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Earthquake Turntable StabilizerEarthquake Turntable Stabilizer
A more solid way to stabilize your turntables onstage is the EarthQuake. Also a dutch invention and it has proven it's value lots of times. Biggest reason why this works is the heavy weight of the concrete that counteracts all low-frequency rumble.  Read More
Freefloat Turntable StabilizerFreefloat Turntable Stabilizer
The Freefloat Turntable Stabilizer is a Dutch invention to remove as much interference as possible between the turntable and the desk the turntable stands on. The solution is very simple...  Read More
Freefloat Tweaked !Freefloat Tweaked !
A Freefloat is an inflatable device that you place under your turntable and on top of the desk but the Freefloat's gives you a bit of a wobbly feeling.
I tried to stabilize the Freefloat with foam, see how this trick is done.  Read More
Lead's Technics SL-1210LTDLead's Technics SL-1210LTD
The Technics SL1200/1210 is the best selling record-player worldwide. But this machine is NOT perfect when it leaves the factory.

To set this deck completely to my hand, I actually tweaked this machine to nearly perfection.   Read More
Reverse Play on your TurntableReverse Play on your Turntable
How to play a record reverse on you turntable when the option is not available on your deck ? You can do it with a few simple steps and show off.  Read More
Technics SL - Opening the HoodTechnics SL - Opening the Hood
How to open your SL, basic start point for other DJ Topics that deal with the inside of the Technics SL. This basics need to be performed each time you want to service your SL.  Read More
Technics SL- Replacing Signal and Ground WireTechnics SL- Replacing Signal and Ground Wire
Technical description of how to replace the signal wire from your SL12xx Turntable.
It seems pretty straight forward but people asked me to do some more details so here you have it.  Read More
Technics SL-1200MK2Technics SL-1200MK2
The most legendary piece of DJ Equipment has been in the business since 1980 and gave all DJ's the opportunity to use 12" vinyl records in the way we are now used to.  Read More
Technics SL-series Direct Drive PrincipleTechnics SL-series Direct Drive Principle
The way it works, why it work this way and what's the basic technical story behind it. It's all got to deal with magnets, currents and fields. so this is a pretty technological topic.  Read More

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