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  Pioneer SVM-1000  The next step in the evolution of DJ Technology

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 04-10-2007 09:00
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Pioneer DJ - Video Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ SVM-1000

The visual evolution has started. Pioneer has announced their new flagship mixer which will set a new benchmark for DJ and VJ Mixer Technology. This is the tool professionals have been waiting for, the very first true DJ mixer that offers full audio and video mix possibilities, combined with synced effects. The Pioneer SVM-1000 is a World First with a combination of a lot of different audio and video tools :
  • 4 channel Audio mixer (like DJM-800)
  • 4 channel Video mixer (a bit like a 2 channel Edirol V4 but than double)
  • 4 channel + master preview screen
  • Touch Screen BPM matched Audio Effector (like effects on DJM-909 or EFX-1000)
  • Touch Screen BPM matched Video Effector
  • Touch Screen Text Generator
  • Visualizer Effect for visuals when playing music only
  • JPEG image video from external memory (SD or USB)
Pioneer SVM-1000 Product Images

This mixer is the ultimate tool to use with 2 Pioneer DVJ-1000's and replaced the regular audio mixer (like DJM-800) and video mixer (like Panasonic MX-50, Edirol V4 or Korg Krossfour). It's obvious that this is not a toy for home-use but a solid tool for professionals. Pioneer has developed and patented a new Multiple Video Blending Technology that can make everything happen.

All normal controls are there on the right place, just like the other mixers in the DJM-series. The real magic and power is hidden behind the 11 inch touch screen in the center area of the mixer's controls. With it and the rotary controls next to it you can control all effects and assign video parameters to EQ's.

  • World's First to synchronize mixing of Audio and Video
  • World's First to synchronize Audio and Video effect to the music played
  • World's First to mix 4 channels video independently from each other

All familiar audio effects now also have a video that resembles the audio effects. You can also use some of the extra Touch Effects, these are controlled by touching or dragging on the touch screen.


Product Type
Professional Sound & Vision Mixer and Effector
Screen Control
11inch Full Color Interactive LCD Touch Screen
Sampling Rate
96 kHz
A/D, D/A Converters
24 bits
Internal Processing
32 bits
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.005 %
Signal to Noise Ratio line
105 dB
19 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
58 W
500 x 412 x 202 ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
12.8 kg

Audio Input Specifications
2 x (RCA, coaxial)
6 x (RCA)
2 x (RCA)
1 x(Combi 6,3mm Phone/XLR)
Sub Microphone
1x(6,3mm Phone Jack)

Audio Output Specifications
1 x (RCA) Coaxial @ 48kHz or 96 kHz
Master Out 1
1 x (XLR)
Master Out 2
1 x (RCA)
1 x (Phone Jack 6.3mm, TRS Balanced)
1 x (RCA)

Video Input Specifications
Composite RCA

8 x (coaxial)
2x (coaxial) on front panel
4 x (coaxial)

Video Output Specifications
Master Output

1x Component (3x BNC)
1x Composite (1x BNC)
1x Composite (1x RCA)

Monitor Output

1x Composite (1x RCA)
1x Composite (1x S-Video)

Other Terminals
4 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)
Midi Out
2 x (1x 5 pin DIN, 1x USB)
Headphone Monitor Out
1 x (Jack 6.3mm)
Memory Card Slot
1 x SD Card
Other Terminal
1 x USB

Pioneer SVM-1000 Rear Side

Pioneer SVM-1000 Video Effects Display in VIDEO Effects mode

LCD Touch Screen Display

Most of the interesting stuff happens on or with the 11 inch main display. This center display is build up out of 2 sections, each dealing with different aspects. Both sections are full color touch screen LCD screens that display interactive information.

The information and buttons that are shown change when different modes are selected. As reaction time is crucial to keep all effects in sync with the audio and/or the DJ's actions the screen is designed to keep latency at a minimum and offers you a direct and instant control.

The primary focus is on the top section of the panel, this is where you control the build in audio and video effects. This is where you control and select all parameters.

Effect & Preview Section
The top part of the screen is the interactive part, in other words, the information that is displayed will change if certain features are activated. This description is pretty rough and general but we'll launch an extended topic about all the audio and video effects in the near future when more specifications are released.

Most selection controls of the Effect Section are now done via the Touch Screen panel. Two parameter are still controlled by a rotary switch as on any other DJM: Time/Parameter and Level/Depth.

Pioneer SVM-1000 Effects Section Touch Screen DisplayBullet Arrow 1. Choose Type of Effect
In the top left of the display you have the option to choose the effect type. The Beat Effects are familiar when you're used to work with the DJM-800. These effects are BPM synced with the audio that's currently playing at the selected section/channel.

The Touch Effects all have a parameter that is controlled by touching or dragging on the Touch Area (5).

With Text Effects you can show some text over your video output. There are 6 movement patterns to choose from.

Bullet Arrow 2. Select and Assign Channel
At the right next to the screen there are some rotary controls that are used to assign the effect to a certain channel. The rotary on the right of the screen is used to switch the section to which you apply effects.

Bullet Arrow 3. Select Effect
This displays the available effects. The displayed effects are determined by the setting of 4 (read below), audio effects are displayed red and video effects are displayed blue.

Bullet Arrow 4. Choose Audio, Video or Both
The effects can be applied to only the audio or only the video without interfering with the other. This way you can go nuts with the video, without effecting the audio. Off course AV means that the effects are applied to both the audio AND video of the channel.

Bullet Arrow 5. Touch & Preview Area
This area shows a preview of the master and the effects so you'll be able to see what is outputted on the Master Output of the SVM-1000. You also use this section to apply the Touch Effects.

Bullet Arrow 6. Beat Buttons
Just like on the EFX-1000 you can set an effect's timing in beats : 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, etc.

Beat Effects
Just like on the other mixers in Pioneer's DJM-series the SVM1000 also has a load of effects included. All switchable settings are now controlled via the Touch Screen. Just press on any of the icons on the screen and instantly the SVM follows your command.

All effects are synced with the build in BPM counter. This accurate BPM counter constantly measures the BPM of the selected channel. Instead of beat < and > buttons as on the DJM-800, the SVM-1000 has the same beat controls (6) as an EFX-1000. For example you can directly skip from 1/2 to 1/1 beat (so skipping the 3/4) by just pressing at the screen.

In the Effect Selection area (3) you can choose any of Beat Effects, the 12 Beat Effects are shown as red selection boxes. All these audio effects now also have a linked video effect to it, so when you hear and Echo, you also see an Echo.

Touch Effects
When this Effect Type is selected (3) you can use any of the Touch Effect. These effects are more based around the visual aspect. All of these effects also generate an audio effect as well. The control of the the parameter is done by using the Touch Area (5) of the display. The SVM-1000 also has the possibility to store some of these 'moves' and repeat them, synced to the audio.

Text Effects
Linked to the tempo of your tracks, the SVM-1000 is also capable of displaying text messages. All movements and effects are synced to the audio. Text can be inputted via the touch screen's build in keyboard or via an external USB keyboard. You can store all entered texts for later use on SD memory card so you don't need to retype them each time.

Beat Effects

Touch Effects

Text Effects

  • Delay
  • Echo
  • Pan
  • Trans
  • Filter
  • Flanger
  • Phaser
  • Reverb
  • Robot
  • Chorus
  • Roll and
  • Reversed Roll
  • Ripple
  • Lens
  • Spot
  • Radiation
  • Cube
  • Block
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Twist
  • Zoom
  • Drop
  • Blur
  • Distortion
  • Random
  • Zoom
  • Block
  • Rotation
  • Crush
  • Slide

When you need visuals but you're playing audio only you can activate the visualizer for a channel. The visualizer generates 60 visual patterns to choose from. All Touch and Beat Effects have a Visualizer Mode, the Beat effects can be applied on 4 different ways (Original/Inverse/Edge/Hue). You need to activate the Visualizer with the Effect On/Off button, just like any of the effects you want to apply.

Cross Fader & Video Transition Section
The bottom part of the display shows you the preview of all video inputs. The four preview squares resemble the video inputs that are selected on the 4 channels. The preview appears as soon as video input is detected. Although the previews are small in most cases it gives a good speculation of what is underneath the fader.

SVM-1000 Fader LCD touch panel sectionJust below that you can select the type of transition that will be applied to the video mix as you would move the Cross Fader. You can also perform a video transition if you use the Touch Screen to drag the fader knob to any of the sides.

Most of the transition effects are very common and straight forward :

Bullet Arrow Fade: smooth mix from input A to input B
Bullet Arrow Wipe: wipes of input A and slides in input B
Bullet Arrow Switch: instantly swap inputs
Bullet Arrow Chroma and Luminance mixing of inputs

JPEG Viewer

By using and SD card or USB memory device you can load JPEG image in the Still Image Sampler. You can store a maximum of 8 images in the memory to use at the same time. It is possible to use Video Effect to the images to enhance the show. This is a good way to promote event (with a flyer) or sponsors with their logo.

USB Keyboard

You can also connect a USB keyboard to the USB socket on the top left of the SVM-1000. In the text input area's you can then easily enter the texts.

Input Selection
Pioneer SVM-1000 input selection and Front Input SectionThere is a wide variety of inputs you can use. In total the SVM-1000 has 10 audio inputs and 14 video input (+2 microphone inputs). The inputs are all clearly marked at the Video Input selector.
Channel 1 and Channel 4 have an extra Video EX setting. These inputs are located at the top panel in the left upper corner. These composite inputs can be used to make a quick connection in unsuspected situations.

Video Trim
With the Video Trim you can adjust the brightness of the video input, which basically functions the same way as the Audio Trim does.

Audio Input Selector
Just as with a normal DJ Mixer this switch can be set to assign the right input to your channel. For each channel you can select from 2 or 3 audio inputs.

Audio Trim

The Gain Trim has a range from infinite (silent) to +9db. The most optimal setting of the Trim is around 12 O'clock (0dB).

Channel EQ Range
Treble -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 13 kHz)
Mid -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 1 kHz)
Bass -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 70 Hz)

Pioneer DJM-1000 EQ rangingIn horizontal position to the left, the EQ is cut down to about -12dB. When you rotate further down than horizontal to the left, the frequency of the EQ 'killed' to a level of -26 dB. The last part is in a logarithmical scale.

If you want to gently fade in a track you might want to start with the EQ at about 'a-quarter-to' (pointing to the left)

Video Equalizer
You can link the audio equalizers with a video parameter that will be applied to that channel on top of the normal equalizer.

In the Video EQ menu you can choose which of the video parameters you want to link to which knob of the EQ. You can adjust the R, G or B value or the Contrast, Hue or saturation. You can link any of these parameters to one of the Hi- Mid- Low-knobs. This setting is for all channels the same.

Microphone 1 and Microphone 2 Level

These control the level of the microphones you've connected. You can connect a microphone with an 6.3mm Jack-type or XLR-type connector on the top left of the mixer. At the backside you will also find the 6.3mm Jack-type connector for the second microphone.

Microphone Hi and Low

Both microphones share the EQ (equalizer) settings. You have a little bit of control over the sound adjustments for the Microphone inputs with these two knobs.
Bass -12 ~ +12 dB (100 Hz)
Treble -12 ~ +12 dB (10 kHz)

Microphone Switch
Turn the microphone on and off with this switch. When switched on the red LED will illuminate. When the Talk over mode is selected all audio levels will be decreased in volume by about -20dB so the microphone signal is clearly understandable.

Headphone Section
Works just like you would think. Normally I would prefer the mode set to Stereo, the Mixing rotary set to Cue. When set to split you can select the Master and any of the channels. One side of your headphones would produce the sound of the Master and the other side will produce the sound of the Cue-ed channels.

Assign Cross Fader
Each channel can be assigned to any side of the cross fader Simply put the switch to the left or right to activate the Cross Fader.

And off course there are these obvious controls available :

Bullet Arrow Audio Master Rotary
Instead of a fader, the Pioneer SVM-1000 has a rotary control for the master level. This will prevent you from making accidental mistakes due to your sleeves or other miss-grabbing.

Bullet ArrowVideo Master Rotary
Fade the Master Output to white or black by rotating this knob left or right.

Bullet Arrow Balance
Sets the positions of the sound from left to right, when centered you feel a click.

Bullet Arrow Booth Monitor
Control the Monitor Output for your monitor speakers.

Bullet Arrow Cross Fader A/B Selector
Use to route a channel to the designated site of the Cross Fader. When THRU is selected, the Cross Fader is bypassed.

What do you think about Pioneer SVM-1000 ??

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Pioneer DJ SVM-1000

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There are 31 Comments

  Flag Cyspoz wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 09:00
Holy shit! Zeer mooie versmelting van VJ en DJ is dit apparaat. Ik ben benieuwd naar demo's en meer informatie.
Mooi vind ik in iedergeval de blauwe led VU meters, is gewoon hip \\\\\
Een minpunt van de DJM-800 vind ik de digital switch op de achterkant die niet gewoon op je kanaal keuze knop zit, dat hebben ze hier nu op verbeterd.
Mooi is de directe toegang tot zowel de beat maten 1/1, 1/2, 1/4 enz. Dit vind ik zekers een verbetering. En ook de directe toegang tot de effecten is mooi, zo kun je nog sneller switchen tussen effecten.

Lead, wat heb je DJ-Resource toch ongelofelijk mooi er in gefotoshopt \\\\\
  Flag MaD wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 09:04

  Flag Luxx wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 09:04
  Flag Hansje wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 09:14
Wow, wat een apparaat.
Gaat de dj dan toch ook vj worden?
  Flag ccc wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 11:01
Hard hoor.
  Flag NielsR wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 11:57
wowowowowowowooowowowowowowowowoow, gewoon niet te doen wat een monster!!!!
  Flag remixer wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 16:41

gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf ding man\\\\\\\\ 
alleen vindt ik hem wel erg duur \\

  Flag the-melody wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 16:51
en het prijskaartje is....?(ik gok zo rond de 3000euro's).
  Flag Ren├ęKuppens wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 18:16

Adviesprijs 5499,-

  Flag A-flex wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 20:56
Ziet er extreem vet uit
  Flag VmaX wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 21:03
Wooooooow! Pioneer is weer goed bezig! Echt vet ding! Lead kan je ons misschien een beetje toewijzen naar de prijs?
  Flag Vibemaster-D wrote on 04-10-2007 @ 22:28
ik vind het niks, want
ik zou liever losse apparaten hebben
deze heeft maar 3 curfes per fader
en 1 display
dus zou ik liever voor zelfde bedrag het volgende willen
Numakr triple Monitor
Edirol V4
  Flag Lead wrote on 05-10-2007 @ 17:04
Vibemaster : waarom moet je zoveel ruimte gebruiken in een commentaartje ?? Dit komt toch de duidelijkheid niet ten goede Confused

ennuh, de SVM-1000 werkt echt wel makkelijker en heeft vele malen meer mogelijkheden dan de combinatie van de dingen die je opnoemt...
Sunrise8 wrote on 06-10-2007 @ 13:06
*kwijl kwijl* dit is een mooie droom. ook die mooie touchscreen en effecten Happy, laughing ziet er goed uit
  Flag djfuse wrote on 06-10-2007 @ 16:21

wie koopt er nu een maal zo iets\ 5400 euroCry

  Flag Emaus wrote on 09-10-2007 @ 14:53
wow very nice Pioneer the BESTCry
  Flag Vibemaster-D wrote on 13-10-2007 @ 10:18
@lead hij ziet er mooi uit maar ik vind hem van het zicht zo de verwarde dennon blikhebben maar ik zal ongetwijfeld mijn mening moeten aanpassen na een demo filmpje of hem in actie te zien.
  Flag JollyJunkie wrote on 17-10-2007 @ 16:19

geweldig duur ook: 5400!!! Cry ik ga alvast mijn auto verkopen
  Flag Lead wrote on 17-10-2007 @ 20:41
Natuurlijk vindt iedereen dit een duur ding....... BEHALVE de mensen die verstand hebben van video en de kosten voor video apperatuur. Die reageren zelfs : 'Joh, valt mee....'.

Jammer is dat ik vind dat je aan dit DJ topic niet gelijk je mening kan koppelen. Als je zelf ziet wat dit ding kan zul je je verbazen, ik wist wat ik kon verwachten, maar mijn mondje hing op mijn knieeen.... De kracht is juist de koppeling tussen audio en video zodat je als D(V)J je eigenlijk alleen maar met de audio hoeft bezig te houden om al een goed resultaat te bereiken.

Demo filmpjes zullen door velen gemaakt worden strakjes als het toestel beschikbaar is en dan zal er voor veel mensen meer duidelijkheid komen.

Vergeet niet dat dit ding NIET gemaakt/bedacht is om lekker thuis mee te spelen !
  Flag Laidback wrote on 23-10-2007 @ 22:16
Prijs is niet belangrijk voor de mensen die dit apperaat gaan gebruiken..
die hebben genoeg geld..
denk aan Grote Media Bedrijven..
van een scme tot een NOB (reclame!! :P)
niet echt voor Thuis gebruik! (of je moet een dikke media studio op je zolderkamer hebben Winking my eye )
  Flag CharlieMaybe wrote on 25-10-2007 @ 03:28
We have a youtube review of the new Pioneer SVM-1000.

  Flag Vibemaster-D wrote on 27-10-2007 @ 09:59
your video is not working because it's a private video.

@lead echte mensen kijken niet naar prijzen als ze 100 van die apparaten in grote clubs wegzetten en dj's gebruiken het word er niet naar een prijs gekeken. dat weet ik ook wel maar verwacht ook niet dat iemand van DJR zo een ding ooit zal kopen behalve jij dan :P DVJ's ging nog net maar dit is echt super professioneel AV
  Flag Kuba wrote on 01-11-2007 @ 23:24

SVM-1000 & DVJ 1000





  Flag dutchman wrote on 06-11-2007 @ 22:53
Je kan veel zeggen, maar die setup ziet er super wreed uit:D:D:D
  Flag mrwhoopie wrote on 04-01-2008 @ 11:04
Ok,ziet er heel vet uit maar euhm.....hoe lang moet je niet gaan draaien eer je deze weer terug verdient hebt?En het is niet zo dat je zegt je koopt dit maar eenmaal want het stopt nooit,ik wil namelijk verdienen aan het draaien en fun hebben en niet enkel een kapitaal aan equipment hebben staan

Maar daarbuiten.......ziet er echt heel vet uit.
  Flag Jer wrote on 27-01-2008 @ 22:14
Heel mooi, daar kan ik me wel even mee vermaken. En lead wanneer staat het bij jou thuis?Cry
Die blauwe led streep op de dvj moeten ze ook op de cdj gaan maken.
  Flag ilyas wrote on 15-08-2008 @ 14:55
wow yhis pioner is fucking goodCool
  Flag RoyBeware wrote on 10-09-2008 @ 17:38
Blijft pracht speelgoed haha...
Ik hou mijn mond over de prijs, want ik heb er geen verstand van...
Stond deze ook niet bij Armin Only? ik dacht zo iets te zien op een filmpje achter de schermen....
  Flag carlosa wrote on 15-05-2009 @ 00:25
damnnn wat een ding prijs is gewoon terecht klaar...
  Flag dJORD wrote on 01-09-2009 @ 16:52
lijpe shit:P
  Flag patricknys wrote on 01-11-2011 @ 11:48
ik heb zonet deze set gekocht
1 x pioneer svm1000
2 x pioneer dvj 1000
serato sl4 + video

MAAR ik krijg niks uit mijn video kanalen?? ik heb het video (geel ) van de dvd spelers direct op mijn mengpaneel aangesloten
maar er komt niets uit?? enkel audio
hoe kan ik mijn serato? met mijn svm laten comuniceren

help? help? help
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