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  Freeview for CDJs  A sun blocking device for your CDJ-1000NederlandsNederlands    

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 31-08-2008 01:08
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Freeview Sunblocker mounted on CDJ-1000MK3

Solution for Sunlight

The Pioneer CDJ-1000 series CD players became industry standard over the years but there is one issue that was bothering a lot of DJs when playing in the open air. When sunlight hits the display it can be very hard to read and keep track of the waveform or the time that is left.

The Freeview is a portable sun and light blocking device that is designed to be mounted on a Pioneer CDJ-1000-series CD player.

It is designed to block out any annoying light but still gives you free access and view of all the buttons that are on the sides of the display.

The Freeview can be easy carried in you CD wallet as it is only a few millimeters thick. It is made out of flexible material and should be able to survive the toughest rides.


Mounting the Freeview

Just hold it on it's place and the magnets will stick it on the CDJ. You might need to adjust it a bit but it will take only seconds.

Freeview Sunblocker mounted on CDJ-1000MK3


Freeview Sunblocker Neodynium Magnets

How does that work

The plastic shield is attached to the CDJ with 4 Neodymium magnets. The magnets fit on the metal backside of the CDJ and keep it tightly on it's place.

Does it damage the CDJ

At the moment of writing this, there is no proof that it does.


Who makes it

The Freeview is a Dutch Invention Dutch invention and is introduced in the after-summer of 2008.

Other than the Freeview the designer also designed the Freefloat Turntable Stabilizer. Both are NOT an official Pioneer product but a third-party add on.

Sales Package

Sold per packed of 2 Freeview Sunblocker that come in a tinfoil bubble wrap envelope that can be used as a transport casing.

Freeview Sunblocker Sales Package

Models it's designed for

Designed to fits on ALL CDJ-1000's. As Pioneer kept their design alike amongst these models the Freeview fits all : CDJ-1000, CDJ-1000mk2 and CDJ-1000mk3.


Models it fits

Even though the Freeview is not designed for other models I've been testing it a bit with that I've got available.

CDJ-800 series CD players do fit the Freeview but it is not a perfect fit, I would say around 95% secured. Improvements to the design of the Freeview are promised so hopefully future models should fit both models perfectly.

On the DVJ-1000 it sits pretty wobbly as the body of the DVJ has a larger overhang than a CDJ. Due to this the Freeview doesn't sit as tight as it would on a CDJ. So it might move out of it's place when your over excited in handling the DVJ-1000.

When used on the DJM-800 the Freeview makes sure you can read your VU levels at all times. This will avoid you from putting a hand between the sun and the VU meter... or skip reading the meters at all.


Freeview mounted on CDJ-800, DVJ-1000 and DJM-800

What do you think about Freeview for CDJs ??

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There are 10 Comments

  Flag Stefjuuh wrote on 01-09-2008 @ 14:38
How does this fit on the cdj/djm-400?
  Flag Lead wrote on 01-09-2008 @ 22:17
It does NOT fit on CDJ-400 or DJM-400, else I would have taken the picture Winking my eye
  Flag RoyBeware wrote on 10-09-2008 @ 16:16
:D handig bedacht :D
  Flag Laidback wrote on 22-09-2008 @ 17:24
en als de zon nou van Recht boven je komt ?
zoals op een warme zonnige dag ?
kan me voorstellen dat er altijd een soort van Limiet is.,
een paar Parren (1000watt) achter de dj booth kunnen het zicht denk ik al drastisch verlagen ??!!

wel een hele leuke uitvinding!!
evt een Richtprijs beschikbaar?
dit is misschien wel iets voor verhuurbedrijven
  Flag remixer wrote on 04-10-2008 @ 11:45
inderdaad wel handig, maar ik vindt ze er niet mooi eruit zien
  Flag Lead wrote on 09-10-2008 @ 12:46
Price of a set of 2 pieces is € 24,95 euro
  Flag Dolivieira wrote on 01-06-2009 @ 17:47
Afgelopen Zaterdag op een festival gedraait. Kon ik en dj collegas wel 3 of 4? gebruiken
  Flag Stefjuuh wrote on 08-09-2009 @ 23:14
Heerlijke dingen! Passen mooi voorin je CD-map, gewoon setje (of 2) kopen en meenemen, MUST!
  Flag T-to-the-J wrote on 20-08-2010 @ 10:54
Passen ze eigenlijk ook op de cdj-900/2000/850?
  Flag dj-zero wrote on 22-08-2010 @ 09:36
Ik heb dezelfde vraag in het cdj850 topic gezet en daar antwoord gekregen.
Het leek mij misschien wel handig om het antwoord ook hier even erbij te zetten.
De freeviews passen niet op de nieuwe cdj850! En ik denk dan dus ook niet op de cdj 900/2000.
Iig dat hoop ik, om een simpele reden.
Als de freeviewd niet op de cdj2000 passen zullen er waarschijnlijk nieuwe modellen freeviews aankomen die hier wel op passen, en die zullen dan hopelijk ook op de 850 passen.
Is het zo dat de oude freeviews wel op de cdj2000 passen, zal er waarschijnlijk geen nieuw model komen.Unhappy
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