Pioneer DJM-700 (s)  4 Channel midrange Mixer with Effects

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 28-08-2007 @ 00:00
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Pioneer's new mixer the Pioneer DJM-700 is an all round basic club/home mixer with a lot of the features and functions of it's bigger brother the DJM-800. The DJM-700 is a lot like other mixers in the current Pioneer DJM series and brings a lot of tricks for a mid-level mixer. Here is the official press release that was send out by Pioneer.

The Pioneer DJM-700 offers a very good effect- and overall sound quality as it is build around the same 24-bit/96kHz technology of it's bigger brothers the DJM-800 and DJM-1000. The effects and filter sound equal to the ones on the DJM-800.

Also see the : Ultimate DJM Comparison Chart. This will show you an overview of all the current Pioneer DJM models with their features clearly stated.

The DJM-700 is available in 2 color : Black and Silver. The black model is DJM-700 and the silver model add an s : DJM-700-S. So keep this in mind when you're discussing about this mixer. Besides the color there is NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL between the DJM-700 and the DJM-700-S.

Added to the toolbox is a Manual Filter to control a low and high pass filter. The Manual Filter has a double function, it can also control the effected frequency for the regular Beat Effects section. There is also a new effect 'Crush' added to the regular content of the Beat Effects section. The sound of this effect is like the Crush on the DJM-800, only difference is that the effect is now linked to the BPM counter.

Pioneer DJM-700 and DJM-700-s Product Images Pioneer DJM-700 Demo Video
Download or view the DJResource's Pioneer DJM-700 Demo Video


Sampling Rate
96 kHz
A/D, D/A Converters
24 bits
Internal Processing
32 bits
Cross talk
82 dB
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.005 %
Signal to Noise Ratio line
104 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio phono
94 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
33 W
320 x 378.1 x 107.9 ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
6.6 kg

Input Specs & Terminals
5 x (RCA)
3 x (RCA)
Mic / Sub Mic
1 x(Combi Phone/XLR)
1x(Phone Jack 6.3)
2 x (mono mini JACK)
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)

Output Specs & Terminals
1 x (RCA) Coaxial @ 48kHz or 96 kHz
Master Out 1
1 x (XLR) +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
Master Out 2
1 x (RCA) +2 dBu / 10k
1 x (RCA) +2dBu / 600 Ohm
1 x (RCA) -8dBu / 10k
2 x mono (Phone Jack 6.3mm)
Midi Out
1 x (5 pin DIN )
Headphone Monitor Out
1 x (Jack 6.3mm) +8.5 dBu / 32 Ohm
Pioneer DJM-700 Rear Side

Pioneer DJM-700 Manual Frequency Filter

Manual Frequency Filter

This knob has a double function, it work as a frequency range selector for the Beat Effects and controls the Low and High Pass filter.

When the blue Filter indicator LED is continuously lit the knob controls the frequency range of the sound that is send into the Beat Effects. Sound is first routed through the Frequency Filter before it is processed with other effects, with the Frequency Filter you select desired frequency ranged to which you apply the Beat Effects.

Pioneer DJM-700 Low and High Pass FilterWhen the Frequency Filter is activated the LED is flashing.Now you control a Low Pass/High Pass filter with the knob. The filter works for the channel that is selected in the Beat Effect section with the Channel Select switch.

This means that you can only use the Frequency Filter to the channel as selected with the Channel Select switch in the Beat Effects section. With this switch you can assign the Frequency Filter to Channel 1 through 4, Mic input, Cross Fader A and B side and the Master. It is not possible to use the Filter to a different channel than the Beat Effects.

Pioneer DJM-700 Dot Matrix DisplayDot Matrix Display

You can see all routing and effect settings in the bright dot-matrix display. The information in the display is organized like the position of the controls of the Beat Effects. At the top you see the name of the effect that is selected with the Channel Selector rotary switch. Below that is an icon of the selected channel for the effect.

The Tempo is displayed in BPM (Beats Per Minute) and the duration of the effect is shown in mS (mili seconds, a thousands of a second). Just below the display are the Beat Up and down buttons, by pressing these button you sync the effect to a certain measure (1/4, 1/2, 1/1, etc). The measures are also shown in the display by an orange row of blocks at the bottom of the display.

Beat < and > Buttons

To sync the effects with the BPM always make sure to press one of the Beat Increase (>Winking my eye or Decrease (<Winking my eye buttons at least once before turning the effect in. This will real time sync the effect so it matches the latest reading.

Auto/Tap BPM Mode

On the left of the BPM reading is an indicator weather you have selected the Auto BPM counter or went for the Manual Mode by pressing the TAP button. To get back to the Automatic mode just hit the little black Auto Button on the left of the TAP button.


The DJM700 is equipped with full Midi output of a lot of the faders and knobs. In total 49 Midi channels can be controlled by the DJM-700. The DJM-700 is NOT able to receive MIDI, in other words, you cannot control any of the functions of the DJM-700 by MIDI.

You can assign almost all knobs, faders and buttons to a certain Midi function in computer based setups with for example: Ableton Live or Traktor DJ. Together with Abletons sequencer you control it all. Just setup the software the receive Midi through the right channel and assign it to a function in the software application.

The DJM-700's BPM counter can be used to sync the MIDI chain. In other words, the sequencer follows the tempo of the tracks you're playing or creating.

What is MIDI ?

MIDI means 'Musical Instrument Digital Interface' and is a protocol used to exchange data between electronic musical instruments and computers. This protocol enables instruments to communicate with each other.

To connect electronic instruments to computers you use commercial available MIDI cables, which have 5-pin male DIN connectors on each side. Each instruments or sequencer should be set to Slave so it receives the speed-pulse from the mixer. The range of the BPM that can be transmitted is from 40 to 250 BPM, lower or higher rates will be limited to these maximum values.

Pioneer DJM-700 Beat Effects SectionBeat Effects

The quality of the effects is 96kHz/24-bit, which is the same technology as used in the DJM-800. Meaning that there are 24-bit A/D converters used and all internal processing is done at 32-bits. There are 9 different effects and 4 Roll Sampler effects possible, off course you can also connect any other effect units via the Send/Return option.

The effects and the Roll Sampler are linked to the tempo of the tracks you're playing by the build in BPM counter. Use the Beat (<Winking my eye and Beat (>Winking my eye buttons toe select the right measure to apply effects to.

  1. Delay
  2. Echo
  3. Trans
  4. Filter
  5. Flanger
  6. Phaser
  7. Reverb
  8. Robot (Pitch/Vocoder)
  9. CrushBrand New Feature, World First
  10. Roll (simple sampler)Brand New Feature, World First
  11. Reverse Roll (reverse sampler)Brand New Feature, World First
  12. Roll Pitch UpBrand New Feature, World First
  13. Roll Pitch DownBrand New Feature, World First
  14. Off course it is possible to set the effect section on Send/Return so you can use any external effects unit you would like.


Channel Select Switch

You can assign the effect section to any audio channel there is : Channels 1~4, Microphone Cross Fader side A, Cross Fader Side B and the Master.


Changes the time parameter of the effect manually for even more creativity.


Although the exact functionality varies a little bit, this is the amount of effect you add to the original signal.

Toggle On/Off

With an illuminated button the Effects section can instantly be toggled on and off. Use this on the beat for lots of cool combinations.

Pioneer DJM-700-s Channel and Mic SectionInput Selector

Switch between Line, Phono input. In total you can hook up to 3 Phono's, 5 lines and 2 Mic's to the Pioneer DJM-700. The DJM-700 does NOT have digital inputs.

Gain Trim

The Gain Trim has a range from infinite (silent) to +9db. The most optimal setting of the Trim is around 12 O'clock (0dB).

Channel EQ Range
Treble -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 13 kHz)
Mid -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 1 kHz)
Bass -26 ~ +6 dB (@ 70 Hz)

Pioneer DJM-1000 EQ rangingIn horizontal position to the left, the EQ is cut down to about -12dB. When you rotate further down than horizontal to the left, the frequency of the EQ 'killed' to a level of -26 dB. The last part is in a logarithmical scale.

If you want to gently fade in a track you might want to start with the EQ at about 'a-quarter-to' (pointing to the left)

Mic 1 and Mic 2 Level

These control the level of the microphones you've connected. You can connect a microphone with an XLR-type connector on the top left of the mixer. At the backside you will also find the 6.3mm Jack-type connector for the second microphone.

Hi and Low

you have a little bit of control over the sound adjustments for the Microphone inputs with these two knobs.

Bass -12 ~ +12 dB (100 Hz)
Treble -12 ~ +12 dB (10 kHz)

And off course there are these obvious controls available :

  • Master Rotary
    Instead of a fader, the DJM800 has a rotary control for the master level.
    This will prevent you from making accidental mistakes due to your sleeves or other miss-grabbing.

  • Balance
    Sets the positions of the sound from left to right, when centered you feel a click.

  • Booth Monitor
    Control the Monitor Output for your monitor speakers.

  • Cross Fader A/B Selector

    Use to route a channel to the designated site of the Cross Fader.
    When THRU is selected, the Cross Fader is bypassed.

  • Microphone Selector
    With this switch in the most left position (OFF) the microphone signal is muted and not hearable on the master. The same effect as if the Mic Level is set to infinite. When set to the center position (ON) that microphone signal is mixed with the Master, the level is set by the Mic Level rotary.

    The most right position (TALK OVER) activates an input controlled mute, also called Talk Over. When a sound is detected on the Microphone Input higher than -15dB all channels will be attenuated with -20dB.

Pioneer DJM-700 Demo Video

What do you think about Pioneer DJM-700 (s) ??

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There are 37 Comments

  Flag Dj_Fantasy wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 00:00
  Flag NielsR wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 00:00
Wow, is dze nu beter of slechter dan de djm 800
  Flag Yorick wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 00:01
Yeahh hoeveel gaat die kosten?
  Flag Jorrit wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 00:09
@ Fettibamba: Wat denk je zelf? 800 - 100 = 700...
  Flag VmaX wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 01:14
Volgens mij slechter kijk al maar naar de in- en uitgangen => veel minder dan op de djm800. Maar misschien zijn er andere dinges die hem beter maken.
  Flag OneSixty wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 01:29
is zeker voor mensen die geen 800 kunnen betalen ...

maar hij blijft mooi :P
  Flag Dalique wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 01:45
  Flag Lead wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 02:53
  Flag Luxx wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 07:21
strak design:D
  Flag djfuse wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 08:26
  Flag Ferrox wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 09:56
3 seconden te laat met posten lead Winking my eye

Leuk mixertje. Alleen als hij volledig digitaal is, waarom dan toch geen digitaal in?
Moet de gehele post nog lezen maar dat doe ik vanavond wel. Moet zo naar school Winking my eye
  Flag PeterSynman wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 10:42
That is so AWSOME!
  Flag Snaip wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 11:13
Looking real nice!

But why RCAs on the BoothConfused
  Flag stevew wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 12:09

Lead, weeral een zeer goede presentatie met film bij hé maat, het ziet er zeer goed uit!!
Good Job!!!!

  Flag bramv wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 15:07
ziter er nice uit
1 member likes this  
  Flag Bastian wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 18:00
Mooie mixer, ben wel benieuwd naar de prijs. Filmpje ziet er iig top uit!
  Flag Ghost-Andries wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 19:31
ziet er echt een top mixer uit!! ben nieuwd naar de prijs.
baath wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 22:09
nederlands leest toch stukej makkelijker :d
  Flag XunnD wrote on 28-08-2007 @ 22:19
Great looking mixer. Gonna buy this one when it's released if the price is okay.

@Lead: good job with the video.
  Flag Armin_Schwarz wrote on 29-08-2007 @ 14:14
WOW Shock Cry
  Flag yevgen wrote on 29-08-2007 @ 16:42

             To LEAD:
        Do you know approximate price line for this unit?
  Flag DjStijn wrote on 30-08-2007 @ 15:32
ik mis de digital in:O
  Flag Stephan_ wrote on 04-09-2007 @ 00:45
The DJM-700's BPM counter can be used to sync the MIDI chain. In other words, the sequencer follows the tempo of the tracks you're playing or creating.

Begrijp ik het nou goed? Heeft de DJM 700 een midi clock waarmee je b.v. Ableton Live kan syncen met de BPM van je CDJ? Dat heeft de 800 toch niet of toch ook?
  Flag RAS wrote on 07-09-2007 @ 03:48
Ik snap hier niks van. Wat is de doelgroep van dit mixertje? Mensen die net niet de beste mixer willen hebben?
Als je niet genoeg geld hebt (zoals ik) was er al de djm600. Voor de mensen met een grote portomonee heb je de djm800. Komen ze nu met iets wat daar tussen in zit. Als ik iets beters wil dan de djm600 ga ik wel gewoon voor de djm800 hoor. die 300 euro (gokje) kan er dan ook nog wel bij.
  Flag Lanky wrote on 12-09-2007 @ 23:35
ik snap het zelf ook niet helemaal.

wat is het verschil tussen de djm600 en de 700 dan? in mijn ogen zijn ze precies hetzelfde.
los van het feit dat de 700 er een stuk mooier uit ziet, maar daar zullen ze wel een glimmiddeltje voor gebruikt hebben haha.
Winston wrote on 15-09-2007 @ 15:44
Ik zou de zwarte versie willen. Daar staat aan de rechterkant

Lijkt me de opvolger van de DJM-600. Als die verdwijnt zal jhij wel een stukje goedkoper worden hoop ik.
  Flag RoyBeware wrote on 23-09-2007 @ 22:10
:D wowie mooi mixertje..
En vooral het begin van de demo video is vet met die blauwe gloed :D...

Volgensmij wordt dit ook wel een leuk mixertje voor wie de 400 te klein is en de 800 te duur.
  Flag Day-One wrote on 26-09-2007 @ 09:29
wat is de richtprijs?
  Flag Lead wrote on 02-10-2007 @ 22:59
Suggested Retail price for the DJM-700 in Europe is 1.499,- euro. Suspected street price around 1300,-
  Flag the-melody wrote on 03-10-2007 @ 19:44
whooosj daar heb je een xone 92/djm800 voor...
  Flag donkey wrote on 28-12-2007 @ 13:56
ziet vet uit Cry
  Flag Phenix wrote on 09-05-2008 @ 15:04

Deze mixer heeft dan weer een functie om de frequentie van je effect te veranderen d.m.v. de filter knop.

  • Nieuw is de Manual Filter waarmee je een low en high pass filter kunt besturen. De Manual Filter heeft een dubbele  functie. Het kan ook de frequentie veranderen waarop de effecten uit de Beat Effects sectie werken.

En je hebt een (nieuw) effect: Crush, deze had je op de djm-800 ook al, maar nu is hij gelinkt aan de BPM.

  • Ook is er een nieuw effect toegevoegd aan de Beat Effects sectie, namelijk 'Crush'. Het geluid van dit effect klinkt als de Crush op de DJM-800, maar het verschil is dat dit nieuwe effect aan de BPM teller is gelinkt.
  Flag andypsylon wrote on 02-06-2009 @ 22:10
vandaag binnengekomen gewoon een prachtmixerCool
  Flag Chapron wrote on 14-07-2009 @ 23:56
De mjine heb ik nu een maand of twee en ik ben er super tevreden over!
  Flag Joachim05 wrote on 11-12-2010 @ 19:45
Geen tijd gehad om de review te leze, moet weg, ma kan je deze mixer aansluite aan labtop en een playlist met songs op de labtop afspele op de mixer?
  Flag Gilloso wrote on 03-04-2011 @ 22:48
heb de mijne donderdag besteld komt morgen heb ik hem Winking my eye grtz
  Flag Deaf_Factz wrote on 15-08-2011 @ 21:57
@ Joachim05

Je kunt niet via laptop een playlist afspelen, maar wel via de mixer bijvoorbeeld virtual dj of traktor enz.. besturen.

(Correct me if i'm wrong!)
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