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  Pioneer CDJ-200  Professional CD Player

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 16-01-2005 20:53
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CDJ-200

Very good starter

Pioneer announces today (17 January 2005) the release of the Pioneer CDJ-200. Creating a new standard at this price point for Pro-DJ CD decks, the Pioneer CDJ-200 combines the key elements of Pioneer’s market-proven Professional CDJ players. It has a host of innovative features such as full-function MP3 playback, Hot Loop, Beat Loop and the unique one button Loop Cutter, for creating loops within.

This is complemented by a design that’s both visually stunning and DJ friendly – the unit is robust, compact and portable – and at a truly affordable price, making it the ideal choice for serious home DJs, bars and other installations where space and budget is limited.

The combination of build quality and advanced features such as full MP3 capability mean Pioneer has succeeded in giving DJ’s a durable product, offering a professional solution without the premium price.

The CDJ-200 also has a unique Resume function that takes effect if a CD is ejected accidentally. Once the DJ re-inserts the disc, it automatically starts playing from exactly the point where it stopped. The unit has a Digital Out socket too, so that all of the digital features available in DJ Mode can be carried over to a connected digital environment, as well as a headphone jack (with volume control) wich allows the DJ to monitor a CD without connecting the Pioneer CDJ-200 to a mixer or external amplifier.

Pioneer CDJ-200 CD Player


Product Type
CD Player for DJ's
Type of Discs
Disc Format
MP3, CD, CDR & CD-RW (conform ISO9660)
Frequency Response
4Hz ~ 20kHz
0.006 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
110 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
16 W
216 x 292 x 99.5 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
4,2 kg
Operating Manual, Power Cord, Control cord, Forced Eject Pin


Dot Matrix Display

Pioneer CDJ-200 Display

The CDJ-200 features an extra bright, blue DOT-Matrix screen to show you all relevant info that you might need when playing a set.

The display is designed to be viewed from a very wide angle. When CD Text is displayed the text will scroll across the bright dot-matrix screen, providing you with useful track information.

The red bar shows you your playing address in relation to the length of the total track.


Display Elements

Pioneer CDJ-200 Display Layout
  1. FLD indicates when playing MP3, map number is shown
  2. TRK lights up when normal audio tracks played, track number is shown
  3. (3 digits) Number of the current track or folder (FLD or TRK)
  4. (3 digits) Time position (minutes)
  5. (2 digits) Time position (seconds)
  6. (2 digits) Time position (frames)
  7. Measured BPM of the current track
  8. Remaining Time indicates time left of the current track
  9. Auto Cue indicator (when activated)
  10. JET effect indicator (when activated)
  11. ZIP effect indicator (when activated)
  12. WAH effect indicator (when activated)
  13. RELOOP indicates that a loop is still in the memory of the CDJ.
  14. Playing Address shows the current playing position of the tracks.
  15. Tempo indicator shows the setting of the Pitch Fader.
  16. MT indicates that Master Tempo function is activated.
  17. Pitch Scale indicates which scale is used for the Pitch Fader.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Jog

Jog Wheel

The smooth 100mm Jog Wheel is used for multiple function, like in almost all previous CDJs.

The main function is the Pitch Bend function, when rotated the playing speed is temporarily increased (clockwise rotation) or decreased (counter clockwise rotation).

When setting a Cue Point the Jog Wheel is used to fine-tune the Cue position (increase/decrease) with the precision of 1/75th of a frame. After rotating all you have to do to memorize the new Cue Point all you have to do is press the Cue Button. The CDJ will then go in Pause Mode at the new Cue Point and waits for the next command.

If the Jog Wheel is rotated at the same time as the one of the Track Search buttons is pressed (Track Backwards/Track Forwards) the Track or Folder number changes with the movement of the Jog Wheel so you can find a certain track very fast.

When rotated while pressing any of the Search buttons (Search Backwards/Search Forward) a very fast search through a track is done. Roughly it skips with a interval of about 10-15 seconds.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Jog FX

Digital Jog Break Effects

The Jog Wheel also has a parameter function (Digital Jog Break) when any of the 3 build in effects (JET, ZIP, WAH) are activated. When the Digital Jog Break is used, the blue ring flashes quickly.

Once the HOLD/RESET button is used, the flashing slows down and with the effects off, the continuous blue light returns. These 3 effects are probably well known and work the same as on the CDJ-100s.

Press any of the 3 Effect Buttons (Jet, Zip or Wah) to activate that effect. When rotating the Jog Wheel the effect parameter is adjust so a change in effect will be heard. You can control the effect by rotating the Jog Wheel to both sides. When the Hold Button is pressed the parameter is hold and doesn't fall back to 0 position. Press the Hold Button again and the effect will gently go back to the 0 position.

Jet Filter Effect

Generates a delayed signal as a reaction to rotation of the Jog Wheel.

The delayed signal is added to the original signal from the CD. This delayed signal interferes with the original signal and generates a "Swooshing" sound, which seems like the sound of a jet flying by.

The variation of the delays signal is between the 0 and 3 ms.

Zip Filter Effect

When rotating the Jog Wheel with this effect activated will reflect in the adjustments of the Key of the track that is playing.

When the Jog Wheel is untouched the Key of the track is 0%. When rotating clockwise the key is increased until maximum 100% (1 octave). If the rotation is counter clockwise the pitch will decrease to a minimum of -1400%. This generates a ultra-low, not hearable sound so it seems like a record stopping, only you control the length of it.

Wah Filter Effect

Adds a -12dB/octave filter to the audio of the tracks with a cutt-off frequency that changes with the rotation of the Jogwheel.

The most clockwise position gives a High-Pass-Filter of maximum 4 kHz. When rotated to the other maximum, counter clockwise, the filter is changed to a Low-Pass-Filter of minimum 150Hz.

Cue Point Continue

Introduced first on the CDJ-200, this will turn into one of Pioneer standard features.

You can use the Cue Button now to Sample Play the track from the Cue Point onwards, as long as you hold the Cue Button the tracks plays, releasing the Cue Button will let the CDJ go instantly back to the Cue Point.

When you are Sample Playing a track with the Cue button : simultaneously press the Play Button and the Cue Button to continue playing, you can then release the buttons and playback will resume.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Cue Loop Section

Cue/Loop Memory

1 Cue point and 1 Loop can be saved to the deck's internal memory per CD at the same time. Memory is retained to until you set a new Cue and/or Loop Point, or until the player has been switched off.

A Loop can be created by first pressing the yellow In button followed by the Out button. After Loop Out is set the loop will start to play until you press the Reloop/Exit button.

After a loop is exited, it can be recalled by pressing the Reloop Exit button again.

Beat Loop / Loop Cutter

You can now create a seamless 4-beat loop using the Beat Loop feature,. This will create a 4 measures loop starting from the point where the Beat Loop Button is pressed. The CDJ-200 uses the BPM information that is displayed to calculate the Loop Out Point. When no BPM is detected 130 BPM will be used as a reference.

When a Loop is playing the Beat Loop button activates the Loop Cutter. Each press will divide the loop in half which goes on until the loop is only 1 frame in length. Press Reloop/Exit to continue playing.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Cue Loop Section

Hot Loop (Loop Stutter)

The Loop can be instantly re-triggered from the In Point using the Hot Loop button. You can start the loop as fast as you can, meaning you can Stutter Play with the Loop like Hot-Cue's on the CDJ-1000 or CDJ-1000mk2.

Real Time Seamless Loop

This allows you to set a loop quickly and simply and adjust the Loop Out point using the jog wheel (after pressing Loop Out when a loop is playing). The CDJ will keep playing the loop until the Reloop/Exit Button is pressed.

Until a new Loop In point is made, the Loop will stay in memory (Reloop is illuminated in the display) and can be recalled instantly at the press of the Reloop/Exit Button. A Loop can span multiple audio tracks, when an MP3 disc is inserted the loop length is limited to the track in which a Cue Point is made.

Real Time Cue

To record a new Cue Point on-the-fly you can press the Loop In/Realtime Cue Button at any time. The CDJ will keep on playing but memorizes the new Cue Point.

Pioneer CDJ-200 MP3 Folder Search

MP3 Folder Search

You can easily search for the MP3 tracks you need using the Folder Search buttons and then see the name of the disc, artist and current track.

This scrolls across the screen throughout playback, making the text easier to read. Check the specification on top of this topic to find all the numbers that you might bee seeking.

Pioneer CDJ-200 Jack input on backside

Headphone Output

This Jack Output signal can be used to monitor the audio with a pair of headphones directly from the player without the need for an extra amplifier.

The VOL controls the output level of the Phones Jack. So if you want to pre-listen some tracks you can do so with the CDJ-200 without even have to turn on your amplifier and mixer.

Also when you are mixing back to back, the other DJ could pre-listen to tracks without even have to plug in his headphone in the mixer.

Digital Output

The Pioneer CDJ-200's digital output features a full Digital Output, meaning that you hear the sound exactly as on the analogue output.

All dj functions like Pitch, Effects and Master Tempo will be on the digital output.

Pioneer CDJ-200 CD Slot Light

Guiding Blue Light

The Pioneer CDJ-200 has another unique feature - an electric-blue light that is used on strategic locations to give the DJ constant feedback on the status of the CD and the effects being used.

The light above the CD-slot indicates when there is no disc loaded and guides the DJ in the dark to the CDJ-200's quick loading slot-in disc loading system.

With the disc inserted, the light goes off and a blue illuminated ring appears around the edge of the Jog Wheel - indicating that a CD is ready to be played.

Resume CD Play

The Resume function is new for Pioneer. If a CD is ejected accidentally, you can quickly re-insert the disc and be sure it will start playing from exactly the point where it stopped. This does not prevent a silence, but it will continue where it left of.


Pioneer Standard Features

Text Mode

Toggles the display between the Time Display and CD-Text/ID3 Tag Information.

Time Mode

Toggles between Current Time Position and the Remaining Time (time left of the current track). Probably you are always going to use the Remaining Time in your display.

Pitch Fader

There is a long 100 mm linear high-precision slider used to adjust the tempo of the track. On the display there is a display of the selected value.

Tempo Control Accuracy

6% Range: Accuracy of 0.02%
10% Range: Accuracy of 0.05%
16% Range: Accuracy of 0.05%


This automatically finds the first beat of a track, but can be turned off for manual cueing. Auto Cue performances slightly less accurate is when a track starts with a fade-in.

Manual Cue

Cue points can be set anywhere on a track, by making adjustments with the Jog Wheel or manual search buttons. The cue point is stored in the deck's internal memory until it's overwritten by a new cue point.

Cue Point Sampler Function

Allows playing up to ten minutes of sound from a preselected cue point. This function is convenient for confirming a cue point or creating a track sampler.

One a Cue point is set (orange illumination) you can press the Cue button when the deck is in Play mode to start playback from the Cue position as long as you hold the button (max 10 minutes).

Fader Start

If the CDJ-200 can be used alongside a Pioneer DJM Mixer, you can start the track by using the mixers Channel Fader or Cross Fader. The Fader Start connection does all starting and Cueing automatically at the moves of the (cross) faders.

A connection needs to be made between Control Connection and the mixer with the faderstart cable that comes with the CDJ.

Relay Play

With Control terminals of two CDJs (any type, also valid with any CMX product) is connected with the Faderstart Cable, the end of a track played on the first unit will automatically release the standby mode on the second deck and instantly start playback of it.

Oil Dampened Suspension

This protects the unit against vibrations and impacts in the playout environment, preventing audio skips.

Master Tempo

This is Pioneer's invention over 10 years ago when the first CDJ player was launched. Ever since than this feature has been improved constantly is it's giving you a better sound quality each generation.

Master Tempo plays the track at it's original key like it's played at 0% pitch. So although the speed might be changed the voices and instruments sound like the original. Works very well to hide your Pitch Bends.

The red light inside the button is illuminated when the Master Tempo is activated, this is indicated in the main display as well.


CBR & VBR MP3 Format Compatibility [.mp3]

Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and a bit rate from 32 Kbps to 320 Kbps
Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz and a bit rate from 16 Kbps (stereo) to 160 Kbps
Folder Structure

Maximum 8 folder levels on disc
Maximum 99 folders on disc (+ root)
Maximum 999 files in each folder

ID3 Tags : Versions 1.0 / 1.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4. Display will show Filename, Album , Artist
MP3 extensions : .mp3, .MP3 and .Mp3
Multi-session is NOT supported, only the first session will play

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There are 21 Comments

  Flag DJ_Double_A wrote on 17-01-2005 @ 06:37

 What about Denon DN-S1000?  

  Flag djmikmak1993 wrote on 23-05-2005 @ 07:52
cool i want to buy it

  Flag matt2005 wrote on 29-07-2005 @ 19:56
Can I use all the features using mp3?
  Flag Ewerton wrote on 02-08-2005 @ 21:32
Porraaa essse aparelho e do caralho vou comprar um desse pra minnn .....hehehehehe isso aiii vou meter a cara .....
  Flag Lead wrote on 08-08-2005 @ 21:10
Yes, all features an be used with MP3 (pitch, effects, loop, hotloop....)
It works the same for MP3 as with regular audio CD's.
  Flag x666x wrote on 21-10-2005 @ 08:37
I Have two CDJ-200 but I don't know how to use it. Thanks for specification. Now I'll know what is what in thise players
  Flag djreino wrote on 24-01-2006 @ 09:25
great cd player
  Flag Day-One wrote on 28-04-2006 @ 08:30
Ik mag geen vergelijking trekken met de wat duurdere modellen van pioneer, maar als je een 800 of 1000 gewend bent..voelt de 200 wel erg raar aan moet ik zeggen......maar een goed speler is dat zeer zeker...  top spelertje..
  Flag gen wrote on 13-05-2006 @ 20:07
the cdj200 includes scratch ?
  Flag D_SideZ wrote on 10-06-2006 @ 18:45
well dats kool!
  Flag mxn wrote on 27-02-2007 @ 16:19
when i try to do the increase lench it just change folder, no increase lence, why..
  Flag Lead wrote on 28-02-2007 @ 17:19
you should hold the LOOP-IN button AND the folder browse FFWD button at the same time.
  Flag Renzis wrote on 15-05-2007 @ 11:02
sund dat et ook nie ff in het nederlands staat, nie dak geen engels kan, maar zou ook in NL makkelijker zijn
  Flag JasperVC wrote on 19-05-2007 @ 16:00
OMG, its very niiiice !!!
  Flag TimVicta wrote on 07-11-2007 @ 19:33
zeker fijne dingen... ik heb er 2 (bijna 1 jaar) en bevallen prima... de basis functies van de pioneer cdj serie zitten er op...
vooral bij het loopen is het "OUT ADJUST" zeer fijn... alleen het jog-wheel is wat minder... maarja... daarom is hij ook niet zo duur...
  Flag SanderH wrote on 19-01-2008 @ 12:37
Deze heb ik ook! Geweldige cd player!
  Flag JasperVC wrote on 21-01-2008 @ 09:34
is het een goede beslissing om over te schakelen van American Audio PSX's naar deze CDJ-200's? Of is dit nutteloos? Ik zoek namelijk een meer basic cd-speler met de basis functies die perfect werken. Deze lijkt mij dan ook perfect daarvoor. Stuur mij een pm voor uitleg/advies Winking my eye

  Flag rbluerreload wrote on 24-03-2009 @ 10:40
I don't like how this unit feels, actually I like the feeling in the CDJ 100s a little bit more, still it has the amazing control that Pioneer is known for, replying to some of the above questions: first, All features can be used in mp3 mode but be aware some mp3 stop playing suddenly if they are recorded in VBR, it depends on the mp3 but I would recommend using CBR unless you know the program you are using to compress the music works OK with the player, second.. this player DOESN'T have scratch mode the only Pioneer models that have that feauture are: CDJ 400, CDJ 800 and CDJ 1000.
  Flag faure wrote on 18-05-2010 @ 10:53
excelent for a starting dj. Pioneer is the best
  Flag JaY_oNe wrote on 16-08-2010 @ 00:56
would anyone know if you can use these cdjs with seratoConfused
  Flag Lead wrote on 17-08-2010 @ 12:42
Depands on how you want to use it. There is no MIDI/HID output on the CDJ-200 but there shouldn't be a reason why it should not work with the timecode discs and Serato's box.
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