Ecler SCLAT 200VS

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Model : SCLAT 200VS

Brand : Ecler
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Category : Mixer

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Ecler SCLAT 200VS Mixer

Since 1984 the SCLAT mixing desks have been rocking thousands of class venues around the world, serving the most demanding technicians, the most creative pro-Djs and the most exciting dance floors.

Behind the renowned experience of ECLER Laboratories, the SCLAT 200vs keeps combining all the requirements technicians demand regarding features and operating safety together with the inventive functionality Professional DJs demand from a high-end mixing desk.

Designed to optimize the best high-end club P.A.s, featured to fit any studio recording standard, built to withstand the most demanding mobile touring set-ups, the SCLAT 200vs is probably the best quality Audio Mixing Desk presently available in the Industry.

Modular Design
4 types of modules and 2 chassis formats for a completely customizable installation. The SCLAT 200vs proposes a MASTER Module, a PHONO (LINE)-LINE Input Module, a MICRO-LINE Input Module and also empty modules for customized versions. These modules can be mounted within two types of chassis: a 5 input module chassis, and a 8 input module chassis. The total modular construction has an obvious advantage for technical maintenance.

High Profile Electronics
The SCLAT 200vs simply features today's best analog components available on the market. The vertical modular circuit boards of the SCLAT 200vs have been designed with the latest generation of Surface Mounting Technology (SMD). The line faders are 100mm high-end ALPS PRO Series slide potentiometers. Last but not least the SCLAT desk employs an oversized and external power supply providing the best sound dynamics, and rating the most excellent signal/noise ratio.

Powerful Equalization System
Three band tone control with -30 dB to +10 dB adjustment range. This powerful equalization system allows to completely cut off the frequency bands and gives an incredible versatility to the DJ remix on stage. For being today's most trendy and creative Mixing tool, the EQ controls have been ergonomically displayed in order to better fit the DJ manipulation. Each module additionally features a set of internal jumpers that allow the system technician to reduce the upper gain limit from +10 dB to +5 dB, minimizing the potential risk of putting such broad gain ranges for all three bands in hands of a novice operator.

Assignable Studio VCA Crossfader
The SCLAT 200vs features the new ECLER PRO Crossfader combined with a studio quality Voltage Controled Amplifier (VCA) system. The system allows the performer to finely adjust the fading curve of the SCLAT 200vs crossfader through a small SHAPE rotary knob on the front panel. The ECLER PRO Crossfader with VCA has been tested over 4.000.000 operations which presently makes it the most reliable on the market. Each channel signal can be routed to the crossfader function through a XF A/B selector.

Performance Monitoring
The SCLAT 200vs features 2 bright VU-METERs displaying all the input PFLs, the MIX, the two main OUTPUTS, as well as the AUX SEND signals. Each input channel displays the Signal Presence SP and informs about PEAK levels. The Audio monitoring is done through a powerful headphones output where the main MIX as well as any selected input PFLs can be monitored. The SPLIT features allows the performer to simultaneously monitor both MIX and PFL signals.

2x MASTER balanced XLR3 Output and 1x BOOTH unbalanced RCA Output are independently controled from the front panel. 3x REC unbalanced RCA outputs as well as 1x AUX SEND unbalanced RCA outputs allows the performer to very well interface the mixer in studio recording or processing systems. For highly professional installations, the SCLAT desk feature a MUSIC MUTE input which completely mutes the music signals and gives emergency priority to Microphone channels assigned to the TALKOVER. The MIC-LINE module allows you to connect Low & High sensitivity balanced Microphone (XLR3), with or without PHANTOM power supply, as well as Low & High sensitivity unbalanced Line (RCA). The PHONO(LINE)-LINE module allows you to connect a Low & High sensitivity unbalanced Line (RCA), as well as one unbalanced PHONO or one unbalanced LINE on the second RCA input.

Superior effects processor
Built-in processor with double DSP featuring 2 manual filters and 10 effects with BPM synchronization. Includes a DRY/WET crossfader taking your effects control to the next level: activate and deactivate, fade in to the level of your choice… Allows routing every single channel to the module independently. Features control of TIME and PARAMETER and a friendly user selectable panel. Effects consists of:
· LFO Filter
· Low Pass Filter
· High Pass Filter
· Delay
· Reverb
· Flanger
· Phaser
· Vocoder
· Pitch Shifter
· Echo Reverb
· Filtered Echo
· Flanger Echo

MIDI out
The module includes a MIDI output and features start and stop commands to activate and deactivate your devices and a clock to adjust the tempo.

Edi:lab software
The built-in effect processor is reprogramable in real-time with the edi:lab software (included). The user can load a new effect set-up in the SCLAT mixer and play it stand-alone without any need of the computer. An effect library is available in the edi:lab software in order to save the different user set-ups.


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