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  Pioneer CDJ-100s  Performance CD Player with Effects

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 13-04-2003 05:50
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CDJ-100S

Pro Performance

The Pioneer CDJ-100s is a CD player originally designed for home use in the Performance series products, while the CDJ-500s is the professional top-end model. After some while the CDJ-100 was not only used by the home-dj but also by lots of rental companies and club installations. The CDJ-100 was the first reliable CD player that had a very robust anti shock system due to oil filled shock mounts for the drive assy.

Pioneer CDJ-100s Product Image


Product Type
CD Player for DJ's
Type of Discs
12 & 8cm
Disc Format
Frequency Response
4Hz ~ 20kHz
0.004 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
96 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
217 x 297 x 91 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
2,2 kg
Operating Manual, Power Cord, Control cord, Forced Eject Pin


Slot In CD

The new disc loading slot mechanism makes it fast and easy to play, change and remove discs from the player. Discs are inserted directly without the need to open doors or trays, making operation and track selection that much faster.

The green LED in the top middle of the slot-in is a nice target spot to aim for when inserting a CD in a dark location.

Oil-Damped Suspended Drive Assy

One of the strengths of the CDJ-100s is it's skip resistance, it will perform flawless in situation normal CD players would skip. This is partly to an Oil-damped floating suspension system that holds the Drive Assy and protects it against vibrations and impacts.

This oil-damped floating suspension prevents sound skipping even when the unit is subjected to impacts during use or floor- transmitted vibrations.

Sensitive Jog Dial

The large-diameter (100mm) jog dial allows the user to manipulate the music in a way common to analogue turntables. Merely rotating the dial with the fingertips allows you to find the precise entry point for tracks, moving in increments of one-frame (1/75th second).

3 Digital Jog Break Effects

Once activated the parameter of this effect can be changed (when it is activated) by rotating the Jogwheel.

Activated any of the three effects (JET, ZIP, WAH) on the CDJ-100 by pressing the appropriate blue button above the Jogwheel. After this you can alter the parameter of the effect with the Jog Wheel, this effect can be maintained by pressing the HOLD button.

To get the effect parameter back to 0 again, just press the HOLD button again and the parameter will slowly return to the zero position.

2022 edit: Years later Pioneer will add such effects to their mixers and call them Sound Color FX.

Two Tempo Control Ranges

Achieving the desired tempo adjustment has been facilitated by providing two variable ranges: either ±10% (0.1% steps), or +10 to -16% (in 0.2% steps).

Pioneer CDJ-100 American Model featuring digtal

Digital Output Digital Output

USA OnlyUS Flag : The CDJ-100s sold in the American market is slightly different than the model that is being produced for the European market. The CDJ-100s is one of the very few models that have different specification depending the region the product is designed for.

The American model has a digital output on the backside, this feature is missing on the European version. Activating the digital output disables most of the DJ related features.


Pioneer Standard Features


You make a Cue point on any CDJ by putting the deck in Pause mode and pressing the Cue button. There will be an orange illumination in the button indicating a Cue point is in memory.

When the deck is put in Pause mode there will be a stuttering sound, this starts at the set cue position so the point can be accurately set.

Cue Point Sampler Function

Allows playing up to ten minutes of sound from a preselected cue point. This function is convenient for confirming a cue point or creating a track sampler.

One a Cue point is set (orange illumination) you can press the Cue button when the deck is in Play mode to start playback from the Cue position as long as you hold the button (max 10 minutes).

Auto Cue Function

Automatically set a Cue point once a track is loaded at the desired audio level, 0dB is loudest, -78dB the quietest.

This function also forces the CDJ to pause playback when a track is loaded. The Auto Cue point can be used for Cue Point Sampler playback.

Master Tempo

Changes music tempo without changing pitch. With analogue systems, changing track speed results in a change in pitch. Master Tempo Control takes advantage of the unique features of digital medium enabling track speed to be changed with no deterioration of the original pitch.

Displays Playing Address

An analogue bar graph gives direct indication of elapsed and remaining playing time. This bar graph provides a direct visual readout of the progress of the track playback, comparable to the moving needle position on an analogue record.

The length of the bar gives the user immediate knowledge of the current location on the track and the flashing bar display warns that the track is coming to an end.

Quick Start

Pressing the play button from the standby mode produces instantaneous (0.01 second or less) music start. Normal CD players require up to 0.3 seconds from the standby mode to the production of sound. The quick start function virtually eliminates this time for immediate response of the deck on the DJs press of the button.

Fader Start/Fader Back Cue Play

When the CDJ-100S is used with the DJM-500 or DJM-300 mixer, you can start the music by increasing the Channel Fader (or sliding the Cross Fader). Closing the Fader will return the CDJ-100s to the designated cue point.

Relay Play

Connecting two CDJ100S decks with the faderstart cable in the Control terminal on the rearside.

If two units are connected, when playback of a track comes to an end on one deck, standby mode on the second deck is released instantly beginning playback on that deck. A CUE Point is necessary to get the Auto relay Play working.

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-100s ??

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There are 11 Comments

  Flag Murfix wrote on 07-03-2006 @ 19:17
deze wil ik wel hebben
  Flag OrenTenaga wrote on 07-01-2007 @ 10:17
vraagje, ik heb dit model twee maal staan, nu is de laser van de een bevuild en ik wil deze dus zo snel mogelijk weer proper/schoon hebben. enig idee hoe ik aan dat oog kanConfused bij het openen van de speler zie ik namelijk niet onmiddellijk de mogelijkheid om die laser bloot te leggen.
dank voor eventuele respons!
  Flag ArCee wrote on 06-02-2007 @ 16:35
Zijn complete schoonmaaksets in de handel. Daar zit een cd met borsteltjes bij en een schoonmaak vloeistof. Even in je speler laten draaien en je lasar is weer schoon.
1 member likes this  
  Flag DJ-TQ wrote on 24-02-2007 @ 12:10
ArCeeFlagwrote on 06-02-2007 16:35:
Zijn complete schoonmaaksets in de handel. Daar zit een cd met borsteltjes bij en een schoonmaak vloeistof. Even in je speler laten draaien en je lasar is weer schoon.

cdtjes met borsteltjes moet je niet gebruiken!!! is nog slechter voor je laser!
gewoon meet een wattenstaafje gedrenkt in (laser)alcohol en daarmee voorzichtig over je laser gaan.
  Flag Lead wrote on 24-02-2007 @ 12:33
Een laser maak je schoon met een wattenstaafje en 98% alcohol. NIET met zo'n Cd... die doen meer kwaad dan goed !
  Flag voyager wrote on 24-05-2007 @ 23:16
nice nice.,,ik ga er (mss volgende maand 2 van deze halen + een leuk mixer-tje erbij)
  Flag DjRamon wrote on 16-01-2008 @ 11:56
Eeey ik hbe er 1 staan is een lekker spelertje Happy, laughing

Maar inderdaar je moet er wel ff een doek omheen leggen wil je hem stofvrij houden Winking my eye
  Flag TheHitzmaker wrote on 07-10-2008 @ 16:54
i have this players. its very good players Winking my eye
  Flag dannywarmerdam wrote on 17-07-2009 @ 16:05
ik heb het soortgelijke probleem denk ik ..teminste hij pakt niet alle cd's meer maar moet ik dan verder nog iets schoonmaken naast de laser om te zorgen dat hij weer 100 % gaat werken ?
  Flag SIZWEK wrote on 20-06-2010 @ 06:10
  Flag Mathi wrote on 20-06-2010 @ 18:08
Ik heb er 2 staan , ze laden lekker snel in en draaien bijna probleemloos , alleen met branden van cd's moet je wel goed opletten wat je brand geen mp3 cd , dat zal hij niet pakken verder echt een super ding , zal binnenkort even mijn eigen booth erop zetten weet iemand trouwens of er ergens jog wheels te krijgen zijn voor deze ( een extra paar is leuk op te laten beschilderen)
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