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When you're Technics SL1200MK2 turntable has a small failure and you're able to handle a solder weld and screwdriver you might consider doing some small repairs own handed to save some money. Off course this DJ Topics is only meant for informational purposes and DJResource cannot be held responsible for any damage that might be the result if you try something out and mess up.

Also be aware that by opening a compartment of the SL1200 you void your warranty !

Technics SL1200 top Cover

Opening the Top Section

First remove the Platter. Pull with 2 hands at both holes straight up. If it seems stuck, keep applying upwards force with one hand and tab the center pin gently with the back of a screwdriver. Now the Platter will pop off to expose the cover of the brain of the SL1210MK2.

In the DJ Topic Technics Direct Drive Principle you can find a more detail explanation of the circuit board that's hidden underneath. That section will also go into detail of all electronics and functions that are located on that circuit board.

Technics turned over and stacked on CD'sPlace the SL1200 upside down on a desk

Before you turn the turntable upside down you need to remove everything from the top that's attached to it :

Counter Weight

Headshell (not really necessary, but you can't be to careful)
45 RPM Adapter
Dust cover (lift it out of the hinges)
Lock the Arm in the Arm Rest
Make sure that the top of the Arm does NOT touch the desk

Place 2 stacks with each 6 CD's on the desk and rotate the turntable. Place it on the stacks of CD's, aim it so that the SL rests with flat surfaces on the CD's. All weight should be on the stacks of CD's and not on the Tone arm.

Click to Enlarge Technics SL1200 Bottom with ScrewsOpening the bottom side

Remove the 4 feet of the Technics turntableYou need to remove the 4 feet first to gain access to the 4 longer screws that hold the corners firmly to the chassis.

After unscrewing ALL of them (21 screws) leave them in their place. This will make reassembly a lot easier. As there are 3 types of screws used sorting them again is a job that can be avoided.

This amount of screw is needed to make the body of the SL as heavy and solid as possible. All the mass weight reduces the effects of feedback and shock and improve stability.

Only for models earlier than around 1990
When you have a recent model/version of the SL12xx you are lucky and you can stop reading this topic. Only the older models (before around 1990) have the need to remove even more screws to gain access to the Arm Assy. Normally you should skip this part.

Technics inside cover on the older modelsDifferent designs of the inner side

Depending on the building year of the Technics SL1200/1210MK2 the design of the base might be different. In the newer models (after around 1990) the base is re-designed so it holds all extra weight. In the older models there is a second cover that need to be removed before your can remove the complete Tone arm Assy.

This secondary cover only needs to be unscrewed when the Arm Assy needs to be removed and can be done by unscrewing 6 screws. You don't need to remove the 4 screws that hold the hinge to the base so leave those like they are. You might even consider to tighten them before you close up the SL again later.

What's Next ?

Now this is done, you can now read :
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