote on 08-03-2005 @ 22:12
Is de buitenrand van de jogwheel nou veel donkerder ?
  Flag Nvie wrote on 05-04-2005 @ 17:06
waar kun je nu zo'n dvj-x1 jogwheel bestellen?
  Flag Lead wrote on 26-04-2005 @ 00:54
Partnumbers and price in Europe are added to the topic, unfortunatly it's not cheap...

These parts can be ordered at any official Pioneer Service Center.
  Flag dion wrote on 21-02-2006 @ 17:39
het ziet er wel lol uit maar zonder gaat het ook haha
  Flag DJMaiK wrote on 28-02-2006 @ 20:50
jah het gaat allemaal om geld als ik het had ....
  Flag DJ-TQ wrote on 25-03-2006 @ 13:36
Deze is ckers wel mooi
  Flag Twizz wrote on 29-06-2006 @ 12:03
geek wat een technologie
  Flag DJ4D wrote on 02-07-2006 @ 13:54
it works ha ha ha thanks...
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