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  DJResource History Timeline  How DJResource evolved over time

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 15-02-2022 21:09
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DJResource has a pretty lengthy history, there are not much websites that launched in 2001 and are still online today, 20+ years later. All content added to DJResource after 2003 is still online and can still be viewed and reacted to, it is very unique for a website to be around for that long and still have all of it's functionality and content.

In this Article you can get an overview how DJResource evolved over time to the platform it is today.

After we started our own CMS in 2004 we where always careful when inplanting changes and we tried to only changes what was needed, we did not want to bring changes that we though would work but that would scare members away. So in some of the screenshots below you might not spot all the differences directly, but they are really there Winking my eye

How did this all happen ?   More about DJResource.



        DJResource.org launched

    It all started with a nice and simple HTML website back in the days, without much content it is easy to keep navigation simple. With this, the basic concept for the website was set.

    The website was based around Lead and W.i.M as DJ's, it also was about Pioneer DJ Gear as Lead started working there in 1999. The forum we used was an Ikonboard forum, the rest was allready self made.



        DJResource.org re-designed

    We stepped away from the black background to make the content more readable and the overall website a more pleasant place to be. The green was very easy to read and in this stage we've experimented with Flash for the top-menu.

    More and more equipment was added to the content section and a simple gallery script was installed to show some party pictures.

    The forum was still Ikonboard but it could not be upgraded any longer as there was no way to migrate the postings to the latest version.



        DJResource.nl tried PHPNuke

    Switched from .ORG to the dutch .NL extension as our main domain.

    At the same time we switched to a Content Management System that was called PHPNuke (we used v4-v6), because of the growing number of visitors we wanted to offer more functions and features than this system could.

    For the time it was a nice solution and we started to tweak the modules of the Nuke system so it would look and function the way we wanted.



        DJResource.nl Own CMS

    Because of the nature of PHPNuke there was so much stuff that was loaded on each mouse click that it dramatically reduced the loading speed of all the pages.

    To improve the readability and click friendliness we made a decision to start to code our own CMS from the ground up. We started out with an empty index.php and get going designing and developing each module to our own whishes and needs.

    Our first own coded version was introduced only a half year after we've started with the PHPNuke CMS, that's fast but it was a necessary step.

    Fun Fact: All links from this point onwards that where ever created are still valid to this day.



        DJResource.nl improved

    For the big public the new graphics made the big difference. But as perhaps not everybody was aware, the changes behind the curtain we're pretty radical. After almost a year of constant updating and improving the site we've relaunched it with a new layout to show the change.

    Besides the new artwork, which is only 20% of the improvements, most stuff happens behind the scene. This brought us some big improvements in W3C compliance, XML/RSS feeds and more structure in our database... but who cares, it clicked about 40% faster than before...

    Fun Fact: Up to now DJResource has a width of 800px.



        DJResource logo designed

    All these years DJResource was growing without having a simple, clean and recognizable signature or symbol. Although most people recognized the disc-and-SL-tonearm combination as our logo but we wanted something serious.

    This new logo was designed in collaboration with Alex.

    • 3 discs are the 3 major types of media DJs use: Vinyl, CD and DVD
    • Thick parts represent the sound symbol
    • The letter 'O' (DJResOurce) is at the center of it all


        DJResource.eu move

    The world is getting bigger on the internet and we believed that the international character of the website needed to get the attention it deserved and changing the TLD might bring that. A lot of our main content in the DJ Topics is now also available in Dutch, just hit the flag above each topic to show this.

    With created a new graphical look and intergrater our new logo in the header logo. Also the width of the website is not flexible anymore but is now fixed for best viewing with at least 1024 pixels width screens.



        DJResource reshapes Frontpage

    The frontpage is redesigned from a 1 column to a 2 column view. At first some members disagreed, but after a while everybody enjoyed the improvement.

    To counter act with the amount of info daily added, we've added a function to the member profile so members can hide postings from selected forums that they don't like to see.



        DJResource Upgrades

    After all these years we found that DJResource could use a facelift to keep up with time. A lot of stuff is added to the core of DJResource over a period of many years and things needed to be in line with each other in layout and functionality.

    There is a huge list of fixes and improvements that are made in the last 6 months, mainly by Lead (so complain to him). In general overall performance is increased, functionalities are improved (image upload resizes everywhere and jpg/pngs open in Splashbox instead of pop-up, etc.



        DJResource Modernized

    We've renewed the design of DJResource to reshape it to the more modern design standard, meaning round corners, no divider lines and square blocks. Also thye main menu is now regular font instead of the oldschool images. It's not a complete overhaul but just a redesign of the DJResource you are all used to, skinned from the graphical overload.

    Most of the sections like Forum, DJ Booth, Gearbase and such became more consistant with eachother and got improved in functionality. As DJResource is developed and build upon since it's beginning some sections looked a bit different than others, there is now a more coherent feeling between all of them.



        DJResource Responsive

    Bringing responsive webdesign was a mandatory step to keep up with time with readable on mobile devices in mind. All coding needed to be updated so we took the opportunity to also give the complete framework a major revamp, resulting in a huge increase in the loadingtime and responsiveness of the whole platform. It took roughly 6 months to complete, but was a well worth investment of time.

    For the visitor the User Interface is modernized with new buttons and a custom icon set, but it was much more. Colorwize the blue background colors have big simularity with the colors of the Nuke CMS we've used years ago, completing more than a 10 year cycle.



        DJResource Overhaul

    This was a big overhaul, changing the look and usebility on a large scale as we moved the main menu from the side to the top. But there where more modern features added such as a system wide Like, @Tags and Notification system.

    The new header logo also made a big impact, also we broke with the past by re-doing the SL/CDJ combo in the top left corner. This has been the point of recognition of DJResource since the early days and it is now modernized with an MK5G arm and the CDJ-2000NXS2 jog.



        DJResource Now

    As the previous overhaul in 2019 had a big impact there where some tine details left over to take care of. This years update is very much about detailing and finesse.

    Also this time a lot of content was added to predominatly the Gearbase and the Articles (previoulsly this module/section was called DJ Topics).


What do you think about DJResource History Timeline ??

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This content is © 2022-2022 The DJResource...

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  Flag Zen wrote on 25-03-2022 @ 19:36

That is some impressive changes over time... luckily I'm here since the early days so I've seen all versions in real time

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