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  Pioneer DMP-555  CD/SD/MP3 Player (discontinued)

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 22-04-2003 13:12
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ DMP-555

The DMP-555 is Pioneer's response to the demand of DJs to utilize digital audio available from the Internet. In recognizing this, Pioneer is introducing a CDJ player that's complemented with new software capable of CD ripping and managing compressed audio files, such as MP3.

The DMP-555 is compatible with CD Audio and MP3 formats and will playback from both CD and SD Card. Since these are capable of storing a huge number of MP3 tracks and loops, the DMP-555 allows DJs to enhance their sets and mixes with the latest music from around the world.

Compatible with CDDA, CDR, CDRW and SD Card, the DMP-555 has a Dual Synchronous Play function that plays back from both CD and SD Card sources. This allows DJs to mix authorized MP3-format loops and samples stored on the SD Card with the CD audio output, or to play any music files from CD.

Now, in the year 2010, I can say that the DMP-555 was a very brave attempt from Pioneer to make MP3 an accepted standard for playback. Pioneer was with the DMP-555 the very first to integrate an SD slot as input source. The problem was however, that the DJs where not ready yet to make the step to go digital yet.

The CDJ-1000 and the CDJ-1000MK2 and later the CDJ-1000MK3 did some ground breaking work to offer a digital way of playing back their tracks instead of the usual vinyl. At the end of the first decade of the second millennium most DJs made the switch to CD and are now ready for Pioneers advanced version of the DMP-555 : Pioneers CDJ-2000.

Pioneer DMP-555 Product Image

Product Type
Media and MP3 Player for DJs
Frequency Response
4 ~ 20.000 Hz
Signal to Noise ratio
102 dB or more (EIAJ)
Total harmonic distortion
0.003% (EIAJ)
Audio output: Analogue
2 channels (A/B)
Audio output: Digital
1 channel (A), USB-B
Compatible Media
CD, CD-R, CD-RW and SD Card
CD-DA, CD-ROM (ISO9660), SD Audio
Mp3,CD,CD-R and CD-RW
Power consumption
250 x 360 x 103 mm (WxDxH)
3,1 kg

Pioneer DMP-555 Backside

Hardware highlights

The sleek metallic finish of the DMP-555 stylishly encases many of the stunning features established by Pioneer's CDJ Range of products, such as Seamless Loop, BPM Sync and the Master Tempo control that can be used to slow down or speed up audio without affecting pitch. The unit also includes a world-first: the revolutionary Isolator feature that allows users to mute the low, mid or high ranges of a track on either CD or SD Card.

When the SD Card is used for mixes, the DMP-555 effectively becomes a Loop Sampler thanks to two ingenious new features. The SD Card Syncro Button will match and lock SD Card BPM to CD play-out BPM, so that MP3 loops can be fired on cue. The SD Card Mix out can be used for mixing MP3 audio with CD audio play-out, ensuring that transitions and mixes play out smoothly.

Application satisfaction

The multi-language DJ Booth software bundled with the DMP-555 helps users manage their digital music on PC. The application simulates a set-up with two Pioneer CDJ players and a mixer, giving users the flexibility to mix loops and tracks stored on PC.

Once the DMP-555 is connected to the PC via the supplied USB cable, it can be used to control both virtual players in DJ Play and Create modes of the software, further enhancing ease of use. DJ Booth also allows DJs to transfer tracks to both SD Card and CD, and also includes access to online support at the click of a button. DJ Booth will also be available as a separate Pioneer Pro DJ product, aimed at the PC music enthusiasts.

The Pioneer DMP555 is compatible with CD Audio and MP3 formats and will playback from both CD and SD Card. Since these are capable of storing a huge number of MP3 tracks and loops, the DMP555 allows DJs to enhance their sets and mixes with the latest music from around the world.

When the slim, compact and portable SD Card is used for mixes, the DMP-555 effectively becomes a sampler. This ground-breaking innovation is possible because MP3 loops can be BPM synced to the CD output and then fired on cue. In addition, the Master Tempo control can be used to slow down or speed up SD audio, without the pitch being affected. CD ripping, loop editing and music file management are simple operations with the bundled DJ Booth software. And because the application simulates a set-up using two Pioneer CD players and a mixer, it's easy to master the playback, mixing and editing functions in no time at all. It's even possible to control the software from the DMP-555 itself, making DJ Booth the most innovative and user-friendly application available to today's digital DJs.

SD Card

The all new powerful, flexible and removable digital media. Up to 256 MB on one SD Card = 40 songs = 4 CDs.

MP3 Player

The first ever CD player with onboard MP3 capability. Compatible with CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW and SD Card.

Dual Synchronous Play

Playback from both CD and SD Card sources. Mix MP3 loops and samples from the SD Card with CD audio, or play any music files from CD. It is not possible to play simultaneous MP3 music from SD Card and CD.

3 Band Isolator

From either CD or SD Card, cut out any one of the three frequencies (low: 280Hz and below, mid: 280Hz-6Khz, high: 6Khz and above)

CD and SD Card Control Panels

Separate and dedicated control panels for each source, with all the usual Pioneer CDJ player functions.

SD Card

Bullet Arrow Tempo - Adjustment of SD Card BPM
Bullet Arrow Pitch Bend - Adjust the pitch of a loop or sample on SD Card
Bullet Arrow Mix out Control - Mixes SD Card audio output with your CD audio playback output
Bullet Arrow Syncro - Match and lock SD Card BPM to CD playout BPM, at the touch of a button
Bullet Arrow Folder Search - Navigate easily through SD Card contents.

One Track Loop Set

Continuous loop of audio track on SD Card.

Master Tempo

This will lock the pitch of the track to 0%, even when you change the speed by increasing/decreasing the pitch of giving it a pitch bend.

Additional Features

Bullet Arrow Scratch Effect
Bullet Arrow Tempo Select +/- 6%, +/- 10%, +/- 16%
Bullet Arrow Loop/Reloop
Bullet Arrow Loop Out Adjust
Bullet Arrow CD Text + large screen display
Bullet Arrow CD and SD Card Audio level meters
Bullet Arrow CD and SD Card BPM meters
Bullet Arrow Card Monitor
Bullet Arrow USB 1.1 Interface
Bullet Arrow Auto Cue
Bullet Arrow Manual Cue
Bullet Arrow Time Mode
Bullet Arrow CD / SD Source Select
Bullet Arrow 100mm diameter jog wheel

To prevent accidental CD ejection or loss of mains power the DMP-555 has safety guards around the power and eject buttons together with a locking feature.

Eject Button

The DMP-555 has a guard to prevent you from accidentally pressing the eject button. The CD can also be locked for extra security.

Legato Link Conversion

For High Quality Sound the DMP-555 is Equipped with Pioneer ?s wide range technology ?Legato Link Conversion, the DMP-555 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback. Not only does this give great and natural sound reproduction but sounds closer to the original recording.

Shock-Proof Memory

Sound jumps or skipping is prevented by using a 16 second shock-proof memory for normal CD play (minimum of 10 seconds if scratching and reading wave data at the same time in Vinyl mode).


An oil-dampened floating suspension prevents sound skipping, even when the player is subjected to impact during use or vibrations generated from high volume music and low frequency bass.

Multi-Read Format

The DMP-555 can read CD, CD-R and CD-RW discs as well as MP3 files from SD card.

Front Loading

Loading CD ?s without having to open doors or trays makes swapping discs and selecting tracks that much faster. It also helps to keep dir and any nasty substances out of the CD ?s working parts.

Fader Start

When the DMP-555 is used with the DJM-600, DJM-500,DJM-300 or DJM-300-S mixer you can star the music by sliding the cross fader.By sliding the fader back, it will return the DMP-555 back to the previously selected cue point.

Relay Play

Connecting two DMP-555 ?s with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug cable allows one unit to be put on standby whilst the other plays. Relay Play automatically starts the second player enabling them to play 'back to back' to give you endless music play.

Digital Output

The DMP-555 is equipped with a switchable on/off digital output (phono)which is great for studio use.

DJ Booth Software

Together with the DMP-555 you will get a copy of DJBooth software. This is a PC mixing software that can be controlled by the DMP-555. The successor of DJ Booth software (DJS) can also be controlled by the DMP.

Bullet Arrow CD Ripping : Encodes to MP3 format from CD Audio, and saves to PC Hard Disk. Variable bit rate up to 192 kbps.
Bullet Arrow Music Management : Category grouping by genre and BPM, edit track information, and import music files.
Bullet Arrow DJ Play : Simulation of 2 x CDJ-500S players and a mixer.
Bullet Arrow Create : Edit and create new loop samples, saved to PC Hard Disk.
Bullet Arrow Transfer : Copy audio files to SD Card via USB.
Bullet Arrow Internet : Access to online support, at the click of a button.
Bullet Arrow Hardware Control : Control of both virtual CDJ-500S players, in DJ Play and Create modes, from the DMP-555 unit.
Bullet Arrow Multiple languages : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.
Bullet Arrow OS COMPATIBILITY: Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP Home & XP Professional.
*Note: Windows 2000 needs an ASPI driver for CD-R/RW support

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There are 15 Comments

  Flag jordy wrote on 13-03-2005 @ 13:20
wie heeft er eigenlijk zo'n ding thuis staan? ik heb em nog nooit echt
ergens zien staan (op foto's / feesten / disco's en ook niet in winkels )
  Flag sebastiaan wrote on 08-06-2005 @ 07:53
kun je daar ook van die foto kaartjes in douwe
  Flag Maartenb wrote on 17-07-2005 @ 16:57
Als het een Sd-kaartje is wel ja.....
  Flag pioni-sensei wrote on 17-07-2005 @ 20:57
hij is geinig maar ik heb liever een echte en geen cd mixr
trouwens kent iemand nog feesten waar dj thommy a en ik kunne draaie (in de buurt van zwolle)
  Flag DNR wrote on 30-06-2006 @ 14:55
ik vind hm er goedkoop uitzien, en niet mooi.
  Flag Ren├ęKuppens wrote on 24-10-2006 @ 09:17
Ik heb er mee gedraaid is wel grappig Op de laatste die te koop was in nederland:D:D
het was eindelijk een flop van pioneer want ze wouden iets met een sd kaartje en mp3 wat toen nog lang niet zo gewilt was dus veel hebben hem niet maar ik kan je verzekeren het is een prima speler:D
  Flag Renzis wrote on 15-05-2007 @ 11:06
toll dingetje, ik begrijp van dj-Rk dat hij niet meer te koop is in NL,
  Flag Lead wrote on 16-05-2007 @ 09:32
Lees dit topic eens, daar kun je zien of iets nog leverbaar is of niet.
  Flag loek wrote on 18-05-2008 @ 02:12
Ik zag hem paar maandjes terug nog staan in feedback eindhoven!
  Flag Convert wrote on 31-07-2008 @ 10:14
Ik vind hem weg grappig moest alleen een jog van cdj1000/cdj800 opWinking my eye
  Flag deejayfrans wrote on 19-08-2008 @ 13:29
Ik heb er 2 al 4jaar, en ze zijn gewoon goed.Doen wat ze moeten doen en lekker compact.Ik zou er best nog een bij willen hebben, maar dat zal lastig worden.
  Flag DJTruth wrote on 04-02-2009 @ 19:50
Als je naar die functies kijkt lijkt me me echt top!
Maar ik vidn hem niet zo mooi:O
Lijkt nogal speelgoed, maffe jogg en alle knoppen dicht op elkaar.!
  Flag Estacy wrote on 16-02-2009 @ 15:03
vindt het een beetje een gepimpte CDJ-100!
  Flag Tiemen wrote on 08-06-2009 @ 19:59
mooi ding, vooral voor in die tijd, maar aangezien hij ? 899.00 heeft gekost vind ik het niet jammer dat hij weg is, er zijn zat betere voor in de plaats gekomen.
  Flag Ilja wrote on 01-07-2010 @ 00:54
Top apparaat, en echt super snel.
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