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Submitted by Lead  Flag on 01-08-2003 @ 00:03
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To play a record backward on your SL you only have 2 possibilities. You could install a Reverse Kit (like I did on my SL) or you could do this to old fashion way. The old fashion way is actually a trick that is done by DJ's for a long time. The only thing you need are : a roll of Gaffertape (duck-tape or cloth tape), or something else that could be used to lift the record....

Put the roll of tape on the platter so it can be used as a spacer/axel

Lifting the Record

First we're going to start this little trick by grabbing something that could be used to lift the record for about 5 centimeters. The record that we're going to put on top of it should be higher than the height of the arm while it is in the arm-rest.

When I used this trick I used a roll of Gaffertape (cloth tape, preferably from the brand Nichiban). Using tape has an advantage, it's a little bit sticky on the sides so it sticks a little bit to the slipmats and to the record. This way we prevent it from sliding when you accidentally hit the record.

Put the record on top : CENTER IT PROPERLY !Place the Record

When you put the record on the roll of tape make sure it's exactly in the center. This is not really necessary but it make the aligning of the record, which is really import a lot easier. 

When you press play on the SL the record should be in the perfect center. of the platter. When the record is not at the exact center. the sound will be a little bit winding and not sound as if it was played on a steady speed. There's no easy trick to do this, just exercise...

Rotate the Headshell : USE THE LOCK of the arm of your SLRotate the headshell

After you've centered the record you have to rotate the headshell 180 degrees.

In order to turn the headshell you've got to loosen the ring that locks the headshell, pull the headshell out of the arm, rotate the headshell half a turn and than put it back again.

Make sure that there is enough uplifting weight to get proper tracking. Useualy the weight will go al the way to the back, as far as possiblePositioning of counterweight

Next step is to put the counterweight at the back of the tone-arm all he way to the back.

Before touching the weight use the clip to secure your arm.

Now turn the weight around so it moves to the back. This was like the final step to this trick, if all went well your deck will now look something like this...

Put the needle in the groove : Start at the CENTER (reverse play)Put the needle to the record

You now only have to put the needle to the groove.

Because you want to play a record backward you'll have to start the record near the center.

Watch out not to scratch your record !

What do you think about Reverse Play on your Turntable ??

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This content is © 2003-2020 The DJResource...

There are 10 Comments

  Flag Nevz wrote on 28-07-2004 @ 21:26
Whahaha wow dit is egt wel een coole constructie...nou ik houd het toch op de reverse-knop op mijn TT200 want dit is wel heel gaar...
  Flag Lead wrote on 06-03-2005 @ 13:27
Er zijn ook mensen die het zonder zo'n knop moeten doen. Ik kan ook gewoon dubbel op de start toets drukken om hem achteruit te laten gaan.
  Flag poazzz wrote on 02-07-2005 @ 16:07
back in the days .... 
  Flag Camino wrote on 19-02-2006 @ 11:52
hahaha moet je dit maar eens live in een club gaan doen... moet je de smoel van de manager maar eens bekijken als hij dit ziet :p
  Flag JEX wrote on 15-03-2006 @ 04:12
What Tha F////
Happy, laughing
Its Works

Phhhhh Baaaaa

You Need To Be Crazy To Do Something Like This.
  Flag Lukaz wrote on 16-09-2006 @ 12:41
haha lagge je kan natuurlijk ook gewoon een super OEM kopenWinking my eye
daar zit reverse knoppie opWinking my eye
  Flag Lead wrote on 16-09-2006 @ 17:04
Maar die bestond in 1996 nog niet toen ik dit truukje gebruikte
  Flag U-Vinyl wrote on 30-09-2006 @ 22:26
Werkt prima toch! Ik doe het dagelijks! Cue-en is wat lastig, maar ja......
  Flag wizkid wrote on 29-02-2008 @ 11:09
vet hoor!
  Flag Tekhead wrote on 27-07-2010 @ 02:22
Is een oude truc he Lead, eentje van Grandmaster Flash
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