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Submitted by Lead  Flag on 22-02-2006 @ 02:02
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Pioneer's successor of the CDJ-1000MK2 : the Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3. The Pioneer CDJ-1000(CDJ-1000MK2) has grown to an Industry standard as it is used by the majority of DJs around the world. World famous people and lots of Top-100 listed DJs have made to switch, partially or complete, from vinyl to CD in the last few years. Lots (probably most) of them say it's the CDJ-1000 that made finally make this choice.

As a matter of fact I think it's safe to say that Pioneer has set the 'Industry Standard' for CD decks that are used on raves and in the clubs. This evolution started somewhere between the first introduction of the CDJ-1000 in August 2001 and the introduction of the CDJ-1000MK3 in March 2006.

The MK3 has Full MP3 compatibility and the overall speed and performance are improved. Supporting both CBR an VBR encoded MP3 music from a data CD. To keep finding your files easy there have been included separate Folder Search buttons to browse back-and-forth in your folder.

Download the Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Demo Video
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Product Image
Product Type
CD Player for DJ's
Type of Discs
Disc Format
Frequency Response
4Hz ~ 20kHz
0.006 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
115 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
27 W
320 x 370 x 105 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
4,2 kg
Operating Manual, Power Cord, Control cord, Forced Eject Pin, SD card 32MB

Connect the CDJ-1000MK3 via the digital connecter when possible

Check your firmware, read here !

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 close viewWith a dial you can now adjust the smoothness /resistance of the Jog Dial. When set in the lightest setting it feels like the CDJ-800 Jog dial. At the indicator you have the optimal setting (my opinion), like the CDJ-1000MK2. There is even the possibility to set it tighter than that... It's what YOU like :D

Both displays have been upgraded. The Jog Display has become larger, brighter and more accurate. Also a redesign of the center ring give scratchers more accurate reading. The main display is now all dot matrix. The waveform has been doubled in length, from 50 to 100 dots and now reads at multi-speed within 20-30 seconds. Once read, the data will be written to the SD Memory card.

The SD Memory card can be used to store waveform information, 3 hot cue's and 100 cue Points per CD for thousands of CD's, depending on the size of card you've inserted. A 32 MB card is included with the CDJ-1000MK3.
The Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 is equipped with 3 Hot Cue's, once set these can be instantly activated. The Hot cue's can be set anywhere on the disc, regardless of the track. Recalling Hot Cue's across several tracks goes instantly and without any latency.

Pioneer  CDJ-1000MK2/CDJ-1000MK3 Jog display compareJog Display

To improve the readability of the CDJ-1000MK3's display, the Jog Display has been mounted some centimeters higher inside of the CDJ 1000MK3's Jog wheel.

This will make the reading angle a lot higher so you can always keep a close eye on the marker and read the display easy.

Also the layout of the display has been made more accurate and better looking. The Cue Marker is bigger and closer to the outer rim.

Also there are 4 dark stripes that mark the white inner ring for accurate cueing while scratching. The Cue Marker itself has been made bigger and brighter.

The space between the Cue Marker and the segmented ring is now smaller so the position can be judged more accurate.

Overall the new Jog Display gives you more precise information in a brighter way.

Format Compatibility

CBR & VBR MP3 files [.mp3]


Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and a bit rate from 32 Kbps to 320 Kbps


Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz and a bit rate from 16 Kbps (stereo) to 160 Kbps

ID3 Tags : Versions 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4. Display will show Title, Album, etc.

File Compatibility

You can playback music files on the CDJ-1000MK3 in MP3 Format. A CD that contains MP3 files is restricted to these parameters:

feature Folder tree is max. 8 levels deep

feature Max. number of folders on disc (CD/DVD) : 2.000
feature Max. files on disc (CD/DVD) : 3.000
feature Max. files per format (CD/DVD) : 999

feature Max. number of folders on media (SD/USB) : 10.000
feature Max. files on media per folder (SD/USB) : 10.000

feature CD-R Recording : ISO9660 CD-ROM file system, Disc At Once or Track At Once
feature Multi Session : Not supported, only the first session can be played.

Full MP3 Support (CBR/VBR)

The Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 makes it possible to play MP3 music from a data-CD in 2 formats: Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rat (VBR). The advantage of VBR is that you save a little space. On an average CD you might be able to put 120 tracks, instead of 100 when using CBR.

Although the CDJ1000MK3 is fully compatible with VBR, the Cue and Search functions will operate a little slower with VBR when compared to an Audio CD or CBR. So if you want keep operating fast, use CBR (Constant Bit Rate) to encode your MP3's.  

Some tips I would like to give when you are preparing your files :

feature Use CBR to compress your tracks and DO NOT USE VBR
feature Give clear filenames in formats like : Artist - Title.mp3
feature Add ID3 tags right after conversion so you don't forget
feature Burn CD's at a low speed (4x or 8x), this makes your discs easier to read
feature Use folder as less as possible, I only use folders in the root

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Jog Feeling Adjust knobJog Wheel feeling Adjust

The revolutionary Jog Dial of the Pioneer CDJ1000MK3 makes it possible for you to adjust the actual resistance of the Jog wheel by rotating a knob.

It can vary between the very loose feeling of the CDJ-800 to the direct and smooth feeling the the CDJ-1000MK2. This feature will be limited to the top-level MK3 only.

Faster Searching using the Jog

When you are holding the Track Search button Track Backwards/Track Forwards and rotate the Jog you will scroll very fast through the discs index. 1 Rotation skips about 30 tracks.

When you hold down the regular Search button Search Backwards/Search Forward and rotate the Jog dial, you will search at a faster speed. Fast Search is performed in the direction of which the jog is rotated so it can also be done backwards.

In both cases (track or regular search), it doesn't matter which direction of the Search Buttons you press (Search Backwards/Search ForwardorTrack Backwards/Track Forwards), the direction of the rotation of the Jog determines the direction how to skip.

Waveform and Playing Address Bar

This Pioneer invention has been revolutionary improved. The length of the Waveform is much longer than that of the MK2. Besides the fact that it takes a lot more space on the display, the resolution has been improved from 50 dots (MK2) to 100 dots (MK3). Also the gaps that occurred on the MK2 has been removed so that the Waveform of the MK3 gives a more accurate reading.

Track display

On the display you can now always see how many tracks there are on the disc. Next to the current playing tracks number, the CDJ-1000MK3 displays how much 'ALL' tracks are.

Below is the Waveform for the same track shown on both decks.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Waveform Display
50 dots
60mm length
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 current Track number
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Waveform Display
100 dots
90mm length
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 current Track number

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 and MK3 Displays Compared to eachother

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 has a handy and fast Folder Search ButtonsetFolder Search & MP3 Playback

MP3 Playback is added to the feature list of the CDJ 1000MK3. Due to the size of an MP3, a huge amount of tracks can be put on a CD (over 100 tracks @ CBR192k).

To keep navigation easy and fast, there are 2 buttons that can be used to change folders. The folder name is rapidly displayed on the display so your tracks are easy approachable.

When you create MP3 files from your vinyl's you should always do this at the highest quality possible. There are lots of stories about what's the best. A good start point is a Constant Bit Rate set to 320 kbps.

VBR Support

VBR is another way of compression than CBR. With Variable Bit Rate the compression is done with a non-constant bitrate. The Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 is fully compatible with this format, although some features might perform a bit slower. This is due to the CPU hungry character of VBR.

Cue Stutter Continue

Just like on any CDJ you can use the Cue Button to sample play from your Cue Point. As long as you hold the Cue Button the CDJ plays the track from the Cue Point onwards. When the cue Button is released the CDJ instantly returns to the Cue point and is ready for a restart. Continue playing after you used the Cue Stutter was until recently impossible.

As introduced on the CDJ-200, the CDJ-1000MK3 also provides a way to solve this. When you are holding the Cue Button and the CDJ is playing, you can continue by simultaneously pressing the Play Button once. When you now release the Cue Button playing will continue. Nice to help you out when you just stuttered to much. (See the CDJ-200 Demo Video to see this in action)

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3  Eject buttonEject Canceling & Auto Resume Play

When you press the EJECT button, playback will stop and the player prepares for the Eject.

Before it shows you 'EJECT' (about 1 second), you can cancel the Eject by pressing the Play Button. This will not stop the sound from stopping, but it continuous playing a lot faster than when it would perform a full Eject.

When the disc does get ejected and is inserted it again, playback will continue from the point where it was ejected (track number and time is remembered). This point is being stored in the memory of the CDJ for as long as no other CD is inserted, or the power has been turned down.

Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 Hot Cue ButtonsHot Cue & Hot Loop

It is possible to record a Cue Point to a Hot Cue. Just press record and the A, B and C will lit up red, indicating that you will record a new Hot Loop/cue when you press any of these buttons.

When the player is in Loop Play, a Hot Loop will be recorded under the button you've pressed. When that player is NOT in Loop Play (or paused in a Loop) a normal Hot Cue is recorded.

There is no need to delete a Hot Cue/Loop, simply overwrite an existing one.

The last used Hot cue's/Loops will be written on the SD Memory card (when used). When a disc is inserted with pre-recorded Hot Cue's, they will flash. When you press it once, the Hot Cue or Loop will be loaded (this takes a second, in the mean while, arm the other Hot Cue's as well.

And there are also the already familiar features that you will find on about any CDJ, DVJ or CMX product:

"Wide" Pitch Control

The pitch control function has an incredible range of +100/- 100% for audio CD's and -100% / +70% for MP3 Cd's. This means that you can use new sound effects from opposite ends of the sound spectrum and also match the BPM of their played track with virtually any other music. When combined with the Master Tempo functionality of the CDJ the digital effect can be used to uplift your performance even more.

Master Tempo

This world-famous function locks the pitch of a track, even when its speed is changed. DJs can speed up or slow down the beat, without any difference to the sound of the vocals and instruments. The pitch-bends that you do while cueing up your record will be unnoticeable for the audience. This function also makes it possible to mix-in an accapella tracks to a beat, you can pitch-bend the acapella without notice.

Tempo Control

This 100 mm linear high-precision slider is connected to a adjustment indicator on the display panel to give DJs total control and ensure that tempo adjustment is easy and accurate. The accuracy declines when a higher pitch scale is selected

+/- 6% : 0.02%
+/- 10%: 0.05%
+/- 16%: 0.05%
WIDE : 0.5%

Tempo Control Reset

Resets the tempo to 0% or the original tempo of the track, regardless of the slider’s position. The button has been recessed to prevent accidental selection. Play with this function in WIDE pitch range and using the Master Tempo with extreme low pitch (-80%).

BPM Counter

Indicates BPM for the current track. The BPM counter also reads and displays the BPM when the player is in Pause. Without an headphone you can use it to cue up the tracks with an accuracy of 1 BPM, the rest is done with your headphone on your head.


Use this function to playback in reverse, without a loss of tempo or pitch and without stopping or starting the track. Reverse can also be used with the Hot Cue and the Loop Sampler functions to create endless combinations and effects.

Fader Start / Back Cue Start

A track on the CDJ-1000MK3 can be started by sliding the cross fader, if the deck is connected to any Pioneer mixer. Sliding the fader back will return the track to the cue point previously selected on the unit.

Real Time Seamless Loop

Set a loop quickly and simple, while a track is play. Once set, it can be looped continuously until the Reloop/Exit button is used. When released, the track continues without a pause.

To create a loop you press Loop-In and Loop-Out on the desired position on the CD. You can do this on-the-fly in real time, or you can use the jog/pause mode to get the exact position.

Remember that the CUE point you set is the same as the Loop-In point. You can also use the Loop-In button to set a CUE point on-the-fly.


Hit the Reloop button for instant access to the beginning of the loop stored in internal memory. This can be done while the loop is playing, or at any time during the play out of the current track, allowing DJs to create amazing sample effects. The same loop is always stored in memory until replaced with a new loop.

Loop In / Out Adjust

Fine-tune loops quickly and easily by adjusting both the In and Out points. The result can be save to SD or internal memory.

Pitch Bend

Move the Jog Dial (in CDJ mode) forwards or backwards to either speed up or slow down the tempo of a track. When the player is in Vinyl mode only the outer ring of the jog gives you this feature.

Jog Mode

The CDJ-1000MK3 can be set in either Vinyl or CDJ mode. In CDJ mode, the Jog Dial still functions, but without the touch sensitivity.

Auto Cue

This is the fastest way for DJs to find the first beat of a track, although it can be turned off for manual cueing. Also new is that the level where the Auto-Cue sets its point can be adjusted in a wide range of positions.

Legato Link Conversion

Pioneer’s wide range Legato Link Conversion technology delivers high quality audio by reproducing sound frequencies above 20 kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback. This not only delivers excellent audio reproduction, but also sounds closer to the original recording.


An oil-dampened floating suspension system prevents sound skipping, even when the player is subjected to impact during use or to vibrations generated by high volume music and low frequency bass.

Download the DJResource CDJ-1000MK3 Demo Video

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 ??

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  Flag Lead wrote on 22-02-2006 @ 13:28
Read the official info at
  Flag the-melody wrote on 22-02-2006 @ 18:29
hoeveel kost deze?
  Flag dion wrote on 22-02-2006 @ 19:35
hij ziet er egt vet uit
  Flag Camino wrote on 23-02-2006 @ 20:55
en nu nog de loterij winnen...
  Flag Lukaz wrote on 27-02-2006 @ 21:04
zou Dj Chuckie nu voor deze gaan of nog voor de MkII ?:P
  Flag Murfix wrote on 07-03-2006 @ 19:16
  Flag Laidback wrote on 20-03-2006 @ 13:59
is er al een datum bekend voor het filmpjeConfused:P hahaha Winking my eye...
  Flag djmichell wrote on 21-04-2006 @ 16:22
ik heb ze besteld Happy, laughing
...alleen lange levertijd..Sad
  Flag Lead wrote on 22-04-2006 @ 10:28
Je hoeft niet te wachten, er zitten geen fouten in de MK3, dit is onjuiste info. Ik heb hem al een tijdje in huis en heb niets gemerkt van fouten oid....
  Flag DonBasco wrote on 20-06-2006 @ 13:01
Little mistake in the text:

Cue Stutter Continue
...As introduced on the CDJ-800MK2, the CDJ-1000MK3 also provides a way to solve this.

This was already introduced on the CDJ-200.
  Flag Lead wrote on 14-07-2006 @ 17:28
is now corrected Winking my eye
  Flag Verjicke wrote on 25-07-2006 @ 17:37
Hoeveel kost deze kvind het nergensConfused
  Flag djchrisu wrote on 04-09-2006 @ 16:22
  Flag Day-One wrote on 22-10-2006 @ 22:13
haal ik van de week Thumbs Up top of the bill
  Flag Florian wrote on 05-01-2007 @ 02:18
im lovin it
  Flag djmaarten wrote on 14-01-2007 @ 00:28
chill ding ook  veel mooier beeld enzo
  Flag kavafis wrote on 18-01-2007 @ 04:30
just bought it.... updated at v2.2... one of my best buys, no doubt.... :D
awsome machine!!
  Flag serafimakos wrote on 01-02-2007 @ 16:09
  Flag xandro wrote on 06-02-2007 @ 00:15
hallu... mach et heeft de de cd1000mk2/mk3- diensthandboeken? ..danke zeer
  Flag Lukaz wrote on 11-02-2007 @ 11:41
ik vind de helderheid van de display niet zo important Happy, laughing als ik met cd draai kijk ik ook niet wat er staat maar welk lichtje brand, na een paar dagen ken je die display toch wel uit je hoofd..  toch?
zo zie ik het Happy, laughing
  Flag medoz wrote on 12-02-2007 @ 14:22
damn nice machine i've ever seen
  Flag the-melody wrote on 27-03-2007 @ 13:20
Thuersday in my house
  Flag Sandrew wrote on 01-04-2007 @ 11:20
haha moet die mk3 kapot ofzo:D
  Flag stevew wrote on 24-06-2007 @ 23:10
Ik heb deze thuis staan en ik kan er maar 1 ding over zeggen...I LOVE IT.
Mooie presentatie lead
  Flag Jer-X wrote on 11-09-2007 @ 13:30
ik heb deze ook en t'zijn magische toestellen,ze zijn zaaliiiiggggg
  Flag D-Jaz wrote on 18-11-2007 @ 19:12
ik heb ze ook in de club betere zijn er niet
  Flag WalterRavensberg wrote on 06-12-2007 @ 13:10
Zijn fantastische spelers... echter 1 bug, gelijk aan de 800MK2. play en cue toetsen zijn niet goed beveiligd. meeste dj's slaan er te hard op met gevolg dat dat miniscule knopje wat onder die knop zit defect gaat. Vaak gaat na verloop van tijd zelf de printplaat defect... tis maar ff dat je 't weet.
  Flag JayTaph wrote on 17-01-2008 @ 01:04
Ik draai niet graag met cd's,.. maar als het moet dan zijn dit toch wel de betere Happy, laughing   Het enige wat me een beetje stoort zijn de te losse pitchcontrollers (mochten wel ietsjes zwaarder zijn).
  Flag Jer wrote on 18-01-2008 @ 22:43
Heerlijk apparaat! Heb er 2 ben nou al verliefdCry
  Flag RAS wrote on 26-02-2008 @ 00:02
Good news for all users using two or more cdj-1000mk3's. A program is being created that is able to merge the data on 2 or more SD-cards. A big thanks to JayTaph (user of this forum) who is creating this program. You can read more about it here, and soon at
  Flag Raun wrote on 14-08-2008 @ 23:01
Can you use any SD 32 mb card for your cues and loops?
  Flag Bart1981 wrote on 30-01-2009 @ 02:49
How many wav forms and cue points can be stored on the 32mb SD card?
  Flag Lead wrote on 30-01-2009 @ 08:33
100 waveforms and Cue points per CD (a Loop is 2 Cue Points) can be stored. 32mb Card would give you infinit storage as the data stored on the card are just a few bytes.

The CDJ-1000mk1 could store this information for 10.000 discs on a 16mb card.
  Flag Bart1981 wrote on 31-01-2009 @ 04:54
Ok, did not now that it would only take a few bytes to store a wav. form.
Yesterday I orderd mine MK3's and a DJM-800.
Can't wait to have them here Cool
  Flag Lead wrote on 06-08-2009 @ 01:28
You misunderstood...

Waveform data takes up A LOT of space. The CDJ only stores waveform data, which is basically a data stream of only a few byte. It does NOT contain any audio information. Also the cue points only take a few bytes as it is only a position on the CD in such format like '01:12:40:61 1' (Track 1, 12 minutes, 40 seconds, 61 frames and the 1 could be indicationg? CUE or HOTCUE)
  Flag LexFlex wrote on 31-08-2009 @ 16:39
Cool want them
  Flag Spicedup wrote on 22-12-2009 @ 00:24
Krijg ze waarschijnlijk deze week:D Maarja nu is die cdj-2000 er ook alweer!!
  Flag Nesco_Martinez wrote on 13-12-2010 @ 20:28
Weet iemand wat deze spelers nieuw hebben gekost op t laatst toen ze nog leverbaar waren voor de komst van de cdj 2000 ?
Ben me aan het ori?nteren voor 2e handse op marktplaats daarvoor wil ik de nieuwprijs weten.


  Flag Bassiewazzy wrote on 14-01-2011 @ 19:05

De releaseprijs was ? 1499,- maar veel shops boden ze aan?tussen ? 1199,- en ? 1399,-
2e hands gaan ze voor rond de 700-800 Euro.
Gek genoeg gingen de laatste 'nieuwe MK3's' echt voor giga prijzen weg omdat deze nogsteeds zeer gewild zijn, meer dan de CDJ-2000
  Flag Beathound wrote on 19-01-2015 @ 18:52

als ik het loslaten van een plaat op een Technics wil simuleren met de release/start knop, wat is dan de juiste instelling?

alvast bedankt!!

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