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Submitted by Lead  Flag on 11-02-2007 19:02
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Pioneer creates a few pieces of equipment that allows the DJ to add more effects to the mix. By adding some sound effects this can really give an extra push to a DJ's performances. By overdoing it though it can really ruin your set. A wise DJ uses effects at intervals and not too much too close after eachother.

Pioneer EFX and RMX-series

An Effector is connected on a Pioneer DJM mixer to the Send and Return connections at the rear side. When you use a different type of mixer you should also look for a Send/Return, Loop In/Out or Aux connection.

Differences in features

The following chart shows you a side by side comparison of these Effectors, supported features will have checkbox or description that mentions details of the features. If there is no info in the chart, the features is not available on that model.

As the EFX-series and the RMX-series have a big variation in features they offer so a real head to head comparison is not possible as there is more than 10 years between the introduction of these products.

Pioneer DJ EFX and RMX Effector Comparison Chart





Pioneer DJ EFX-500 Pioneer DJ EFX-1000 Pioneer DJ RMX-500 Pioneer DJ RMX-1000
Availablility discontinued discontinued discontinued active model
Introduction 1998 2005 2014 2012
SRP in Europe ( € ) 549,- 999,- 419,- 729,-
Extended info Pioneer EFX-500 Pioneer EFX-1000


Sample Rate 44.1kHz 96kHz 48kHz 48kHz
A/D D/A Resolution 16bit 24bit 24bit 24bit
Frequency Range 20Hz - 22kHz 20Hz - 22kHz 20Hz - 20kHz 20Hz - 20kHz
Distortion (THD) <0.01% <0.007% <0.006% <0.005%
Headroom ? 19dB 20dB 20dB
Level Adjust -10dB/+4dB -10dB/+4dB  


3 Band EQ Isolator    
Signal Flow Control    
MIDI Operation  
MIDI Clock Pulse    
Release FX


Vinyl Brake, Echo, Backspin


Vinyl Brake, Echo, Backspin

BPM Effects

BPM FX Effects


Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger, Pan


Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger, Pitch Echo, Pitch, Phaser


Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay, Offset
Timing Select


1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1


1/8 , 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1, 2/1, 4/1, 8/1
Rhythm timing  
Tempo Tap button        
Depth Control    
Mix ratio Control      
Character Control  
Effect Frequency Select 3 Bands 3 Bands
Beat Sequencer 4 Beats 4 Beats
Sequencer Samples Kick, Snare, Clap, HiHat, Cymbal Kick, Snare, Clap, hiHat (4 Banks)

Jog Filter FX

Filter FX


Jet, Zip, Wah, Ring, Fuzz


Jet, Zip, Wah, Ring, Phase Shifter, Humanizer, Vocoder


Mod, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up, Reverb Up, HPF, LPF, Zip, Spiral Down, Reverb Down


BPF Echo, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up, Reverb Up, HPF Echo, LPF Echo, Crush Echo, Spiral Down, Reverb Down
Jog Memory Play Single    
Jog Memory Play Loop  
Depth Control       Sub1
Mix ratio Control  
Character Control     Sub2


Inputs Jack, RCA, MIDI Jack, RCA, Digital, MIDI RCA Jack, RCA
Outputs Jack, RCA, MIDI Jack, RCA, Digital, MIDI RCA Jack, RCA
Other Connections Foot switch, System Link USB USB
SD Card Storage  
X-pad Strip  
Power Supply 220V Cord 220V Plug Adapter DC 5V Adapter DC 5V
Dimensions (WxDxH) 278 x 225 x 84 mm 320 x 234 x 101 mm 306 x 132 x 67 mm 334 x 157 x 57 mm
Weight 2.0 kg 2.4 kg 1 kg 1.3 kg






Pioneer EFX-500 vs EFX-1000

The EFX-1000 offers 2 more beat effects and 2 more Jog effects, also the EFX-1000 has more adjustments (like dry/wet) for the effects. On the other hand, the EFX-500 has isolator EQ's like the DJM-1000. The EFX-1000 gives you the possibility to change the direction of the sound (first the beat effects, then the jog effects or the other way around).

A major improvement of the EFX-1000 is the improved sound quality. It features the same 32-bit DSP that the DJM-800 and the DJM-1000 have. The EFX-1000 is also the only piece of gear besides the DJM-1000 that has the Pioneer System Link for maximum sound quality and flexibility. The Crossfader of the DJM-1000 controls the Jog paramater of the Jog effects section of the EFX-1000.

In Short : The EFX-1000 offers more effects and more possibilities at a far better sound quality level than the EFX-500.

Pioneer RMX-500 vs RMX-1000

The RMX-1000 has a totally different layout and, next to the simular Scene FX Filters, different type of effects. Both have the same 3 Release FX, but RMX-1000 has a 3 position lever to activate it in 3 steps of 'aggression'.

The right side of both the RMX500 and the RMX1000 is dedicated to the Scene FX, which are the manual filters. Both have 5 build-up and 5 build-down filters, the RMX-1000 has 2 parameter knobs for more customizations of the filter.

On the left side the RMX-500 has 5 BPM synced effects and a small sequencer to make a 4-beat loop with the 5 build in sounds. The RMX-1000 also has the sequencer only 4 samples, but you can also have 4 additional banks of 4 custom samples, also the X-pad strip can be used to 'roll' your beat.

The 3 rotary knobs control the 4 manual filters you can select, rotating left and right has different effects on the sound.

In Short : The RMX-1000 offers different filters, a more advanced sequencer/Roll with the X-Pad, SD card storage of preferences and setting. Quality wise both RMX's are in comparable with eachother, but the EFX-1000 goes much more in depth with control of the effects it has.

What do you think about EFX & RMX Comparison 500-1000 ??

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  Flag Revcracker wrote on 02-04-2007 @ 03:08

         Hi,Ich habe EFX-1000 auf endtlich zu gekaufen!!!
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