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  CDJ/DVJ Firmware upgrade - How to  Current version 2.20

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 20-08-2006 21:08
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Pioneer DVJ/CDJ Upgrade KitIf any new firmware will be made available for Pioneer top-range (CDJ-800MK2, CDJ-1000MK3 and DVJ-1000) this is the way to handle to perfom the update. The pictures used in this topic are from an update with the CDJ-1000MK3, but it works the same way for the other models.

Always first check your current version before you try to upgrade, only upgrade if your current version is lower than the version on the official website :

Burn disc from ISO After downloading the ISO file, use your regular CD burn program to burn a proper disc. Don't put the .ISO file on a CD-R disc, but use the option : 'Burn disc from ISO'.


What does it do?

This new firmware improves BPM measurement and speeds up the measuring process, the later update improve the sound of the Master Tempo and make the player better in reading dirty discs.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Firmware Check
Check the firmware

You can check the firmware version of your CDJ by first turning the unit on and remove the CD from the drive with EJECT. Then keep the Reloop/Exit button pressed for about 10 seconds. In the main display the current firmware version will be shown.

Check if you need the firmware, the most current version is mentioned at the beginning of this topic. You can get get the upgrade on CD rom from your authorised Pioneer dealer after. You can also download the firmware from the Pioneer download website.


Performing the Upgrade

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 upgrade procedure


  1. Remove any SD/MMC card (not for CDJ-800MK2) and CD.
  2. Turn the player OFF
  3. DVJ-1000 and CDJ-1000MK3 : Hold Rec Mode and Reloop/Exit while turning it on. CDJ-800MK2: Hold Beat-2 and Time Mode/AutoCue while turning it on. Hold both untill you see 'No Disc' in the display
  4. Insert the Upgrade CD with the latest firmware version
  5. The CDJ/DVJ will load the firmware. DO NOT TURN OFF while loading, this might damage the CDJ perminently. Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Upgrade show 3 screens
  6. The upgrade is done when 'COMPLETE' is indicated in the display.
  7. Remove the upgrade disc and turn the power off.
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Upgrade Completed This picture is just an example and NOT the most current version firmware !!

What do you think about CDJ/DVJ Firmware upgrade - How to ??

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This content is © 2006-2024 The DJResource...

There are 14 Comments

  Flag Mifex wrote on 21-08-2006 @ 22:35
Is dit ook mogelijk bij de cdj800 mk2
  Flag Lead wrote on 22-08-2006 @ 09:01
No, at this moment this methode is only valid for the CDJ-1000MK3
  Flag Rush wrote on 31-08-2006 @ 21:48
  Flag panic wrote on 26-09-2006 @ 23:41
Zo, gelukt.

Merk het verschil trouwens niet meteen. Ik had er een die al 2.0 had. Die ander had 1.5.
Maar zo zijn we weer up to date.
  Flag remixer wrote on 31-07-2007 @ 10:41
vraagje voor Lead
ik heb 2 nieuwe cdj800mk2's de ene zit v. 1.80 en de andere zit al v.1.90 in dus mijn vraag is wanneer zet pioneer v.1.90 op de site zodat ik die andere speler ook die nieuwe filmware erin kan zetten.
want bij versie 1.90 werkt bij mp3 alles iets sneller
  Flag Luxx wrote on 05-08-2007 @ 14:27
is dit ook bij cdj800 of niet?
  Flag Lead wrote on 07-08-2007 @ 18:15
Nope, alleen de CDJ-800MK2, CDJ-1000MK3 en DVJ-1000 kun je zelf updaten.

Wanneer de 1.9 firmware beschikbaar zal zijn online is nog niet bekend.
  Flag CH13L wrote on 16-09-2007 @ 22:24
Is dit ook mogelijk om te doen op een CDJ1000 eerste versie?
  Flag robbert wrote on 10-10-2007 @ 14:04
Kerel lees eens, ja vraag is nu al 3 keer gesteld en beantwoord..
  Flag Raun wrote on 28-05-2008 @ 19:02
Maybe it's time for updating this topic. The current firmware for CDJ-800mk2 is ver. 2.10 Cry
  Flag BenThwaite wrote on 11-03-2009 @ 21:35
hi i have a error on my deck can any one tell me wot i need to change plz
  Flag Dolivieira wrote on 11-07-2009 @ 21:28
Raun?@ Maybe it's time for updating this topic. The current firmware for CDJ-800mk2 is ver. 2.10 Cry

Ik wou het net zeggen
  Flag LeipeLeon wrote on 14-08-2009 @ 02:39
zag zojuist dat versie 2.30 beschikbaar is:
2. Update Contents:? ? Ver. 2.30: ? ? Improved mp3 playback
  Flag miltinho wrote on 24-01-2012 @ 21:03
I need dj boot software help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for my cdj dmp 555 pioneer
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