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  Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2  DJ Table Top CD Player

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 21-02-2006 21:02
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Pioneer DJ - Player Tabletop Overview

Gearbase product details : Pioneer DJ CDJ-800MK2

Pioneer has improved the famous Pioneer CDJ-800 and launched the MK2 version that will see daylight soon. In various ways improvements have been made to make the CDJ-800MK2 a worthy successor. Finally MP3 has been added so you can play all your favorite tracks right from data-CD as mp3 files.

The Jog Dial has been re-designed and now feels like the CDJ-1000MK2 when it comes to the jog-feeling and smoothness. The top layer has been given an aluminum feel like the DVJ=X1 to give you a more 'sticky' touch.

The patented Jog Display has been moves a few centimeters upwards which gives you a wider viewing angle. The size of the Jog Displays has also been increased and now is the same as the CDJ-1000MK3.

The top display is now much brighter and the digital reading has made place for a bright Dot-Matrix display. This will display your playing time, CD-Text or MP3 tags.

Watch and Download the Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Demonstration Video
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Product Image
Product Type
CD Player for DJ's
Type of Discs
Disc Format
CD, CD-R and CD-RW
Frequency Response
4Hz ~ 20kHz
0.006 % (JEITA)
Signal to Noise Ratio line
115 dB
Power Supply
AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption
33 W
305 x 344.1 x 108.5 mm ( WxDxH )
Net Weight
4,2 kg
Operating Manual, Power Cord, Control cord, Forced Eject Pin
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Backside with connections
Connect the CDJ-1000MK3 via the digital connecter when possible !
Check your firmware, read here !

Full MP3 Support (CBR/VBR)

The Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 makes it possible to play MP3 music from a data-CD in 2 formats: Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rat (VBR). The advantage of VBR is that you save a little space. On an average CD you might be able to put 120 tracks, instead of 100 when using CBR.

Format Compatibility

CBR & VBR MP3 files [.mp3]


Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and a bit rate from 32 Kbps to 320 Kbps


Audio Layer-3 sampling with frequencies 16 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 24 kHz and a bit rate from 16 Kbps (stereo) to 160 Kbps

ID3 Tags : Versions 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4. Display will show Title, Album, etc.
Although the CDJ-800MK2 is fully compatible with VBR, the Cue and Search functions will operate a little slower with VBR when compared to an Audio CD or CBR. So if you want keep operating fast, use CBR (Constant Bit Rate) to encode your MP3's.

File Compatibility

You can playback music files on the CDJ-800MK2 in MP3 Format. A CD that contains MP3 files is restricted to these parameters:

feature Folder tree is max. 8 levels deep

feature Max. number of folders on disc (CD/DVD) : 2.000
feature Max. files on disc (CD/DVD) : 3.000
feature Max. files per format (CD/DVD) : 999

feature Max. number of folders on media (SD/USB) : 10.000
feature Max. files on media per folder (SD/USB) : 10.000

feature CD-R Recording : ISO9660 CD-ROM file system, Disc At Once or Track At Once
feature Multi Session : Not supported, only the first session can be played.

Some tips I would like to give when you are preparing your files :

feature Use CBR to compress your tracks and DO NOT USE VBR
feature Give clear filenames in formats like : Artist - Title.mp3
feature Add ID3 tags right after conversion so you don't forget
feature Burn CD's at a low speed (4x or 8x), this makes your discs easier to read
feature Use folder as less as possible, I only use folders in the root

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Jog Display angle and precisionJog Display

To improve the readability of the CDJ 800MK2's display, the Jog Display has been mounted some centimeters higher inside of the CDJ800MK2's Jog wheel.

This will make the reading angle a lot bigger so you can always keep a close eye on the marker and read the display easy.

Also the layout of the display has been made more accurate and better looking. The Cue Marker is now more accurate. On the MK1 there is 1 frame difference between the orange Cue Marker and the gap in the white segmented ring.

The MK2 places the Cue Marker at the center point of the gap.

Also there are 4 dark stripes that mark the white inner ring for accurate cueing while scratching. The Cue Marker itself has been made bigger and brighter. The space between the Cue Marker and the segmented ring is now smaller so the position can be judged more accurate.

Besides the fact that the display is much brighter and more easier to read, it's also larger. It is exactly the same Jog Display as it's big brother : the CDJ-1000MK3.

I've indicated the size differences in the picture with light stripes. Click on the image to enlarge it !
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Improved Jog Display --- CLICK to ENLARGE !!

Main Display

The numbers have ben replaced by a row of large bright Dots. In Time Mode this gives you an easy reading of the playing- or remaining time. When you press the Text Mode button you can switch to CD-text or ID3-tags (Title, Album or Artist).The length of the orange Playing Address bar is longer than that of the CDJ-800. Besides the fact that it takes more space on the display, the resolution has been improved from 29 dots to 33 dots.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Main Display compared to CDJ-800
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2

33 dots
70mm length
Pioneer CDJ-800

29 dots
65mm length

Outside Looks

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2  next to a CDJ-800The outside looks of the CDJ800MK2 has been modernized. The CDJ-800MK2 is more silver looking, while the CDJ-800 has a more titanium look.

The Play, Cue and Search buttons have an aluminum feel and look, like all CDJ-1000 series players.

Just like on the CDJ-1000MK3, the recognizable feature that reveals the MK2 from a distance is the silver Pitch Fader knob.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2  Jog Feeling improvementJog Wheel and Feeling

The first thing you might notice is the very shine and metal looking Jog Dial on top of the player. The new top of the Jog Dial has been given a metallic feeling which gives the CDJ800MK2 an improved grip on the Jog.

The feeling of the Jog Dial (the resistance and smoothness) has been made the same as the CDJ-1000MK2. So this will be a big difference when you're used to the 800, handle the Jog more gently Winking my eye

Eject Canceling & Auto Resume Play

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2  Eject buttonWhen you press the EJECT button, playback will stop and the player prepares for the Eject.

You can cancel the Eject by pressing the Play Button before it shows you 'EJECT' (about 1 second). This will not stop the sound from stopping, but it continuous playing a lot faster than when it would perform a full Eject.

When the disc does get ejected and is inserted it again, playback will continue from the point where it was ejected (track number and time is remembered). This point is being stored in the memory of the CDJ for as long as no other CD is inserted, or the power has been turned down.

Cue Stutter Continue

Just like on any CDJ you can use the Cue Button to sample play from your Cue Point. As long as you hold the Cue Button the CDJ plays the track from the Cue Point onwards. When the cue Button is released the CDJ instantly returns to the Cue point and is ready for a restart. Continue playing after you used the Cue Stutter was until recently impossible.

As introduced on the CDJ-200 the CDJ-800MK2 also provides a way to solve this. When you are holding the Cue Button and the CDJ is playing, you can continue by simultaneously pressing the Play Button once. When you now release the Cue Button playing will continue. Nice to help you out when you just stuttered to much. (See the CDJ-200 Demo Video to see this in action).Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Folder Search Buttons

Folder Navigation

Easy navigation through your MP3 folders can be done by using the designated buttons to search through your folders. By pressing them you skip back and forwards a folder in the folder structure on the disc.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Track Search Buttons
Faster Searching using the Jog

When you are holding the Track Search button Track Backwards/Track Forwards and rotate the Jog you will scroll very fast through the discs index. 1 Rotation skips about 30 tracks.

When you hold down the regular Search button Search Backwards/Search Forward and rotate the Jog dial, you will search at a faster speed. Fast Search is performed in the direction of which the jog is rotated so it can also be done backwards.

In both cases (track or regular search), it doesn't matter which direction of the Search Buttons you press (Search Backwards/Search ForwardorTrack Backwards/Track Forwards), the direction of the rotation of the Jog determines the direction how to skip.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Quick return buttonQuick Return

When in Vinyl Mode AND Quick Return is activated and the surface of the Jog Dial is pressed, the CDJ returns instantly to the Cue Point.

When the Jog dial is released playback will resume. This will make it pretty easy to scratch it, scratch while you can and when you release the jog, it directly returns to you Cue Point.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Loop functionsReal time Seamless Loop

You can instantly and on-the-fly mark the Loop In and Loop Out points. First press Loop in while the player plays or pauses at a Cue Point or during Scratch performance. When pressed the Loop In button will flash 3 times.

You can now press at any desired time on the Loop Out button.
After pressing it, the Loop Out button and the Loop In button will both keep flashing, indicating that a Loop Playback is performed. Also the Auto Beat Loop button 8 is lit.

feature Press Reloop/Exit to quit the Loop Playback and continue playing the CD.
feature You can press Reloop/Exit again while a loop is in memory to instantly playback that loop.

Auto Beat Loop

Once a loop has been set, the Auto Beat Loop button will shorten the length of the current loop that is being played. The Auto beat Loop 1 (1/8) button will play 1/8th of the loop, Auto Beat Loop 2 (1/4) button will play a quarter of the loop and so on.

If no loop is set, the Auto Beat Loop buttons will record a loop with an automatically calculated length. The length depends on the button you've pressed: 1 for a 1-beat-loop, 2 for a 2-beat-loop, 4 for a four-beat-loop and 8 for an eight-beat-loop. When an automatically created loop is played back, use the buttons to select the length of the loop measured in beats.

Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Auto Beat LoopThere is still 1 trick left :

Hold the Loop In button while pressing any of the Auto Beat Loops to directly play back a shortened loop. Confused ? Here is an overview :

  • Auto Beat Loop 1 (1/8) : Plays Loop 1/8th of a beat starting when pressed
  • Auto Beat Loop 2 (1/4) : Plays Loop 1/4th of a beat starting when pressed
  • Auto Beat Loop 4 (1/2) : Plays Loop of half a beat starting when pressed
  • Auto Beat Loop 8 (1/1) : Plays a 1 Beat Loop starting when pressed

Internal Memory

The CDJ-800MK2 does not have an MMC like the CDJ-1000(mk2/mk3) but it does have a memory to store up to 10 cue or Loop Points per disk, up to a total of 800 discs (=8.000 points). If the 801th disk is inserted the data of the least used disc will be overwritten, regardless of the time it's in the memory.

And off course there are the already familiar features that you will find on about any CDJ, DVJ or CMX product:

Master Tempo

This world-famous function locks the pitch of a track, even when its speed is changed. DJs can speed up or slow down the beat, without any difference to the sound of the vocals and instruments.

Auto Cue

This is the fastest way for DJs to find the first beat of a track, although it can be turned off for manual cueing.


This function is used to playback in reverse, but without having to stop or start the track. There's no loss of tempo or pitch either.

Pitch Bend

This is used to either speed up or slow down the tempo of a track, by moving the Jog Wheel (in CDJ mode) either forwards or backwards.

Legato Link Conversion

Equipped with Pioneer ?s wide range technology ?Legato Link Conversion.The CDJ-800MK2 is capable of reproducing sound frequencies above 20kHz, which are lost during normal CD-format playback.

Not only does this give great sound reproduction but sounds closer to the original recording.

Pitch Accuracy

The pitch accuracy of the CDJ-800MK2 depend on the setting of the pitch scale. When the pitch is set to the +/- 10% scale, the accuracy is 0.05% When set to Wide range, the steps are 0.5% for CD and 0.1% for MP3.

Fader Start/Back Cue Start

When the CDJ-800MK2 is used with any DJM-series mixer you can start the music by sliding the cross fader. By sliding the fader back,it will return the CDJ-800MK2 back to the previously selected cue point.

Relay Play

Connecting two CDJ-800MK2?s with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug cable allows one unit to be put on standby whilst the other plays. Relay Play automatically starts the second player enabling them to play 'back to back' to give you endless music play.

Shockproof Memory

Sound jumps or skipping is prevented by using a 16 second shock-proof memory for normal CD play, but in combination with a multi speed Laser Unit this will hardly every skip due to resonance or shocks.

Anti-vibration construction

Oil-dampened floating suspension prevents sound skipping,even when the player is subjected to impact during use or vibrations generated from high volume music and low frequency bass.

Also check DJResource's Demo Video:

Download or watch DJResource Demo video

What do you think about Pioneer CDJ-800 MK2 ??

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  Flag Rubenn wrote on 22-02-2006 @ 12:57
very nice
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Read the official info at
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New Pioneer
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wtf deze egt giga vet geworden haha
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te relax
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ziet er lekker uit
maar in dat artikel lees ik iets van cdj 1000 mk3
ik wist helemaal niet dat die cd-player er al was of in de maak was. weet iemand hier iets meer over?
  Flag namso wrote on 05-03-2006 @ 23:17
ik kan niet wachten om deze te kopen
  Flag FrankyN wrote on 01-04-2006 @ 16:17
Ik kan ook nie wachten :P
  Flag DizZorder wrote on 26-04-2006 @ 21:50
ga er 2 bestellen vrijdag
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Hy! Ti m?r vettetek belőle?
  Flag Day-One wrote on 25-06-2006 @ 04:01
super bak

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hopelijk heb ik er na de vakantie 1 of maybe wel 2!!
  Flag Verjicke wrote on 25-07-2006 @ 17:39
  Flag the-melody wrote on 26-07-2006 @ 10:26
mss dat je zelf ook wat research kunt doen! Om toch maaar te antwoorden: 749 euro's
  Flag Lead wrote on 26-07-2006 @ 20:11
De adviesprijs is 849,- euro inclusief BTW
  Flag DNR wrote on 08-08-2006 @ 22:02
word er eigenlijk al een cdj-800mk3 verwacht lead?
  Flag Ren├ęKuppens wrote on 01-10-2006 @ 18:35
Ja het zijn fijne dingen :D die cdj - 800mkII:P
  Flag crupy wrote on 10-10-2006 @ 21:28
ik zelf ga er 2 cdj-800 mkII's halen maar dat is nog effen sparen Winking my eye
trouwens dit zijn een van de beste cd spelers die er zijn naar mijn menig Winking my eye
  Flag djney wrote on 20-11-2006 @ 19:10
esse aparelho e demais perfeito show de bola,perfeito!
  Flag stedmen23 wrote on 01-01-2007 @ 20:25
is there ayone saleing apair of them?
  Flag Zen wrote on 02-01-2007 @ 22:05
Check our forum (use the search) some are for sale, but most of them are here in europe so the shipping cost might be a little high
  Flag Shodan wrote on 27-08-2007 @ 22:35
zoveel meer zit er qua opties niet op de cdj1000 mk3 in vergelijking tot de cdj800 mk2. Ik heb ze zelf uitgeprobeerd, En ik vind 500 Euro meer voor de mk3 te veel geld voor woorden, zeker als je gewoon lekker thuis wilt draaien of homeparties wilt geven. Die DJM600 is ook zeker niet slecht. Maar de DJM800 is en blijft beter. Hier wat links naar de de demo's van DJ Resources. Hier kan je op je gemak beleven wat ik beleefd heb. Deze gozer kan alleen voor geen meter demo's geven. binnekort plaats ik mijn eigen gemaakte demo's. Dus. . . . nog eventjes geduld. En check deze link ! > ////
  Flag NickName wrote on 13-10-2007 @ 19:30
Ik heb hem . hij is lekker
  Flag Aemilius wrote on 30-10-2007 @ 18:51

Heb de mijne besteld! Woensdag in huis, kan niet wachten! Happy, laughing

  Flag JuniorDDP wrote on 13-05-2008 @ 13:39
Ik heb een vraagje? Welke mixer past het best bij 2 CDJ 800, een DJM 700 of 800?

  Flag Nickiey wrote on 25-06-2008 @ 12:17
net even gepdate
  Flag MisterV wrote on 05-01-2009 @ 22:08

Dat ligt eraan hoeveel je uit wil geven..
Als je budget onbeperkt is, zou IK voor een 800 gaan, deze heeft nét de extra functies.
Als je rond de 1000,- ervoor wil uitgeven, is de 700 een goeie keus.

Verder is de 700 in het Zilver verkrijgbaar, & de 800 niet, ik weet niet of dat wat uitmaakt ?
Als je graag een Digitale ingang op je mixer wilt hebben, is de 800 geschikt, aangezien de 700 dit niet heeft,

Maar verder passen ze alle 2 bij de CDJ - 800mk2.
'T is alleen welk budget heb je, & wat vind je belangrijk,
Ik zelf heb een Behringer DJX - 700 Silver.. Die staat erg mooi bij de 800's..
  Flag DjJackySs wrote on 20-05-2009 @ 13:57
Cool?i love pioneer
  Flag FloRise wrote on 22-03-2011 @ 13:11
ik heb er net nog eentje bijgekocht. heb er nu 3 staan. goed genoeg voor thuissetje. heb hem als demomodel gekocht. 600,- en daan heb ik een gratis nanokey bij kunnen regelen. garantie en doos gewoon erbij.. bij FEEDback in utrecht.

werken erg fijn.
  Flag Klaaimex wrote on 09-06-2011 @ 21:34
Als het om draaien met cd's gaat, doet deze niet veel onder voor de 1000's. De 800 is en blijft een echt bruut werkpaard!
  Flag Re-Verbz wrote on 07-03-2012 @ 16:07
heerlijk, heb er nu 2 ?hier staan, beide 2e hands maar lopen nog als treinen! gemiddelde leeftijd van deze 2 is 3,5 jaar en nog geen problemen gehad met geen van beiden!
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