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  Pioneer EFX-1000  External Effect Processor

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 07-09-2004 23:09
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Pioneer DJ - Effector Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ EFX-1000

Next Level DJ Effector

Announced in September 2004 and probably in stores at the end of 2004 (Christmas Time) : The all-new Pioneer EFX-1000 is a significant edition to Pioneer's ProDJ Series and has been designed and developed together with some of the worlds leading DJs and club installers.

Most importantly the EFX-1000 provides DJs with the best audio quality possible, using a 24-bit/96kHz digital-sampling system and 32-bit digital sound processing. When the EFX-1000's bypass function is enable there is no change what so ever to the original audio and the output of the EFX-1000 is identical to the sound quality at the input. Any serious club or studio DJ will immediately hear the impact of the increased processing power, which results in better audio quality in their mix. Pioneer’s EFX-1000 also builds on the unique features of earlier models by including a wide range of sound effects in an easy-to-manipulate system.

The Pioneer EFX-1000 offers more than the usual range of Beat Effects, including: Delay, Echo, Pitch Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter and Phaser. For the first time in the industry, the EFX-1000 enables DJs to beat match in sync with a pre-programmed rhythm. Additionally the EFX-1000 will measure beats per minute and beat match in sync with the tempo of the music. DJs can select multiple frequency ranges (High, Mid, Low), vastly improving the musical expression compared with existing full-range effectors.

The large, easy-to-manipulate Digital Jog wheel enables control of Jog Effects including: Jet, Wah, Phase, Shifter Ring, Zip, Humanizer and Vocoder. And a new “hold switch” can be used to maintain a sound effect, freeing up a hand. The Jog Memory Play memorizes and reproduces the dial’s movements either once or in a continuous loop. The balance of the effects as well as the depth of the original sound can also be modified.


Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Product image


Product Type
External Effects Unit
BPM matched Effects
Manual Filter Effects
1x Stereo Channel (RCA or 1/4" Phone)
1x RCA Digital Audio
1x Stereo Channel (RCA or 1/4" Phone)
1x RCA Digital Audio
Output Level
+4 dBu/-10dBu
IN and OUT
Sample Rate
96 kHz
Internal Processing
32 bits
A/D, D/A Converter
24 bits
20Hz ~ 28kHz
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 28kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio line
83 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.007% or less
320 x 234 x 101mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
2.4 kg

Compared to EFX-500

When compared with the Pioneer EFX-500 you'll notice some things are different when you look at : There is no EQ-section on the EFX-1000, the color is black with an aluminum bar, more effect are added and more flexibility is given to the user although the basic layout stayed the same : on the left there's the BEAT EFFECTS section, and on the right you have full and real time control over the parameters with the JOG EFFECTS.


Trigger Lever Switch and Flasher

Each of the sections (BPM Effects and Jog Filter Effects) have their own activation lever. The use of a smart switch give you full flexibility to switch the effects on and off. This lever switch has a Momentary On and a locked On Switch to make applying the effects as easy and quick as possible.

When pulling this lever to activate the effect as long as you pull the lever, when released the effect dies out. When you push the lever it will stick to it's position and the effects are activated untill you set the lever in the neutral position

Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Trigger


User Preferences

New are the setting switches at the top left of the EFX-1000. With these new features it just gives that finishing touch to the machine, adding more flexibility in the use this effector.

Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Preferences
  1. The first switch let you choose the order in which the effects take place. You can either choose to start with the Beat Effect Section and after that route the signal through the Jog Effect Section, or you could choose to follow the opposite direction: First the Jog Effect, then the Beat Effect. This will give you almost endless possibilities when combining the 7 Beat Effects with the 7 Jog Effects, when flipping this switch the number of options double because most effects will sound different.

  2. The second switch let's you choose which section will be activated by the footswitch (optional), the Beat Effect OR the Jog Effect OR both at the same time.

  3. The third switch gives you more control over the Midi usages Pioneer's EFX-1000.

Effect Character and Mixing

Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Mix Properties

For both the Beat Effect and the Jog Effects there are 3 rotary knobs to make a preference. But you could also change these settings while using an effect. These knobs are separate for both sections of the Pioneer EFX-1000. So each section (Jog- and Beat-Section) can have it's own setting.


The Depth is like the thickness or power of the effect, something like the parameter or strength of the effect. The precise function of this depends on the selected effect. When using the Echo for example this know determines the volume descend of the echo.


NEW is the Character adjustment that is referring to the 'shape' or parameter of the effect. This would be describe best like the Q-factor of the effect. Change between thin and sharp to fat and wide. As with much audio, a sound is very hard to describe.


The Mix parameter will give you control over the mix between the original signal and the effects. Halfway open there is an equal mix between both, this is identical to a traditional Dry/Wet control.


BPM Beat Effects

The Beat Effects section on the left side of the EFX-1000 holds 7 different effects for you, 5 are already know when you're used to the EFX-500. The timeing or length of each effect is determined by the rhythm button that has been selected (1/4, 1/8, etc. of a beat). You can switch between these beat measurements whenever you want so you can make neat combinations.


This will repeat the played signal one time with a certain delay and a certain declined volume (depending on Depth knob). Internally the delay is mixed to the output after the Effects section so the delay itself will not be applied to the delayed signal.


Echo will repeat the played audio over and over again, each rehearsal has a slightly lower volume than the previous one, this depends on the Depth setting.

With the Depth opened all the way the loop will be played endlessly because there is no declining of the volume.

The difference between a Delay (single repetition) and the Echo (continious repetation untill sound dies out) is caused by the fact that de Echo is internally mixed BEFORE the Effects section so the delayed signal gets effected by the Echo, so it repeats itself.

Pitch Echo

Combines a Pitch Shifter with an Echo where the pitch is shifting for the echo-ed sound.


A rhythmical electronical transform switch, like if you quickly open and close the fader.


A wave or a jet-like sound in a rhythmic movement.


Automated, beat synced Frequency cutt-off filter.


Like a flanger, but more present.

Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 BPM Beat Effects

Effect Frequency Range Select

The Beat Effects have only influence on the selected Range, you can choose Low, Mid and High or any combination.

1/8, ¼, ½, ¾, 1, 2, 4, 8 Buttons

This determines the time-base for the Beat Effects. It is illuminated when selected, the little LEDs in between those buttons indicate non-synced settings.

BPM Mode

Switches measurement method between: Tap, Auto (works almost anytime) and MIDI.


When auto BPM mode fails you can tap the tempo manually to set it.


Rotate to manually change the time, hold shift and rotate to change the BPM.


JOG Filter Effects

On the right side you have the Jog Effect Section, these are the filter-like effects and they are not related to the tempo of the music you're playing. Instead you control the parameter with a large Jog Dial. These effects can be used simultaneously with the Beat Effects.

At the top if this section is the Digital Jog Break Display that resembles the value or parameter of the effect, right below you have the Effect selection buttons.


A wave of a jet-like sound controlled by the Jog Dial by adding a time shifted version of the audio to the mix. The jog changes the frequency range that is effected by the Jet effect.


Frequency filter (low-cut to full for high-cut), the jog changes the filters Cut-Off frequency.

Phase Shifter

A phase-shifted version of the audio is added to the mix, the jog changes the frequency range tat is effected.

Ring - Modulation

Adds a ringing sound, the jog controls the frequency of the sine tone of the Ring.

Zip - Pitch Modulation

Real Time key-shifter, you can simulate a Turntable stop with the Jog Dial or use it to key something up or down. The jog controls the pitch.


The sound is modified in such a way that it resembles the vowel sounds of the human voice and applies that to the audio.


The signal is transpoed with an internally generated sound which produces a mechanical sound. The jog is used to change the frequency of the internally generated sound.

Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Jog Filter Effects

Jog Memory Play

The movement that you make with the Effect Jog Dial can be recorded in the memory of the EFX-1000. Just hold the M button while you make your move to record it. Recording stops when M button is released or when the memory is full. These movements can now be re-done once by pressing SINGLE or could repeatedly be done when LOOP is pressed.

Jog Dial

This is the master control of the effects. Rotate both way to alter the parameters of the selected effect.

What do you think about Pioneer EFX-1000 ??

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There are 13 Comments

  Flag Alex wrote on 09-09-2004 @ 17:52
I want one for christmas please
  Flag BizarBAR wrote on 21-12-2004 @ 17:31
yes it's a nice piece of equipmentHappy, laughing Now a nice price then it's mine...
  Flag Lead wrote on 24-07-2005 @ 19:08

Check out this great Features and Functions Demo [Edit: Link dead]

And also the UK DJ James zabiela has made some demonstration video's that show you lots of fantastic tricks that you could do with the EFX-1000.

Go to Download > Pioneer ProDJ > Movies

  Flag winaye wrote on 29-12-2006 @ 02:10
I  Have it, still testing how to use.. please help
  Flag sherman wrote on 08-02-2007 @ 17:16
muy bueno me gustaria q este en español asi entiendo qes jhajaja besos sherman de rufino santa fe argentina.
  Flag Luxx wrote on 05-06-2007 @ 18:44
i reallly really want it. but its too expensive
  Flag jannickv wrote on 15-08-2007 @ 21:44
what did you say shermanConfused
  Flag sanderk wrote on 05-01-2008 @ 09:10

efx is  aggreat machine , you can do so much more with it
what they not put in de manual is the FEEDBACKLOOP you can make with it !! watch video

[Mod Edit: video is taken offline]
  Flag MissSalem wrote on 11-01-2008 @ 11:51
Dit zal wel een heel tof stuk speelgoed zijn. Happy, laughing De prijs gezien... Die valt minder goed mee... Wordt zoiets veel gebruikt?
  Flag sanderk wrote on 16-01-2008 @ 09:08
wel duur maar zeker waardt !!

gebruik hem echt veel meer als de djm800
  Flag ScottyFats wrote on 21-08-2008 @ 03:01
i got one it fargin awesome. if u don't have it go get it. i got a guy and paid 500.00
  Flag mosthighsoundz wrote on 22-08-2008 @ 02:49
Definitely a top piece of effects processing from the god fathers of inovation but the djm 800 has got some great effects too and if your a struggling dj  on a tight budget then you dont get all that much more for money by buying one .

If though you own a djm 1000 then its fairly important as this mixer does not have  a digital beat counter for it to transfer via midi for instance if you connect an edirol v4 video mixer then you cannot automatically have the beat count fot video effects the efx 1000 does and can be connected into the chain to give the video mixer the count but i am digressing .

It is still hours of  mirth  as you wade through each effect  and is fairly easy to learn how to use  we here at most high soundz rate it at 7/10   keep em coming pioneer
  Flag Lead wrote on 06-04-2010 @ 23:04
EFX Connection Diagram
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