CDJ/CMX/DVJ Forced Eject Pin How to...CDJ/CMX/DVJ Forced Eject Pin How to...
If you've never seen this thing, don't read this topic ! It's a short manual how to use this pin in EMERGENCIES. Do not use this for normal operations !  Read More
Faderstart on CDJ, CMX and DJMFaderstart on CDJ, CMX and DJM
The faderstart of all Pioneer CD Players can be connected directly to any Pioneer DJM Mixer but you might have difficulties getting it to work on another mixer or CD Player. Here's some explinations that might get it to work.  Read More
How to press VinylHow to press Vinyl
This is an explination of the production proces of your vinyl discs. This methode is used by a company called: Record Industry and is located in Haarlem / Netherlands.  Read More
Pioneer DJS PC Mixingsoftware SVJ-DL01/DS01Pioneer DJS PC Mixingsoftware SVJ-DL01/DS01
When you don't have any hardware, this software package might be the thing to use when mixing with your PC. It's Pioneers first ever attempt in creating mix software. Only supported by MEP-7000 and SEP-C1 controller.  Read More
Pioneer RekordboxPioneer Rekordbox
Rekordbox is Music Management Software, like iTunes, but then for DJs. There is a lot to tell about this software as its becomming the core of all Pioneer DJ products for in clubs.  Read More
Record your mix with PCRecord your mix with PC
Ever wondered how to record your mix on PC ? This is what to do and how to make the cable. This is a pretty technological topic and request soldering if you want to make the cable yourself.  Read More
The Pioneer Pro-DJ HistoryThe Pioneer Pro-DJ History
When was a product released and what are it's Unique features ? The answer and a complete product line-up accoording to it's official european release date can be found in this topic.  Read More

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