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  Pioneer VSW-1  Video Switcher

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 25-09-2004 16:09
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Pioneer DJ - Video Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ VSW-1

When Pioneer ProDJ announced the DVJ-X1, the world’s first digital video turntable, video source switching required multiple independent devices or more than one VJ to operate the system. Incorporating the already familiar Fader Start capability of Pioneer Pro DJ mixers and players, the VSW-1 gives the DJ more freedom and flexibility in the mix.

At first glance it is apparent how simple the Pioneer VSW-1 really is. The face of the unit has a red “Auto” button and 2 large illuminated buttons, styled after the Play / Cue buttons of the DVJ-X1. The switcher can be used to either manually switch between sources by pressing the corresponding button, or automatically when using the Faderstart on the audio mixer.

This video switcher accepts all video connections (component, composite and S-Video) in both PAL and NTSC formats, although the VSW-1 does not convert from one format or connection type to another for output. A Video Sync connection with the DVJ-X1 is used for a professional flicker-free video source transition.

EFX-1000 Product Angle View

Product Type
2 Input Video Switcher

Component, S-Video, Composite
S-Video, Composite
250 x 88 x 87,5mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
1.4 kg

What does it do ?

Faderstart Controlled When set in "Auto-Mode" The Pioneer VSW-1 switches the video output automatically when it receives a Start Pulse from any Pioneer DJM-xxx mixer. There is a Control Out terminal available on the VSW-1 to connect to the DVJ-X1 (the player also has to receive it's Start Pulse).

Some other (non-Pioneer) mixer use the same control-system for Fader Start, for more information about the Fader Start control signal : Check this Topic.

How does it work ?

The VSW-1 has a complicated connection panel but works rather simple as it does NOT convert the signal between the different standards. When the VSW-1 get a 5V pulse on the tip of the Fader Start connection it switches the video output of the VSW-1 to the input of the channel that is triggered by the Faderstart.

The last channel that sends a pulse on the Fader Start gets activated on the output on the VSW. You can also trigger a switch by pressing the button on the VSW of the channel you want to be activated. This is the method to follow when the VSW-1 is used in combination with a mixer that does not support Pioneer's standard for Fader Start.

Why is this a unique product ?

There is simply no other video switcher that can be connected to a DJ mixer with just a mini jack cable that follows the signals send by this DJ mixer. You could use a regular video switch (which costs a lot more) or a Edirol V4, but in both cases you need to perform the video transition by hand.

DVJ Sample Configuration

In the sample configuration shown below you can see how a big booth could be connected. The different connection types are indicated with different colored lines. Probably you'll never find the exact shown setup in real life but it gives you a proper preview of the possibilities.

What do you think about Pioneer VSW-1 ??

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