Freefloat Turntable Stabilizer  Interresting device for your turntable

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 10-08-2003 @ 22:54
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Freefloat Turntable StabilizerTurntable Stabilizer

On August 2nd 2003 the Freefloat, a new Dutch invention for DJs, is launched during the Dance Valley festival in Amsterdam.

The Freefloat is an inflatable device which, when properly inflated, will stabilize your turntable. You can use this device when you have to play in smaller locations with wooden floors, or on instable stages. When people are dancing in the front of your turntables it happens quit often that your arm will skip.

This skipping will be reduced to an absolute minimum when you use the Freefloat.

The Freefloat will make the lives of DJs and technicians easier, and will give the audience a better and more dynamic sound experience.

What is it ?

The Freefloat is a specially designed air cushion for turntables in a DJ set-up. By placing a turntable on a Freefloat, direct contact between the turntable and the DJ booth is avoided. This results in improved skip resistance of the needles and eliminates rumble problems completely.

Who and where was it used ?

Lots of events have the Freefloat installed but the biggest event that used the Freefloat was during DJ Tiesto's recent concert in the Gelredome (25.000 visitors) the Freefloat was put to the test. Freefloatz allowed Tiesto to use more low-end in his set without the usual rumble problems that normally occur when playing at high volumes. Afterwards Tiesto commented 'FreeFloat saved my concert'.

Since then Freefloat has also been called to the rescue at events and festivals such as ID&T Sensation White & Black edition in the Amsterdam Arena, Tiesto's truck in the Love parade Berlin, Extrema festival Eindhoven, The North Sea Jazz festival in The Hague and more...

What do you think about Freefloat Turntable Stabilizer ??

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There are 6 Comments

  Flag TheCrab wrote on 06-08-2004 @ 12:09
read negative reviews about this toy as well.. + it just looks ugly Happy, laughing
  Flag pelthor wrote on 05-09-2004 @ 00:31
alle dj's die hier mee draaien mixen alleen maar voorzichtig plaatjes aan elkaar, als dat je ding is werkt het perfect, geen laag feedback enzo.
maar 'cutting and scratching' kan je vergeten.
als je een beetje creatief wilt draaien zijn het pokke dingen, zodra je je plaat even stopt of aan raakt wiebelt je hele deck heen en weer
ik werk zelf in een jongerencentrum waar we veel harcore/gabber feesten geven en bijna al die dj's moeten er niets van hebben en deze jongens douwen in een hoog tempo er veel platen doorheen(darkraver,neophyte,gizmo,etc) 

keep it bangin.

  Flag Lead wrote on 18-04-2005 @ 00:13
I'm not saying that this is the ultimate solution. It works well in
emergencies, but basicly the DJ Booth should be designs in the way that
these kind of toys are not neccesary.
  Flag Lukaz wrote on 01-09-2005 @ 19:28
if the floor is shaking...  this freefloat is very handy! 
  Flag _Ivan_ wrote on 06-02-2006 @ 13:37
K'ben niet zo tevreden met freefloat het wankelt en wiebelt nogal. Je moet je echt inhouden bij het mixen....
  Flag Dominus wrote on 10-07-2006 @ 00:38
Ik heb nog nooit een freefloat gebruikt maar aan de reactie te horen is het toch niet alles voor mij.
Wat je volgens mij het beste kan doen is, gewoon een stuk geluidsisolatie onder je tt's steken. --> werkt schokabsorberend + het wiebelt niet !

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