Production : Lead - Yo Man

Submitted by Lead  Flag on 24-07-2009 @ 22:55

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Yo Man



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After my previous Production with W.i.M now for something with a bit more punch. But I must warn you, it's gotten pretty happy whilst that was not the intention. After a while you get used to it and it might cheer somebody up Cool

Lead - Yo Man Production Screen Shot

This time I got the chance to finish it properly so it has more details and variations. I put this production in the Hardcore genre but actually it might be better categorized as 'Happy Hardcore'

Track Information
Created in : Cubase
Channels used : 25
Instruments : 8x Nexus, Drumazon, 2x Z3ta+, Sylenth1
Samples : break sample unknown,
'Yo Man' and 'Oh Yeah' by Percy (vocoded with Digitech Talker)

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tairip    posted on 25-07-2009 09:36
The second part sounds the most like happy hardcore. Not my type of happy hardcore allthough nice try? Happy, laughing
Lead    posted on 25-07-2009 10:49
Hehehe, this wasn't intented to happen... I wanted to creater some oldschool-like music but only found happy melodies comming out of my fingers...
Let the BASS be louder
Illusion    posted on 19-08-2009 23:40

I like it Cool but indeed, the sound is very happy. Have you made many productions?

Haa now listning to the end.. Cool
22-12-2012: Kratoz @ Shock (Huize Maas Groningen)
Lead    posted on 19-08-2009 23:44
I did some, many years ago, but never published them (don't want to either)
Now a better setup, better PC (not in a real studio anymore), but more fun....
Morer productions will come, as soon as I find some time for it (working on something now though)

btw, sample is my own voice Winking my eye
Let the BASS be louder
ferano    posted on 29-10-2009 22:31
Haha, sometimes I've got the same problem, anoying when you don't find "the sample".
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