Pioneer HDJ-1000  Professional DJ Headphones

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 17-04-2003 @ 16:26
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In keeping with their legacy of bringing high-end quality products to market, Pioneer has done it again with another release - new HDJ-1000 headphones. Whether you are a DJ, Studio Musician, Sound Engineer or just an avid listener of music, the HDJ-1000 is the answer to all your headphone needs. With powerfull  sub-frequencies and sparkling highs this sits for multiple purpose. In its mids it has a little boost so that you perfactly hear every kick and hit of the snare!

Public opinion matters when Pioneer engineers it's PRO DJ products and the company has gone beyond the call of duty with the new HDJ-1000 - designing a product that meets the requests of all users. And the striking appearance only hints at what these headphones can do.

Pioneer has defined a new standard in distortion-free sound quality, featuring 3,500 mW of maximum input allowing high sound volume with best possible clarity as the ear pad fully encompasses each ear, fulfilling the demands of those serious about their music.

And comfort? Both ear pads have a swivel mechanism allowing the ultra-light HDJ-1000 to be manipulated to any desired position, while plush padding makes it possible for music professionals to wear the headphones for hours of listening pleasure.

Durability is the most important aspect of a high quality pair of headphones - will they stand the test of time? Yes, thanks to the compact folding design, ear pads made of a tear resistant material and special screws that hold the cord in place, making it simple to replace the cord should the need arise. Additionally, a black vinyl-carrying pouch is supplied to keep these prized headphones looking like new. With all these features enhancing a product that both looks and sounds great, the HDJ-1000 is undoubtedly set to create a new standard in headphones.

Pioneer HDJ-1000 Product image

Product Type
50 mm Tightly closed dynamic headphones
Frequency Range
5 ~ 30.000 Hz
40 Ohm
Maximum Input
3.500 mW
107 dB/mW
Connection Cord
1.2m curled, aprox. 3m stretched
270g (excluding cord)
3.5 mm 3P plug with 6.5 adapter

Folding Housing With Universal Joints
Joints allow you to fold the headphones for space-saving and to turn them in each direction for free-style single ear sound monitoring.

Large Diameter Speaker Unit
High power input (3,500mW) for monitoring a high level of sound, and a hermetically sealed body with high sound-insulating ability.

Soft Touch Housing
Designed with DJs in mind, the housing can rest against the shoulders for stability and comfort.

Stereo/Mono Selector

The selector allows you to mix right and left channel signals for single ear sound monitoring, this comes in very handy when you play tracks where the producer sweeps the melody or percussion from left to right.

Cord Assembly
Available as service part and is very easy to replace: Lift the coushen gently of the shell. Then unscrew the tiny screw in the shell and remove the metal plate. Now you can change the cord and put everything back together again.

DJ Topic : How to replace the wire of an Pioneer HDJ-100.

This part can be ordered at any official dealer with part number WDE-1197

In Pioneer's merchandise-line there was a little foam-cocoon with zipper available to put your HDJ-1000 in when travelling between your gigs. Unfortunatly they sold out very fast and didn't came back.

Replacement Kit

Optionally available is an Replacement Kit for the parts that might wear off eventually. This kit contains 2 ear pads, a curled wire and the neccesary screws.

This part can be ordered at any official dealer with part number T-U87

Pioneer Headphones difference fake and real
Fake Pioneer HDJ-1000's

Unfortunaly when products are wanted by a lot of people there can get counterfits. There is at least 1 model of fake Pioneer HDJ's. Fortunatly the real one can be easily identified. To make it clearer, here is a picture and the most obvious differences :
  1. The overall quality (build and sound) is dramatically bad.

  2. The 'o' in the Pioneer logo on the band is different. The real one is more oval, while the fake one is round.

  3. The soft part of the headband is much shorter on the fake.

  4. Black hinges instead of silver/metalic.

  5. Also the shape of the hinges is very different. The fake HDJ has much more rounded ones.

  6. Different plug, it also has an extra that misses on the HDJ-1000: an extra plug with 90 degrees angle.

  7. No printing on the black puch that comes as free accessoire.

  8. Fake is not packed as the original (if it's packed at all)

What do you think about Pioneer HDJ-1000 ??

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There are 12 Comments

  Flag sebastiaan wrote on 12-06-2005 @ 11:34
vet ding
  Flag Yor-D wrote on 02-06-2006 @ 18:17
ik heb hem goed geluid maar wel voorzichtig mee zijn is van plastic.
made in china (beetje jammer voor 209 E)
  Flag Jori wrote on 22-04-2007 @ 14:59
Lijkt mij wel vet, alleen hoe duur is ie?
  Flag LaMalediction wrote on 15-07-2007 @ 20:50
ik heb precies de zelfde maar dan van Re-Loop, is ook wel te doen
ben nu aan het kijken voor het echt werk, Technics              
  Flag timm wrote on 06-09-2007 @ 11:33
Deze HP ziet er qua design gewoon super uit.. Maar ik vind de keuze voor een HP gewoon erg persoonlijk, wat je fijn vind zitten en hoe de qualiteit van het geluid is, het is maar net wat je fijn vind tijdens het draaien...
  Flag T-zero wrote on 13-04-2008 @ 06:32
I (L) Hdj-1000! hij sluit lekker goed af... dus ben je aan het draaien en staat de muziek kei en keihard dan kan je als nog door je koptelefoon je cue horen! geweldig ding!
  Flag Raun wrote on 29-06-2008 @ 14:33
Have had 2 pairs of these, but they got broked. Both same place, so are considering using some others for the future.
it got some nice sound, but can't stand the pressure from me Happy, laughing
  Flag hendry wrote on 22-04-2009 @ 18:33
hi..can I get this phone in indonesia..?
  Flag freddiejay wrote on 22-05-2009 @ 16:25
is er replacement kit voor de 'vork' van de headphone, want mijn mijn hdj 1000 is gebroken net boven de oorschelp,
een plaats waar het bij vele voorkomt dat hij breekt,
dus ik vroeg mij af of ik zo een vork apart kon bestellen,
is er een andere oplossing?
  Flag frankyy wrote on 05-06-2009 @ 08:35
bij mij staat er net onder de band made in china....
is hij nou wel echt of niet?
hij heeft alle kenmerken van de echte.

  Flag G-step wrote on 29-08-2009 @ 17:03
Frank maak je geen zorgen.
Zolang jij hem bij een echte specialist hebt gekocht is er niks aan de hand.
Alleen zodra er mankementen mee zijn zal ik het even na vragen.
En bovendien als je garantie hebt van pioneer is er niks aan de hand, dan weet je voor 100% dat hij gewoon echt is.

BennoRevelli wrote on 11-03-2010 @ 20:04
Ik was laatst verbaasd toen ik een HDJ-1000 mocht uittesten in een showroom..
Er ging een wereld open..

Toch wel degelijk kwaliteitsverschil, alhoewel ik moet zeggen dat mijn denon headphones het ook goed doen
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