Dateq LYNX

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Model : LYNX

Brand : Dateq
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Category : Mixer

Available :  2002 - 2002

This product has been discontinued

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Dateq LYNX Mixer

The Dateq Lynx is an installation type mixer with 2 zone outputs with independant level control.

Successor : Dateq Crew or Dateq Onyx (if you need 2 zone outputs)


The Lynx is a 6-channel mixer with a clear and uncluttered appearance. It is highly suitable for use in -among other situations- conference centres, catering establishments, small discotheques and hotels. A total of three microphones and nine line signals can be connected. Channels 1 and 2 both have gain and dual tone controls to improve speech intelligibility. There is an XLR connection on the front panel to allow quick connection of an additional microphone. Channel 6 has a ‘jukebox input’ which can be used to suppress the signal of channels 2-5.

Thanks to the built-in talkover circuit, announcements and/or paging calls always come over clearly. This circuit, which is triggered by an incoming signal on channel 1 (i.e. it is voice-activated), ensures that this signal overrides all others. The talkover’s actuation point is adjustable, and the talkover function can be switched on and off using a switch on the front panel.

The Lynx has two stereo outputs which are completely independent of one another. Each is fitted with a triple tone control to allow precise acoustic correction. Master A has both balanced and unbalanced outputs. This makes it possible to use long signal cables and to locate the (output) amplifier for this group close to the loudspeakers. Master B has unbalanced outputs. The mixer also has easy-to-read LED VU meters which show which CUE signal has been selected.


Height : 6 HE


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