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  Denon DN-S3500  Motorized Platter with high Torque

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 27-04-2007 01:14
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Denon - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Denon DN-S3500

Rotating Platter

Denon has improved their previous players with this kind of Jog (DN-S3000 and DN-S5000) by taking the rotating-platter principle to the next level with the DN-S3500. The Denon DN-S3500 is designed to be a digital turntable that can be handled as such. It features a Direct Drive rotating platter, Scratch and Jog Effects, a Sampler and more.


Denon DN-S3500 Product image


Product Type
CD Player for DJs
Type of Discs
Disc Format
CD, CD-R and CD-RW
15 seconds
Sample Frequency
44.1 kHz
Sample Pitch Range
± 24%
Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
0.01 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
90 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
19 W
Dimensions (WxDxH)
300 x 327 x 124 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
5,5 kg


Heavy Duty Engine

The heavy platter is powered by a powerful 12-pole Direct Drive motor. The brushless DC motor has a starting torque of 2.5 kg/cm and via the Preferences Menu you can change the rotation speed between 33 and 45 RPM.

This motor is made with the same principle as the Technics SL-series turntables. It only lacks the detection coils in the platter.

The Slip Mat can be replaced easily with any of your own creations. You can also mount a 7" single on it with a special adapter.

Denon DN-S3500 Motor engine

MP3 Playback

The DN-S3500 can playback almost every MP3 file all though the maximum pitch range is 16%. You can use CBR or VBR to encode your tracks. On the disc you can make folder, and folders in folder up to 8 levels deep. There can be a maximum of 999 files on the disc, but if you come close to this you might want to consider thee quality of the tracks.

When using MP3 music that is compressed using VBR (Variable Bit Rate) there are some limitation in functionality and the player in general gets a little slower. This is caused by the decompression time that is used for working with VBR tracks.


Cue Point

Denon defines the Cue Point as : the position from where the playback has started. To set a Cue Point you need to pause playback at the point where you would like to have your Cue Point. After that you can rotate the Jogwheel to set it exactly right. Then press Play and the Cue Point is stored.

The functionality of the Play button can be changed to 'Other' via the Preferences Menu. So if you're used the to the Pioneer way this makes life easy and avoids mistakes.

You cannot set a Cue Point when the player is in playback mode and you hold the disc. The DN-S needs to be in pause to remember the Cue point, no matter which mode you are in.

When you press the Cue Button in pause or in playback, the DN-S3500 returns to the Cue Point and plays from there as long as you keep the Cue Button pressed. This is also called Stutter Play.

Denon DN-S3500 Cue and Play Button


The Fader Start on the DN-S3500 works with all Denon and Pioneer mixers. You simply connect a mono mini-jack to mini-jack cable to the mixer and the CD player, read this Faderstart Topic. Make sure that you've set a Cue Point on the DNS3500 and that the faderstart is active for the channel you're using.


Parameter / Track Skip Knob

On the right is a rotary Parameter Knob, this is used to skip tracks back and forth by rotating it one click. When pressed down and rotated the track number will increase with 10 per click. In the preference menu there is a setting to block track skipping while the DNS3500 is playing which can be turned on.

When any of the Effects are activated you can change the effect's parameter with this knob.

Next Button

When you press this button before you rotate the parameter knob you can select the next track that the DN-S3500 should play. In the preset menu you can set the length of the crossfader (Off, 1,2 or 3 seconds). The crossfader is performed when you press the parameter to confirm the selected track or when the end of the track is reached.

Denon DN-S3500 Parameter Knob


Effects Knob

When any of the effects are activated (do this by pressing on the desired button) the Effects knob can be used to change the mix between the original signal and the signal after the effect is applied. In the display you will see an indicator moving in the display as you rotate the knob.

When the Effect Parameter is used to change the time parameter of an effect you can return to the default value by pressing it once shortly.


The BPM counter makes sure that the effects are linked to the speed of the music you are playing. When the automatic BPM counter is disappeared you can reactivate it by pressing the TAP button for 1 second.

You can also use the TAP button to override the auto BPM counter. When you press it a few times (5-10) the BPM counter will be set to the required tempo.

When the TAP button is held pressed for more than 2 seconds, the Manual In mode is activated and you can use the Effects knob to change it.

3 Effects

There are 3 tempo synced effects onboard, parameters for the effects are changed with the Parameter knob on the right of the Jog.

Denon DN-S3500 Effect Section


Rehearses or repeats the last played audio. An echo usually declines in volume until it's totally faded out.

With the Effects Knob you can feedback the audio to create an infinite echo. This can also be seen as the depth of the echo. The Parameter Knob is used to set the time (length) of the echo, measured in beats (1/4, 1/2, etc.).


Is an effect with a jet-like characteristic. You could describe it as 'there flies a plane through the music'. The length/time of the wave is set with the Parameter Knob, the same way as the Loop. The level or strength of the Flanger is set with the Effects Knob.


Adds one of the filter types to the audio. You can change the filter type with the Parameter Knob. The frequency at which the filter works can be adjusted with the Effects Knob.

Scratch Direction

With the little black switch you can select the Scratch Direction. This can be set to FWD so you will only heard the Forward Scratch sound. When Both is set, you hear the scratch sound in both direction, this is the normal operation mode of the Platter.


Platter Effects

The platter is used for a lot of things. The most obvious one is that it can spin while using playback. Use the button on the right bottom of the platter [Platter Source] to toggle the mode to: Main (lights up in orange) and Sampler (lights up in green).

The Platter of the DNS3500 can be used like a regular vinyl deck should be handled with. You can use the top Slipmat to scratch and search through the track by rotating it. Use the metal platter to apply pitch corrections.

Besides scratching and cueing you can also use three extra Platter Effects :

Denon DN-S3500 Platter Effects


Simulate the power down of an analogue turntable when you press the Pause Button.
The length of the Brake Effect can be set with the Parameter Knob.


Playback in reverse for the specified time (use the Parameter Knob). The point of activation is also used as playback point when the Dump Effect is deactivated, without losing elapsed time. Each press of the Dump button will toggle the playback direction.


Playback in reversed direction, the Platter will also rotate in the opposite direction : counter clockwise.
Each press of the Reverse button will toggle playback in reverse and forward mode.

Design your own Slipmat

There is an easy way to design and create your own Slipmats. Denon used to offer a Word document with a template, unfortunately this is no longer available on the Denon DJ website and we could not obtain a copy of this file. But is should be fairly simple to make a round design and make it fit the platter.

Remove the black C-clamp first by pulling straight in the direction of the arrow as seen in this picture. Then pull up the clear disc to remove it. Add the paper slipmat underneath the clear scratch disc and reassemble.

When you reassemble, be sure you put the c-clamp on the right way. There is a little arrow on the clear disc, you should slide it on from that side. For slick performance you can also add another layer of plastic underneath the fabric slipmat if you want.

Denon DN-S3500 Platter C Clamp


To adjust the pitch you need to move the pitch fader. The scale of the pitch can be switched to 4% (0.02%), 10% (0.05%), 16% (0.1%), 24% and 50% and 100% (1%). When to Pitch/Range button is pressed for over 1 second the pitch range can be selected with the Parameter Knob. When using MP3 music, the maximum Pitch Range is 16%.

You can bend the pitch in 3 ways : gently handle the Platter by hand in scratch mode or in bend mode or by using the Pitch Bend buttons below the pitch fader. Handling with the buttons is more precise, doing it by hand is the old-fashion way.

Denon DN-S3500 Pitch Section


Loop and Hot Start

You can use 2 Hot Starts/ Hot Loops on the DN-S3500. The A1 and A2 buttons are used to record two Hot Cue's, when the B button is pressed after the A1 or A2 button the DN-S3500 will mark that as a Loop Out point and will start playback of the seamless loop. The A1 and A2 buttons can be used to re-start the loop or Cue.

When the B button is pressed during loop playback or after you've pressed the Exit button, that point will be recorded as the new B (Loop Out) point.

During loop playback you can stop the Loop playback by pressing the Exit/Reloop button. When this button is pressed during normal playback the last played (A1 or A2) loop will be started instantly.

Denon DN-S3500 Hot Start and Loop Features

You can also use the A1 and A2 Loop points to perform stutter playback (like Pioneer's CDJ's). The Loop and Stutter play mode is toggled by pressing the Flip Button.

If the Flip button is kept pressed while you press the A1 or A2 button, the corresponding point is cleared from the memory.

You can adjust the length of a loop by pressing the B Trim button during Loop Playback. You can now use the Jog Wheel to move the Loop Out (B) Point back and forwards. To save the new Loop Out (B) Point you need to press the A1 or A2 button of the loop. The minimal length of a loop is 5 frames.

Internal Memory

You can store up to 5.000 point in the internal memory of the DN-S3500.



The Denon DNS3500 has 1 sample memory of maximum 15 second. The sampling is done at 44.1kHz, which gives the sampler the same quality as a normal audio CD.

Recording and Playback of the sample starts when the Samp. button is pressed. During sample recording the Samp. button will flash and a 15 seconds countdown timer will appear in the display indicating the maximum remaining recording time. After recording the Samp. button will illuminate to indicate a sample is ready to be played.

Denon DN-S3500 Sampler

If the B Button is pressed during the recording of a sample the Loop Out (B) point will be set at the desired point. Recording continuous until the STOP button is pressed or the Loop Memory is full (15 seconds).

When the B Button is pressed during playback of a Loop you can adjust the Loop Out (B) with the Jog Wheel.

The Rev. Button gives you the possibility to toggle the Reversed Playback mode on and off. The playback direction will be changed the next time you (re)start playback of the sample with the Samp. Button. Hold the Rev. Button while pressing the Samp. Button to delete and remove a sample from the memory. You can also keep the Rev Button for more than 1 second to delete a sample from the memory.

The Exit/Reloop button is used to stop Sample Playback when pressed during Sample Playback. Press the Exit/Reloop button after Recording and before playing to toggle the Playback Mode :

  • Loop : Playback of the sample is performed in a loop. Playback will restart at the end of the recording or at the Loop Out (B) Point (is set).
  • Single All : Playback of the sample stops at the end of the recording
  • Single B : Playback of the sample stops at the B (Loop Out) Point.

To adjust the pitch of the Sample you need to press the Pitch/Vol Button. Use the Parameter Knob to change the pitch. If the Parameter Knob is pressed down and rotated the pitch value increased in 10 times bigger steps.

If the Pitch/Vol Button is pressed again you can change the Playback Volume of the sample with the Parameter Knob.

Copy sound from A1/A2 Memory

To clear the Loop Memory you can copy sound from the A1 or A2 point to the Sampler. The Sampler will start with recording from the A1 or A2 point and stops when the maximum length of 15 seconds is reached.

To start the transfer you need to make sure the Loop memory is empty. If not you can clear it by keeping the Rev. Button for more than 1 second.

When the B Button of the sampler is pressed after an A point is stored in the Hot Start/Loop section you can copy from the A1 Point. When the STOP Button of the sampler is pressed after an A point is stored in the Hot Start/Loop section you can copy from the A2 Point.

Preset Menu

When holding the '-preset' button for about 2 seconds you will enter the presets menu where you can adjust all settings to your personal favorite. Rotate the Parameter Knob to select a setting. Press the Parameter Knob to change the setting.

When you rotate the Parameter Knob again it will step through the possible choices. Press the Parameter knob to select the new setting.

  • Cue Mode
    • Denon
      Sets Cue point when Playback is started from Pause Mode
    • Other (Pioneer)
      Sets Cue point when Cue Button is pressed during Pause Mode
  • Auto Cue
    • On
      Sets Cue Point when the first audio is found in a track
    • Off
  • Next Track Time
    • 3, 2 or 1 seconds
      Time used to fade out when Next Track playback is used
    • Off
      No cross fade is made between the playing track and the next
  • Platter Rotation Speed
    • 33 RPM
    • 45 RPM
  • 3/4 Beat Effect
    • On
      Shows 3/4 step in steps list of the Effects
    • Off
  • Jump Time
    • 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds
      Time used to skip when using the Fast Search
  • Pitch Range
    • ± 4%, ± 10%, ± 16%, or ± 24%
      Setting of the pitch range when the player is turned on
  • EOM Time
    • 90, 60, 30, 20, 15 or 10 seconds
    • Off
      Alert message showing before end of the track
  • Fader (Start) Mode
    • Play / Cue (2-line type)
    • Play Pause (1-line type)
      Set the type of faderstart(cable) you are using (depends on your mixer)
  • Power on Play
    • On
      If a disc is inserted, the player will start to play when turned on
    • Off
  • Pitch
    • Pitch On
    • Key Adjust On
    • Pitch Off
      Status of pitch functionality when the player is turned on
  • Play Mode
    • Single
      Plays a track and stops at the end of it
    • Continuous
      Play next track when track end is reached
    • Play Lock
  • Time Mode
    • Elapsed
      Displays elapsed time from disc/folder start
    • Remain
      Displays remaining time of current disc or folder
    • T.Elapsed
      Displays elapsed playing time of current track
    • T.Remain
      Displays remaining time of current track
  • Memo All Clear
    • Clears all stored memory points
      • Push the Parameter knob
      • [Memo CLR?] displays
      • Push the Parameter knob again
      • Select [YES]

What do you think about Denon DN-S3500 ??

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Denon DN-S3500

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There are 19 Comments

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  Flag Lead wrote on 27-04-2007 @ 01:24
  Flag Vibemaster-D wrote on 13-05-2007 @ 19:08
geef mij maar een CDJ1000 van het vertrouwde merk
  Flag DNR wrote on 24-05-2007 @ 10:28
@ vibemaster-D

wat is er dan mis met de denon?
  Flag Luxx wrote on 17-06-2007 @ 14:40
vooral het cue'n vind ik te verschillend om naar denon te veranderen. al was de cue methode hetzelfde zou ik deze mischein wel liever als een pioneer willen

  Flag sucksir wrote on 30-06-2007 @ 16:04
@ Luxx -->Daarom heeft deze Denon ook de mogelijkheid om te kunnen CUE-en zoals op een pioneer..Dus CUEN-en op de Pioneer manier kan..
  Flag Jorrit wrote on 20-07-2007 @ 11:25
Heb jij dat wel eens geprobeerd dan? Wat mij juist ergert is dat de Pioneer methode helemaal niet werkt zoals je zou willen, doordat er geen touch-sensitive jogwheel opzit. Bij de Pioneer leg ik mn vinger op de jog en druk ik op cue, als ik dat bij deze doe moet ik de jog 100% stil houden, anders pakt hij het cue punt niet, erg hinderlijk.
  Flag sucksir wrote on 23-07-2007 @ 15:30
@ Jorrit --> CUE-en met TT's zeik je toch ook niet..CUE-en met de Denon op de PIO-way is een beetje zoals TT's..Zoveel moeilijker is het niet, tis ff anders..Maarja, ik zou ook PIO verdedigen als ik zoveel zou betalen voor zo weinig, haha, je moet niet denken dat je dik wordt afgezet natuurlijk
  Flag DNR wrote on 16-08-2007 @ 20:12
  Flag Natio wrote on 09-11-2007 @ 10:43
heb er ook 2 blijer mee dan toen ik me pioneer had alleen wel even wennen natuurlijk.
  Flag WalterRavensberg wrote on 14-01-2008 @ 20:10
heb zowel met pio als denon veel gedraaid. alle twee erg lekker. pioneer voelt wat slapjes aan, denon wat beter, maarja pioneer heeft minder moeite met copy protect cd's. Is mij wel veel waard!!! ik mis alleen nog een memoslot voor de cue punten en loops...
die 3500 kan trouwens wel meer dan de gemiddelde gebruiker denkt... je moet alleen soms ff het manual d''r bij pakken....
spinse en geluk!!!!
  Flag jorgx wrote on 17-02-2008 @ 09:08
Lastima q no sepa leer en aleman o el idioma en el q publican los comentarios Cry
  Flag denon-dj-jimmy wrote on 26-02-2008 @ 17:42
vibe master. denon is ook een vertrouwd merk bij velen.
  Flag DamnDj wrote on 27-08-2008 @ 22:37
Ik heb er ook 1... Gewelig apparaat... Doordat ik voornamelijk vinyl heb gedraaid altijd, vind ik het een makkelijke overstap omdat je heel makkelijk net als vinyl een track kunt quen. Ook de extraatjes bevallen me goed, hot start, sampler en effecten noem maar op. Een vriend van mij heeft Pioneers en stiekum baalde hij een beetje dat hij zo veel geld heeft uigegeven voor zo weinig. Denon DN-S3500 is gewoon extreem veel waar voor je geld. Moet er trouwens bij opmerken dat ik de mijne uit de Vs heb gehaald waar hij mij slechts 400 euro heeft gekost...
  Flag masterglue wrote on 01-09-2008 @ 13:42
Ik vind de flaggenschip set van Denon (2x dn-s3500 + DN-X1500) veel mooier, dan z'n rivaal(djm800/700 + 2x cdj1000) Cool
  Flag Spicedup wrote on 22-12-2009 @ 00:06
Heb er ook twee staan, en ik heb ook vaak met pioneer gedraaid.. Alletwee echt top cd-spelers. Alleen je hebt met de denons het probleem dat ze toch echt niet te standaart zijn, dus als je in een club staat speel je met wat anders dan je gewend bent.. maar zoals ik al zei, de s3500 is echt heerlijk ( DE NIEUWE S3700 NOG HEERLIJKER, daar staat dan wel weer de cdj-2000 tegenover:P)

  Flag DJ_SEVEN_7_ wrote on 16-11-2011 @ 04:50

Maybe its time to update this thread with Denon DNS 3700's. this mediaplayer kicks A$$
You can do anything you want, its stable, solid and built like a tank!
Cheap in reference to other player on the market

In other words, it a heck of a cool pro toy in the same range as CDJ 2000's

Try it or buy it, you wont regret it, trust me!
  Flag lightsoul wrote on 08-03-2012 @ 19:52
Ik heb een set denon dns 3500 en een mixer pioneer djm 400, Op die denon 3500 zit een digital output.. Kan ik op een of andere manier deze aansluiten op de pioneer djm 400 mixer. ( er staat geen digital in ergens, wel bij de djm 800) Is er een mogelijkheid converter oid?
  Flag roshela wrote on 16-06-2012 @ 02:58
hiii my name is roshela i would like to know where the location where we can buy this denon dns3500 player
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  Flag jhon321 wrote on 28-04-2017 @ 07:20

very good forum for music.

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