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CDJ/CMX/DVJ Forced Eject Pin (1)CDJ/CMX/DVJ Forced Eject Pin
If you've never seen this thing, don't read this topic ! It's a short manual how to use this pin in EMERGENCIES. Do not use this for normal operations !
Faderstart on CDJ, CMX and DJMFaderstart on CDJ, CMX and DJM
The faderstart of all Pioneer CD Players can be connected directly to any Pioneer DJM Mixer but you might have difficulties getting it to work on another mixer or CD Player. Here's some explinations that might get it to work.
Freefloat Tweaked !Freefloat Tweaked !
A Freefloat is an inflatable device that you place under your turntable and on top of the desk but the Freefloat's gives you a bit of a wobbly feeling.
I tried to stabilize the Freefloat with foam, see how this trick is done.
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED ModificationPioneer CDJ-1000MK2 Blue LED Modification
If you want your CDJ-1000MK2 to be different from all others around this mod will do the trick. Be warned, opening your equipment will definitly void the warranty !
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog ModificationPioneer CDJ-1000MK2 DVJ Jog Modification
The Jogwheel from the CDJ's are good, but the feel of the Jog Wheel from the Pioneer DVJ-X1 is metal, so I like it more. I've done the crazy thing and replaced the Jog Plate.
Pioneer DJ Firmware Update Button CombinationsPioneer DJ Firmware Update Button Combinations
If your need to update Pioneer DJ equipment most gear needs to be started in Update Mode, this topics shows you the key combinations to enter that mode.
Pioneer DJM-600 Cross Fader ReplacementPioneer DJM-600 Cross Fader Replacement
Replacing any of the Channel Faders of the DJM600 is very easy when you have some technical knowledge and you can work with a screwdriver. Please take care, warranty will be voided if you open the mixer yourself !
Pioneer DJM-600 Fader ReplacementPioneer DJM-600 Fader Replacement
Replacing any of the Channel Faders of the DJM600 is very easy when you have some technical knowledge and you can work with a screwdriver.
Pioneer HDJ-1000 Cord ReplacementPioneer HDJ-1000 Cord Replacement
One of the smart things of the HDJ-1000 is that the cord is User Replaceable. In this short tutorial you will find all info to do this yourself. Each step guided with clear images.
Play a Record backwards in reversePlay a Record backwards in reverse
How to play a record reverse on you turntable when the option is not available on your deck ? You can do it with a few simple steps and show off.
Record your mix with ComputerRecord your mix with Computer
Ever wondered how to record your mix on PC ? This is what to do and how to make the cable. This is a pretty technological topic and request soldering if you want to make the cable yourself.
Technics SL - Opening the HoodTechnics SL - Opening the Hood
How to open your SL, basic start point for other DJ Topics that deal with the inside of the Technics SL. This basics need to be performed each time you want to service your SL.
Technics SL- Replacing Signal and Ground WireTechnics SL- Replacing Signal and Ground Wire
Technical description of how to replace the signal wire from your SL12xx Turntable.
It seems pretty straight forward but people asked me to do some more details so here you have it.
The Pioneer Pro-DJ HistoryThe Pioneer Pro-DJ History
When was a product released and what are it's Unique features ? The answer and a complete product line-up accoording to it's official european release date can be found in this topic.
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