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Model : NS7

Brand : Numark
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Category : Controllers MIDI

Available :  2009 - 2014

This product has been discontinued

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Numark NS7 Controllers MIDI

Announched in September 2008, first units shipped march 2009. The Numark NS7 combines an all-metal chassis with adjustable torque, motorized, aluminum-turntable platters, vinyl, and a professional audio interface to deliver a complete performance solution that will satisfy even the most hardcore turntablist.

A full complement of premium faders, knobs, buttons and our new Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle-drop control integrates seamlessly with the included Serato ITCH software. NS7 delivers hands-on control of every aspect of Serato ITCH and sends data to the software more than ten times faster than standard MIDI resolution, resulting in a rock-solid hardware/software DJ system that works with Mac or PC and feels as good as it looks.

NS7 was a collaborative development effort with Serato to develop the finest computer-DJ experience. It is a one-to-one hands-on control instrument for Serato ITCH. Because it was designed for ITCH, NS7 setup time is the bare minimum. No tweaking, no mapping; just plug and perform.

Forget your experiences with other controllers. NS7 has two seven-inch, motorized, high-torque aluminum turntable platters. The turntable controls feature modern and classic settings that alter the feel to model the feel you prefer. Seven-inch, legit vinyl records with 45RPM adapters sit on real slipmats. There’s no simulation here – NS7 is the real deal.

Solid, rugged, rubberized buttons and knobs compliment a high precision, replaceable CP-PRO crossfader and D-TYPE line faders for an unquestionably high-quality feel. We selected the CP-PRO digital-VCA crossfader because it is outstandingly durable with low wear for a long life. It has a solid feel that is smooth and rigid. It’s only natural that our finest crossfader is a component of our finest controller. We selected high-performance, D-Type digital-VCA line faders for their rugged, long-life performance. Like the crossfader, the line faders are replaceable. The crossfader offers contour adjust and reverse adjustment, enabling you to customize its operation.

Forget the mouse. Forget the keyboard. NS7 renders ITCH software perfectly simple to operate, with its click knob and large, backlit buttons navigating though your music library. You’ll spend less time looking at the screen and more time enjoying performing thanks to the visual feedback you get from NS7’s more-than 100 LEDs and more-than 100 hands-on controls.
A single USB cable between NS7 and your Mac or PC is all you need to send audio and data back and forth. NS7 has onboard audio outputs so it’s the only piece of gear you need to connect to the PA system or powered speakers.
NS7 outputs 24-bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio to the sound system on XLRs and RCAs. The front panel contains mic input, RCA line input, and both 1/4' and 1/8” headphone outputs with volume control.
NS7 comes with an integrated laptop stand that supplies safe, secure mounting for your laptop. You can use an ultra-small space because NS7 elevates your laptop off the table.

NS7 sends control information over USB at more than ten times the standard MIDI rate. This innovative communication technique yields extremely high-precision, low-latency control.
There’s nothing like dropping the needle on a record for quickly locating a point in the track. We took that idea and developed our own modern take on it with Strip Search, the unique virtual-needle-drop touch strip. You can locate a point instantly within the track using the on-screen waveform and Strip Search.

Five hot-cue-assign buttons on each deck digitally mark your cues on the track. These marker points are recallable in ITCH and Scratch LIVE, and you can load Scratch LIVE cue points in ITCH.

We developed an extensive Serato-style loop section on each deck for creative remix capabilities. You can choose between manual and auto-loop functions and an automatic BPM analyzer further assists loop makers. Creating automatic smart loops of any measure length is a breeze, and you can mutilate and modify to heart’s content with a variety of controls such as Doubling, Halving, Shift, and manual controls. Multiple loop banks per deck make NS7 a great choice for scratch and club DJs alike.

Beat matching is straight ahead with 100mm, smooth, stiff pitch sliders and plus and minus buttons, by popular request, for bending. There’s a zero-point LED, so it’s easy to know when you’re in the middle.


feature Adjustable high-torque, direct-drive motors with 7” Vinyl
feature 2-in, 4-out. 24-bit USB 2.0 audio Interface
feature High speed, double precision MIDI controls (Compatible with any MIDI software)
feature Rock solid replaceable CP-PRO crossfader
feature All metal construction
feature Extensive Looping, Cue Point and Track Selection controls
feature Additional assignable controls include 8 rotary, 8 triggers and 2 mini sliders
feature Audiophile-quality analog circuitry
feature Direct-drive, motorized turntable platters with classic and modern feel settings
feature Includes Serato ITCH DJ software, fully pre-mapped
feature Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle-drop control
feature Controls most MIDI applications without requiring a mouse or keyboardrs


feature Audio Inputs : RCA (unbalanced) line, Mic (1/4' balanced)
feature Audio Outputs : Master (XLR/RCA), Booth (RCA), Headphone (1/4' & 1/8' jack)
feature Frequency Response: 20-22kHz
feature Distortion (TDH): <0.001%
feature Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB
feature Sample Rate : 44.1 kHz
feature Bit Depth : 24 bit
feature Dimensions (WxDxH) : 762 x  403 x 98 mm
feature Weight : 16.1 kg


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