Nvie Flag on 18-01-2007 @ 21:07
a-hs1.jpgThe Xone:S2 is a new installation DJ mixer for use in clubs and bars, and by professional mobile DJ’s. It is a 19” rack-mounted 4U mixer, available with either linear or rotary VCA channel faders, and features 4 stereo dual-input channels, 2 mono mic/stereo line channels, a USB audio interface, and boasts many features to both enhance the DJ’s performance and aid the installer.

Xone:S2 represents the ideal package for club installers as it has a multitude of features designed to integrate it into a typical PA system. One of the key features is an output limiter system that enables the engineer to preset the maximum output level of the mixer, irrespective of input level.

The main mix outputs are on balanced XLR, and an additional mono output, also on XLR, can be used as a zone feed or can be used to feed a sub-bass stack. A dedicated alarm input mutes all music channels when active and there is also a dedicated alarm message audio input connection. An additional stereo input (RCA) is accessible on the front panel - enabling guest DJ’s to patch in music sources without having to gain access to the rear connectors. Two high quality mono/mic or stereo channels are included, and there is a booth monitor and music ducking facility.

The Xone:S2 is offered with either linear or rotary faders, which are fitted on a removable panel making it is possible for venues to purchase the alternative panel and easily interchange between fader types without having to remove the unit from the rack, as required by the visiting DJ.

The Xone:S2 is equipped with many performance tools for DJ’s. Each of the four main stereo channels is equipped with a flexible 3-band equalizer providing a safe +6dB of boost and total kill for complete frequency isolation. Individual channels can be routed to either side of the high-quality VCA crossfader with adjustable curve control for smooth constant level mixes or virtually instant attack suitable for scratching.

The Xone:S2 is also equipped with the legendary Xone filter system, allowing each of the four main channels to be individually routed to the filter. The filter can also be connected to outboard equipment, or can be patched into the mixer insert point for global filtering of the main mix. Three separate headphone sockets are provided, and a split cue allows the cue signal to be monitored in the left headphone and the main mix in the right.

Uniquely on a mixer of this type, the Xone:S2 is equipped with a USB audio interface enabling easy integration of digital media. The USB interface can be used for playback and recording to or from the Xone:S2 and a computer, or used with appropriate software to act as a hardware effects unit.

Andy Rigby-Jones, chief Xone designer, says, “We’ve learned so much from the development of our entire Xone range in the last few years, and we’ve listened to many club techs. They’ve asked us for more installer tools, like the limiters and duckers, but want the DJ’s to have all the performance tools we’ve always given them. The result of all that is the Xone:S2, and it’s the most feature-laden 19” DJ mixer available.”

The Xone:S2 will be shipping in March 2007, with an approximate SRP of £900 (ex VAT).

What do you think about Allen & Heath Reveils Xone:S2 ??

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You can read more here : www.xone.co.uk

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HouseArrest wrote on 18-01-2007 @ 21:11
That's what I call .. Damn Die ziet er erg mooi uit, ik wilde bijna zeggen: Er zal wel weer een prijskaartje álá V6 aankomen te hangen. Maar dat valt erg mee :D
  Flag Yorick wrote on 18-01-2007 @ 22:24
ziet er ook goed uit:D
  Flag dutchman wrote on 18-01-2007 @ 22:50
zeer nette mixer, denk alleen wel dat die een beetje druk is, maar da went denk kwel:P:D
  Flag Jer wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 08:27
Ziet er zeker mooi uit. En prijs valt ook nog wel meeHappy, laughing
  Flag dj-nick wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 14:40
hij is wel heel erg mooi maar het lijkt me een beetje onhandig werken
  Flag Vibemaster-D wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 17:01
ik vind hem onoverzichtelijk. maar ik moet hem eerst is teste
  Flag Bastian wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 18:21
design is erg mooi! zou er graag eens op draaien:D
  Flag Progrezz wrote on 19-01-2007 @ 22:55
ik vind hem wel mooi, maar hij lijkt mij onhandig en voor mij zou hij geen voordelen bieden tegenover de 92

ze hadden hem beter iets hoger gemaakt, zoals rodec of ecler mac90, dan hadden ze ook iets meer ruimte, zeker onder de faders is gewoon te weinig ruimte
  Flag Ren├ęKuppens wrote on 20-01-2007 @ 19:26
als ik naar de afbeelding kijk heb ik het gevoel als of je met dikke vingers al automatische dingen aan duwt maar hij ziet er wel strak uit:D:D
  Flag Laidback wrote on 21-01-2007 @ 02:08
leuk voor in een Club, achter de bar in een rackje Happy, laughing
ziet er wel nice uit.. alleen voor die prijs zou ik een djm-800 kopen, hehehe
900 Pond toch ?

  Flag Jorrit wrote on 21-01-2007 @ 13:55
DJM-800 is vanzichzelf niet 19", is niet gemaakt voor installatie als een bar/club mixer in een rack aan een muur, is te veel eenheden in hoogte, heeft geen ingebouwde limiter.....
  Flag Progrezz wrote on 21-01-2007 @ 13:06
je kan zoiets ook niet vergelijken met een djm800 he
voor thuis gaat wss ook niemand dit kopen, dan ga je toch gewoon voor de xone92 zeker
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