Pioneer EFX-500 EFX-1000 Comparison  Overview of the main differences.

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Pioneer DJ Product
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Pioneer creates two pieces of equipment that allows the DJ to add more juice to his mixes. By adding some sound effects this can really give an extra push to a DJ's performances. By overdoing it though it can really ruin your set. A wise DJ uses effects at intervals and not too much too close after eachother.

An Effector is connected on a Pioneer DJM mixer to the Send and Return connections at the rear side. When you use a different type of mixer you should also look for a Send/Return, Loop In/Out or Aux connection.

Comparison Chart

To make it easy to see the real differences between the older EFX-500 and the new EFX-1000 here are the features of both Effectors next to eachother.
EFX-1000 EFX-500
General Dimension
Audio Unit Sampling Rate
A/D D/A Resolution
Frequency Characteristics
20Hz to 22kHz
20Hz to 22kHz
0.01% or less
0.007% or less
Head Room
Input Level
Output Level
Input Connector Line In(RCA) yes yes
Line In(1/4 inch Phone) yes yes
Digital In(Coaxial) yes* no
Midi In(Din) yes yes
Output Connector Line Out(RCA) yes yes
Line Out(1/4 inch Phone) yes yes
Digital Out(Coaxial) yes* no
Midi Out(Din) yes yes
Other Connector Pioneer System Link yes no
Foot Switch yes no
Beat Effects Delay yes yes
Echo yes yes
Pitch Echo yes* no
Trans yes yes
Flanger yes yes
Filter yes* no
Phaser yes* no
Pan no yes*
3 Band Effect Frequency yes yes
Beat Button 8 6
BPM Effect yes yes
Rhythm Effect yes* no
Depth Dial yes yes
Character Dial yes* no
Mix Ratio Dial yes yes
Digital Jog Break Jet yes yes
Wah yes yes
Phase Shifter yes* no
Ring yes yes
Zip yes yes
Humanizer yes* no
Vocoder yes* no
Fuzz no yes*
Jog Memory Play Single yes yes
Jog Memory Play Loop yes* no
Hold yes yes
Depth Dial yes yes
Character Dial yes* no
Mix Ratio Dial yes* no
Other Function 3Band Isolator no yes*
Signal Flow Change Switch yes* no
Midi Operation yes* no
Midi Timing Clock yes yes
Bypass yes* no
Head Phone no yes*

The EFX-1000 offers 2 more beat effects on the left side of the panel. The EFX-500 has isolator EQ's like the DJM-1000. The jog effects section of the EFX-1000 has 2 more jog effects and you can adjust the wet/dry setting for the jog effects. The EFX-1000 gives you the possibility to change the direction of the sound (first the beat effects, then the jog effects or the other way around).

Also a major improvement of the EFX-1000 is the improved sound quality. It features the same 32-bit DSP that the DJM-800 and the DJM-1000 have. The EFX-1000 is also the only piece of gear besides the DJM-1000 that has the Pioneer System Link for maximum sound quality and flexibility. The Crossfader of the DJM-1000 controls the Jog paramater of the Jog effects section of the EFX-1000.

In Short : The EFX-1000 offers more effects and more possibilities at a far better sound quality level than the EFX-500.

What do you think about Pioneer EFX-500 EFX-1000 Comparison ??

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  Flag Revcracker wrote on 02-04-2007 @ 03:08

         Hi,Ich habe EFX-1000 auf endtlich zu gekaufen!!!
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