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Lead Flag on 08-06-2006 @ 21:33
x1500s.jpgDenon has further raised the bar for scratch mixing technology with the announcement of the new DN-X1500S professional mixer.

When its forerunner (the DN-X1500) was released in 2004 it broke all kinds of barriers with features and functionality. It also introduced Analog Devices SHARC processors to the DJ world — a feature that has been maintained in the enhanced performance of the DN-X1500S.

Denon had been turning increasingly to SHARC processing as the preferred platform across their product portfolio, and the DN-X1500S has become the latest to benefit. Based on 32-bit super Harvard architecture, which hinges on a high performance fixed- and floating-point processing core, this powerful DSP engine enables the DN-X1500S to achieve optimum clarity and natural fidelity.

So why the upgrade?
Whereas the advanced DN-X1500 had been introduced previously to complement the renowned DN-S5000 and DN-S3000 single CD/MP3 players, Denon’s technological surge has since gained further momentum, and the recent release of their flagship DN-S3500 had left it without a matched mixer.

Therefore, in order to match the brushed metal silver livery of the new player, the DN-X1500S has been given a similar finish.

New Crossfader
There is a further notable benefit to the already highly-specified DN-X1500. Denon have upgraded the P&G cross fader, used on the original model, with their new Flex Fader (which scratch DJ’s took to immediately when it was first introduced on the DN-X900).

Recognising that the cross fader is the most sensitive and important section of the DJ mixer, the Flex Fader offers improved performance at reduced cost, and provides the DJ with cross fader torque control — the unique ability to alter the tension and feel of the cross fader by simply tightening a screw. In addition, Flex Fader contains high-quality electrical and mechanical characteristics, resulting in high durability.

The DN-X1500S contains all the advanced features that DJ’s have come to expect from the X1500, including unprecedented functionality and flexibility. All the internal circuitry is digital, ensuring low noise and exceptional audio quality, while the built-in Effector and Sampler further boost the DJ's creative powers.

Finally, the DN-X1500 is conveniently equipped with a USB port, allowing firmware updates via a PC.

  • Matrix Input Assignment – eight input sources are freely assignable to any channel
  • Flex Fader – alter the tension and feel of the cross fader by simply tightening a screw
  • Sampler (CD quality sound) – utilises audio from any of six mixer sources (Ch1/2/3/4, Mic, Master), and offers edit options including Loop, Reverse Loop, Stutter, Single playback and A-B Trim, with overall Pitch Control adjustment up to ±100%
  • SHARC® Processor by Analog Devices – provides 32-bit floating point DSP performance to achieve optimum clarity and natural fidelity for applications that require high audio standards
  • Internal Digital Effects – Delay, Echo1, Echo2, Filter1, Filter2, Flanger, Auto Pan, Trans, and Key % over Ch1/Ch2/Ch3/Ch4/Main Mic/Master
  • Auto BPM/Manual Input – by tapping a button or rotating knob of BPM values/BPM lock
  • Cross Fader Start and Channel Fader Start – Cross and Channel Fader Start Trigger is possible and compatible with Denon CD/MP3 players (DN-S5000, S3500, S3000, D4000 etc)
  • Constant Digital output: 44.1kHz, SPDIF (coaxial terminal) – The DN-X1500 allows the DJ to record directly to CD-R or hard disc device via coaxial digital output terminal
  • Stereo Send/Return terminals – external effects processor
  • 3-band EQ (on/off switchable) – with parametric frequency adjustment
  • Gain control with Pre Fader (PFL) levels for each channel — All input channel levels can be pre-adjusted to match the output level meter, ensuring a smooth transition between fades
  • Main Mic and Aux Mic inputs – one XLR and two 1/4in TRS with Main and Aux/Sub level control and EQ
  • Mic Post feature passes the Mic signal into BOOTH, REC or DIGITAL output signal path
  • Preset memory function – it is possible to customise the machine to the DJ’s preference by saving favourite settings to internal memory
  • Headphone output selector (Split Cue)
  • Booth output – any channel and effect can be pre-monitored through the booth output in the same manner as with headphones.

What do you think about Denon DN-X1500S silver 4 channel mixer ??

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There are 17 Comments

  Flag W.i.M wrote on 08-06-2006 @ 22:01
Ik vind hem er op zeker mooi uit zien

  Flag Nvie wrote on 08-06-2006 @ 22:09
Ik dus echt niet... combi zilver zwart... moet nu al kotsen
  Flag robbert wrote on 09-06-2006 @ 00:05
Nee ik vind silver er altijd heel snel goedkoop uitzien, het zelfde vind ik met tv's en radio's.

Winston wrote on 09-06-2006 @ 00:53
Ik vindt het ook mooi bij elkaar passen. Zien jullie ook de zwarte vleugels, de 19'' adapters voor de mixer ophanging. Ook mooi toch? Waar kun je die vinden met de merk naam?
  Flag Lead wrote on 09-06-2006 @ 02:09
misschien zelf stikkers plakken Winking my eye
  Flag Illusion wrote on 09-06-2006 @ 08:58
Denon... Ziet er altijd leuk en gezellig uit met die kleurtjes, kwaliteit is ook goed. Dit mengpaneel heb ik nog niet gecheckt, maar zou waarschijnlijk wel van goede kwaliteit wezen.:p
Winston wrote on 09-06-2006 @ 13:50
Zo netjes kan ik zelf geen stickers plakken.
  Flag ramses wrote on 10-06-2006 @ 09:54
zalig moet die hebben
  Flag _Ivan_ wrote on 10-06-2006 @ 21:46
Ik vind hem wel mooiHappy, laughing
  Flag DJ_Inspiration wrote on 11-06-2006 @ 13:24
Ik vind hem ook mooi, zelfs mooier dan de zwarte (hoewel een zwarte beter zou staan tussen mijn DN-S3000's :P)
  Flag DNR wrote on 11-06-2006 @ 20:04
ziet er mooi uit met al die kleurtjes, zou hm best wel willen

  Flag Day-One wrote on 18-06-2006 @ 17:12
kleur silver is niet het probleem..(je hebt ook een djm-600s toch?@)
Probleem is meer de knoppen dat zo goedkoop uitzien en zo 4kant!! laatstaan de kleuren (zie je weer terug komen in de spelers van denon)....M.A.W...Denon houd van kleurtjes LOL Ik moet "wel" zeggen dat de lcd schermpje daar erg goed zit!! dat is zeker een + puntje (daar is goed over nagedacht)
  Flag Steil wrote on 29-06-2006 @ 17:03
Вот это да! WoW! :D This is the way! I want this dj complect now! aaaaaaaaaaah Unhappy 
  Flag Nvie wrote on 02-07-2006 @ 20:44
Denon, quality purveyors of hardware have just launched a new 12 inch mixer. With a brushed aluminium finish, the device features thorough integration with Denon's CD and MP3 Players, apart from the usual gadgetry present on flagship models; there is a sampler, there are nine on board effects, and the cross fader can be assigned in a zillion different ways.

The faders are 45 mm long, and the cross fader is battle style, as it is the smoothest fader that Denon has employed thus far, and one can even adjust the resistance and the fader's contour. There is a central tube display, which allows a clear overview of the effects, which boast a technology named SHARC® DSP processing, along with the more usual effects including Delay, Echo1, Echo2, Filter 1, Filter 2, Flanger, Auto Pan, Trans and Key %.

Perhaps worth mentioning is the level control, a function that enables monitor volume pre-listening, and most certainly the digital out, for all those that don't want to lose any resolution in the mixing process. Worth noting is the USB port, which allows for quick and painless system updates, to keep this baby running smoothly. All in all a feature packed device, perhaps a tad similar to Pioneer's DJM 600. A slight disappointment for all those laptop DJ's, as there is no Midi support yet.

The Denon DJ DN-X1500S 4-channel DJ mixer will be available July 2006 with a MAP price of $899.00 (Euro 711).
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