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  Pioneer CDJ-850  Mid-Level DJ CD Player

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 07-07-2010 10:10
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CDJ-850

The Pioneer CDJ-850 is basically a modernized CDJ-800MK2 (that will be discontinued shortly) with Waveform Rekordbox support (ProDJ Link is NOT supported as it lacks a Network connection.. This deck is bringing all the neat features of the CDJ-900/CDJ2000 to a basic player with full scratch Jog Wheel. There is an enhanced display and menu/navigation structure with a rotary- and back knob, just like on it's bigger brothers and finally the Loop-In point is adjustable.

One of the things you're mostly likely to notice is the big difference in speed when operating the CDJ, it reacts instantly to your commands.

Also modern features are included such as a build in Sound Card and MIDI support, the Tag List, a Scale selector on the Auto-Beat Loops and Keyword Search.

The CDJ-850 is available in 2 colors: CDJ-850-S (Silver) and CDJ-850-K (Black)

Product Type
CD Player for DJ's
Type of Discs
Disc Format
CD, CD-R and CD-RW
Frequency Response
4Hz ~ 20kHz
0.003 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
115 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
21 W
305 x 364.4 x 105.5 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
3.3 kg
Operating Manual, Power Cord, Control cord, Forced Eject Pin

Pioneer Rekordbox logo

Pioneer Rekordbox (Music Management Software)

Supplied with each CDJ-850 is a piece of software called Rekordbox. Please carefully read this DJ Topic about Pioneer Rekordbox Software as this software unlocks lots of possibilities on the CDJ.

Rekordbox works as the central storage location and database for your entire music collection. Make a selection (complete genre, playlist's or single tracks) and export them to a USB device for your gigs. Just as if you would be selecting records from your shelves to put them in the record box to take with you for the night. Connect the USB device to the CDJ when you perform and you see the same playlist's on the CDJ as you've prepared at home on Rekordbox. You can play that playlist or change it's order or add track as you feel like. There are so much things to do, just read the dedicated Rekordbox topic.

Pioneer Rekordbox iconThe features marked with this icon have have benefits from usage of Rekordbox software.

Pioneer Rekordbox workflow scematic

Main Display

Pioneer CDJ-850 Main DisplayThe Main Display of the CDJ-850 contains 2 types of information: the usual necessary stuff like Track number, Time elapsed/remaining, Pitch setting, BPM.

All this is placed around a 100x28 pixels Dot Matrix Display that shows you the info about browsing, selected track, Tag list etc.

The display also shows the Waveform for each track that will be read in real time of is gathered from the Rekordbox Database on your USB media. The Waveform has a resolution of 100x7 pixels, which is equal the resolution displayed on the CDJ-1000MK3.

When your track reaches the end the Dot Matrix display will start to flash 30 seconds before the end of the track. The flash go quickly the last 15 seconds. This flashing is your sign to really make that mix.

Jog Display

The Jog Display is the same used in all CDJ's and displays all operating information like the playing position mimicking a rotating disc, Touch sensor activation indication and Vinyl Mode Indicator. You can use the white spinning marker to see where the beats are, The red markers marks the position of the Cue Point (when set).

Pioneer CDJ-850 Source selection buttonsInput Source Selection

You can use the CDJ-850 with multiple media sources, it still reads CD's and accepts USB devices with exports from Rekordbox.

Using a USB device

When you use a USB device as an input source you MUST press the USB STOP button for 2 seconds until the LED does is not illuminated or blinking. In this few seconds the CDJ-850 writes your playlist to the USB device, when this process is interrupted by premature removal of the device this will fail and might also corrupt the other History Playlist's on the device.

History List

Pioneer Rekordbox iconWhen you manage your tracks with Rekordbox the CDJ-850 will record a Playback History that is written to the device. A new History List is started each time you turn the CDJ on or insert a USB device and can be maximum 999 tracks long. These lists can be converted to playlist's with Rekordbox.

Pioneer CDJ-850 Menu buttonsBrowse

In Browse mode the Pioneer CDJ-850 displays information in the Main Display that you need to get to the tracks your looking for. When a USB device is inserted it displays the Folder Tree structure as if you would browse the device with your computer.

The navigation works very instinctive, by turning the rotary you browse a list and by pressing the rotary you select the highlighted item. The Back button is located just left and above the rotary dial.

Pioneer Rekordbox icon When a USB device is used containing an export made with Rekordbox you can browse your tracks by Artist, Title, BPM or whatever tags you've set to display. Start using Rekordbox today as you can download it for FREE.

Searching Tracks

After pressing the Browse button you can select the Search option, rotate and press the rotary to enter your search string and after selecting the Enter symbol the CDJ will search in all tags of the track for your query.

Navigation List Jump

Sometimes list of selections can be pretty long so you need to scroll a lot. By keeping Rotary pressed for about a second you activate the Jump function that lets you jump to a next page by each click of the rotary.

Pioneer Rekordbox iconIf you are browsing in a category on your USB device with a Rekordbox export on it you activate the Letter Jump. A letter will be displayed and can be altered by rotating the rotary . When pressing the rotary to select the letter the list will jump to the section that starts with the selected letter.

Tag List

This display a list of all tracks that you have tagged during this session. The list of tagged tracks can hold up to 1.000 titles. When the USB medium is removed the Tag List is cleared, a new list will start each insertion of a device.

Pioneer Rekordbox iconYou can tag Tracks, Playlist's or Categories (a complete genre or all tracks from a certain artist, etc.) that you might like to play later on in your set or keep in memory for the remainder of the session.

Tracks will be tagged when the Tag Track/Remove button is pressed when a track, playlist or category is highlighted while browsing. The Tag Track/Remove button is a tiny button located just right above the Rotary Dial.

A tag can be removed from the Tag List by selecting the entry in the Tag List, then press the Tag Track/Remove button for at least a second and the track will be removed.

Changing the Order

The order of the Tag List can be changed, when the Tag List is displayed you need to press the Menu/Utility button and select: 'Change Order'. Press the rotary to select a title, this will start flashing. Now move to the desired position by turning the rotary and press it to move the title to the new position. The title is dropped above the selected title.

Transform Tag List to Playlist

Pioneer Rekordbox iconYou can convert the Tag List to a Playlist that will be stored in your Rekordbox Collection data on the USB devide. As the Tag List is restarted each time you insert a USB medium all information in it will be erased from the player.

To convert the Tag List to a Playlist press the Menu/Utility button while displaying the Tag List. Then select: 'Create Playlist'. This will create a playlist labeled NEW PLAYLIST on your USB device, this Playlist will be stored in your Rekordbox data when you update the USB device with your Rekordbox collection.

(Track) Info

When pressing the Info Button, you will see the track details subtracted from the ID3 tags.

Auto Beat Loop

Pioneer CDJ-850 Auto Beat Loop buttons By pressing any of the Auto Beat Loop button a loop is created. The length of the loop will be determined by the tempo of the track (it's BPM Beats-Per-Minute) and it will be as long as indicated on the Auto Loop button you've pressed. Once a loop has been set, the CDJ will start repeating the loop until you EXIT it. You can use all Auto Beat Loop buttons to play around and change the length of the loop by pressing other Auto Beat buttons.

To set a Loop you need to set a Loop In point and a Loop Out point by pressing the buttons at the right moment. After you pressed the Loop Out button the CDJ-850 seamlessly starts to playback the Loop. Booth Loop In and Out buttons are now blinking.

You can adjust the Loop In and Loop Out point by pressing the buttons during playback. Only one of the Loop buttons will now blink, indicating you are now able to adjust this point by moving the Jog Wheel or using the Search buttons Search Backwards/Search Forward.

If no loop is set, the Auto Beat Loop buttons will record a loop with an automatically calculated length. The length depends on the button you've pressed: 1 for a 1-beat-loop, 2 for a 2-beat-loop, 4 for a four-beat-loop and 8 for an eight-beat-loop. You can adjust the length (Loop In and Out point) of an automatically created loop just like a normal loop.

You can set the scale of the Auto Beat function by pressing the Beat Select button.

feature Auto Beat Loop 1 (1/8) : Plays Loop 1/8th of a beat starting when pressed
feature Auto Beat Loop 2 (1/4) : Plays Loop 1/4th of a beat starting when pressed
feature Auto Beat Loop 4 (1/2) : Plays Loop of half a beat starting when pressed
feature Auto Beat Loop 8 (1/1) : Plays a 1 Beat Loop starting when pressed

Pioneer CDJ-850 Memory RecordMemorize your Cue/Loops

With the dedicated buttons for storing and recalling Loop/Cue information you can easily create your own favorites that will be stored on SD card (when CD playback) or on the USB Device from which your playing tracks.

Press the MEMORY button when you've got your track is Cue-ed or when in Loop playback to store this info instantly without interrupting audio playback.

You can recall your stored Cue/Loop information by pressing the Call buttons. The CDJ will search for the NEXT or PREVIOUS stored Cue/Loop point from your current position. This information is visible by a marker above the Waveform in the lower section of the display.


There is a convenient switch to set the playback direction in reverse. This button is located just below the Auto Beat Loop buttons. The Reverse Playback function works together with the Slip function so you always keep your tracks sync.

Standard Pioneer CDJ-series Features

Faster Searching using the Jog

When you are holding the Track Search button Track Backwards/Track Forwards and rotate the Jog you will scroll very fast through the discs index. 1 Rotation skips about 30 tracks.

When you hold down the regular Search button Search Backwards/Search Forward and rotate the Jog dial, you will search at a faster speed. Fast Search is performed in the direction of which the jog is rotated so it can also be done backwards.

In both cases (track or regular search), it doesn't matter which of the Search Buttons you press (Search Backwards/Search ForwardorTrack Backwards/Track Forwards), the direction of the rotation of the Jog determines the direction.

Cue Stutter Continue

Just like on any CDJ you can use the Cue Button to sample play from your Cue Point. As long as you hold the Cue Button the CDJ plays the track from the Cue Point onwards. When the cue Button is released the CDJ instantly returns to the Cue point and is ready for a restart.

The CDJ-850 also provides a way to continue playing. When you are holding the Cue Button and the CDJ is playing, you can continue by simultaneously pressing the Play ButtonPlayonce. When you now release the Cue Button playback will continue.

Eject Canceling & Auto Resume Play

When you press the EJECT button Eject Disc, playback will stop and the player prepares for the Eject. Before it shows you 'EJECT' (about 1 second), you can cancel the Eject by pressing the Play Button Play. This will not prevent the sound from stopping, but it continuous playing a lot faster than when it would perform a full Eject.

When the disc does get ejected and is inserted it again, playback will continue from the point where it was ejected (track number and time is remembered). This point is being stored in the memory of the CDJ for as long as no other CD is inserted, or the power has been turned down.

Real Time Seamless Loop

Set a loop quickly and simple, while a track is play. Once set, it can be looped continuously until the Reloop/Exit button is used. When released, the track continues without a pause. To create a loop you press Loop-In and Loop-Out on the desired position on the CD.

You can do this on-the-fly in real time, or you can use the jog/pause mode to get the exact position. Remember the the CUE point you set is the same as the Loop-In point. You can also use the Loop-In button to set a CUE point on-the-fly.


Hit the Reloop button for instant access to the beginning of the loop stored in internal memory. This can be done while the loop is playing, or at any time during the play out of the current track, allowing DJs to create amazing sample effects. The same loop is always stored in memory until replaced with a new loop.

Loop In / Out Adjust

Fine-tune loops quickly and easily by adjusting both the In and Out points. The result can be save to MMC or internal memory.

Tempo Control

This 100 mm linear high-precision slider is connected to a adjustment indicator on the display panel to give DJs total control and ensure that tempo adjustment is easy and accurate.

The accuracy declines when a higher pitch scale is selected:

+/- 6% : 0.02%
+/- 10%: 0.05%
+/- 16%: 0.05%
+/- 100% (WIDE) : 0.5%

Tempo Control Reset

Resets the tempo to 0% or the original tempo of the track, regardless of the slider’s position. The button has been recessed to prevent accidental selection.

Pitch Bend

Move the Jog Dial forwards or backwards to either speed up or slow down the tempo of a track. When the player is in Vinyl mode only the outer ring of the jog gives you this feature.

Jog Mode

The CDJ-850 can be set in either Vinyl or CDJ mode. In CDJ mode, the Jog Dial still functions, but without the touch sensitivity.

"Wide" Pitch Control

The pitch control function has an incredible range of +100/- 100%. This means that you can use new sound effects from opposite ends of the sound spectrum and also match the BPM of their played track with virtually any other music. When combined with the Master Tempo functionality of the CDJ the digital effect can be used to uplift your performance even more.

Master Tempo

This world-famous, Pioneer invented, function locks the pitch of a track, even when its speed is changed. DJs can speed up or slow down the beat, without any difference to the sound of the vocals and instruments. The pitch-bends that you do while cueing up your record will be unnoticeable for the audience.

This function also makes it possible to mix-in an accapella tracks to a beat, you can pitch-bend the accapella live without anyone noticing it.

Play with this function in WIDE pitch range and using the Master Tempo with extreme low pitch (-90%).

Auto Cue

This is the fastest way for DJs to find the first beat of a track, although it can be turned off for manual cueing. Also new is that the level where the Auto-Cue sets its point can be adjusted in a wide range of positions.

BPM Counter

Indicates BPM for the current track. The BPM counter also reads and displays the BPM when the player is in Pause. Without an headphone you can use it to cue up the tracks with an accuracy of 1 BPM, the rest is done with your headphone on your head.

Fader Start / Back Cue Start

A track on the CDJ-850 can be started by sliding the cross fader, if the deck is connected to any Pioneer mixer. Sliding the fader back will return the

Legato Link Conversion

Pioneer’s wide range Legato Link Conversion technology delivers high quality audio by reproducing sound frequencies above 20 kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback. This not only delivers excellent audio reproduction, but also sounds closer to the original recording.


An oil-dampened floating suspension system prevents sound skipping, even when the player is subjected to impact during use or to vibrations generated by high volume music and low frequency bass.

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-850 ??

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Mooi topic Lead Thumbs Up
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Idd, Maar dat kan die Lead wel.

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Inderdaad mooi topic, kan niet wachten tot ze hier staan! :p
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En dan nog vragen mensen zich af waarom ik geen tijd heb voor demo video's Thumbs Up
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Wanneer moet deze nu uitkomen ?
  Flag Joepardy wrote on 29-07-2010 @ 13:18
12 augustus zie ik al bij een bepaalde winkel.

Zijn echt super spelers lijkt mij. Wat ik nou net miste bij m'n 800's is de betere pitchranges en USB.
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  Flag AdenFarleigh wrote on 30-07-2010 @ 22:50
@ Joepardy, ze zijn nu leverbaar! Heb er zelf al 1 besteld!
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  Flag Dav3 wrote on 31-07-2010 @ 07:30
Inmiddels leverbaar.

en wat je zegt, was ook mijn gemis op de 800's: USB, 0.02% Pitch en het Wave Display - Super Update dus Happy, laughing
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  Flag MichaelMiller wrote on 17-07-2011 @ 01:25

Ben op internet aan het zoeken waar ik ze het goedkoopst kan halen. Goedkoopste was volgens mij ?1749,- wat ik kon vinden. Ik ben niet echt voorstander van tweedehands, maar aangezien dit nogal veel geld is voor mij...... Is het verstandig om tweedehands ergens te kopen? Heb nu Behringer mixer die heel basic is, maar in principe doet wat hij moet kunnen. Dus nieuwe mixer hoeft niet, ook al past hij niet goed bij deze witte. Tips?

mark2003 wrote on 09-12-2023 @ 17:24

The topic died 12 years ago but maybe I'll be lucky.

Everything was perfect with my 850 until one day the e-8709 error came up. It just pops up when I turn it on and nothing works. How to fix?

  Flag Lead wrote on 04-03-2024 @ 00:47

Errorcode E-8709 is communication error and normally ony shows when there is a mechanical defect inside the unit, there are more possible reasons for this to happen like loose flatcable or other connection. If resetting the system/players does not solve it I'm afraid you have to bring it to a technical service center for checkup.

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